This part is where Po and Tai Lung was actually fighting in the it was the part where Po was going to execute the Wuxi finger hold to destroy Tai Lung.

"You're not going to do that, Shifu doesn't teach you that yet!" said Tai Lung scared.

"Oh I will" said Po as he raised his pinky finger. Waiting for the strike to happen,Tai Lung remembered of a bypass for the Wuxi finger hold,and it was a Soul Transfer skill,and it can be used to a warrior when he is trapped and going to get eliminated.

"Here goes" said Po but before he managed to put his finger down,Tai Lung suddenly grabbed his pinky,and then made movements and hand seals,and Po's and Tai Lung's body glowed,Po was a golden and white light while Tai Lung was black and dark blue,Po then felt like he was getting unconscious,neither do Tai Lung,then they both fell to the ground. The Furious Five and Master Shifu was already at the scene. Observing the fight as they can't beat Tai Lung.

"Wait,Po is going to do the Wuxi finger hold?" said Master Shifu,but to his suprise,he saw Tai Lung holding Po's pinky,and he knew that skill.

"Oh no,the Soul Transfer skill,Furious Five,stop him!" but they was too late,it has already begun.

Suddenly,Po's and Tai Lung's spirit glow was lifted to the air,and transformed to the shape of a sphere,and the two spheres changed places,Tai Lung to Po and Po to Tai Lung,then the two spheres dived down and was absorbed into the Lung,that was inside Po woke up first,
and with an evil grin,he lunged at Po who was inside Tai Lung's body,but to his suprise,he can only move slowly,then he realized that he was so fat,he was too heavy and was not adapted to Po's body weight,Po then woke up,suprised that he was covered in grey fur and with black spots.

"What happened" said Po in Tai Lung's voice. Po then saw Tai Lung who was in Po's body,and was shocked to see himself lying on the ground panting. Suddenly,Tai Lung who was inside Po's body glowed,and then he realized while feeling intense pain.

"Oh no no no no!This body is rejecting me,I will die!" as Tai Lung was getting overloaded,and he exploded with Po's body,turning into blue and black dust.

"Did I just exploded" asked Po in Tai Lung's voice. After the dust was blown away,Shifu and the Furious Five came out of their hiding,and asked,

"Po,are you alright?" said Shifu in a worried tone.

"Yeah I'm alright,just feeling a little bit dizzy and is very much shocked to see that,what just happened actually?" as Po struggled to stand on his newly legs.

"Do you really want to know Po?" said Crane.

"Yeah,I want to know why am I so dizzy" and then Crane flew to a house,and brought out a big mirron sizing the whole body of Po. Crane flew infront of Po and showed his reflection.

"AHHHHHHH!" screamed Po.