Dead Angel Rising – Part One

Writer: this is based off the Kid Icarus anime shorts. Everything from Pariah's revolt against Thanatos, and the Lunch Lady versus the vegi-monster from Skyworld, to Danny falling through the mysterious white portal. Note: this is a series of one-shots that I MIGHT make into full-blown chapter stories. And NO I own nothing more than this idea and the guy at the end.

First one-shot: Pariah Versus Thanatos

Pariah Dark, King of Ghosts has few problems but one is the issue of Thanatos "Why again do I have to do what HE says?"

Pondering this question he paces, hmm… I could send a battalion of ghosts.

He settles upon that idea but musing further, Why waste a battalion? Just send the Fright Knight.

Now settles on a course of action sends for his Knight. "Fight Knight come hither."

"Yes milord?"

"Take thy sword and run thee through Thanatos on thy blade. And there within his defeat our freedom exsisteth." The King of Ghosts schemes

"Yes milord! Thus you bid this night Thanatos will fall." The fright Knight takes his leave. He stops by the Armory and grabs Soul Shredder's handle.

He returns to his lord "Excuse my inability milord but I possesseth no means to fill thy bidding notwithstanding thy portal to the human world."

"Very well." Pariah opens a portal on to the hijacked horse heading to 'that human city'

The Fright Knight lands behind his adversary he stabs him from behind and thus Thanatos is pulled into the blade.

Fright Knight turns to leave before he hears a voice that he has not heard in a quite some time

"Get your hands off my sword." A red trench coat wearing, white haired teen with a tuque demands simply.

He grabs the handle and kicks the fright Knight off of the horse and back into the Ghost Portal. He sheathes the sword and walks away smiling. Finally, my sword is back in MY hands... The being thinks.

End one-shot

Writer: Not all of these one shots will be this short. Some will be longer I should be able to write one of these chapters a morning. But if you want a longer chapter you might have to wait several days.