"Hooray!" was heard as the villagers ran to Tai Lung and hugged him,while cheering for their new hero,but ofcourse,they were still questioning themselves,where did Po go?

"Okay okay guys,chill out,I'm going back" said Po as he walked to the palace,but after he got out from the crowd,he saw his father,sweeping the floor while sulking,he can sense the aura of sadness engulfing his what he can do,he is Tai Lung,not Po the panda.

"Guys,it's my father,he is sad" whispered Po to his friends.

"Maybe you can try to cheer him up" said Tigress.

As Po heard that,he walked nearer to the duck,and said

"Mr,why are you sad?" said Po in his now new voice.

"It is because he's my only son." said Po's this,Po felt his sadness grew,and he instinctively said

"Actually,I am Po,father." as soon as Po's father heard this,he shook up,seeing Tai Lung.

"Tai Lung! But what are you doing here?" Po's father said shocked.

"Father,it's me,Po" said Po in a sad voice.

"Prove me it's you" as then Po/Tai Lung said everything he knew,and also why was he is Tai Lung,
and not Po.

"It is you my son! I'm so worried! Where have you been!" as he hugged Po,feeling the fur of the new son that he have.

"I am at the palace father,not daring to go out." as Po hugged his father back. Po's father heard purring coming from his new son's chest.

"Po,you're purring." said Po's father in a funny ascent.

"What? I'm purring? Well that means I love you father" as Po hugged harder and his father felt pain by his son new strength too.

"Too hard Po! You're gonna break father's bones!" hearing this,Po departed from hugging and said

"Bye father,I'm going back to the palace." as Po walked to the staircase,instead of panting because of climbing alot of staircases,he arrived faster and not even feeling pain,thanks to his new strength and speed.

"Bye my son." was all he can say.

Do you know why people thinks Tai Lung is good now?

It was because he was sent to jail,and when they evacuated,they didn't know whose attacking so yeah,Po is now TaiLung!

More handsome,buff,faster,stronger and yeah,and a Tai Lung x Tigress later. CIAO