Alphabetical mishaps: A

It is the utterly brilliant Louisa May Alcott who had first scribbled this positively delightful cast on paper, and thus she and her successors get all the money, for I'm just a young girl making a failed attempt to write in her style, boo.

A/N: Because I'm an utterly shameless person wasn't fazed in the slightest when she saw this fandom has pretty much died, and decided to write not-up-to-standard LW fictions, here you are, probably the first alphabetical-themed fanfic in this category, or not, just read it, will you?

A is for Apples

One dark, stormy and frigid November night, Jo Lawrence made a most peculiar request to her husband.

'Teddy, I have the most queer feeling...' She murmured from her desk, hovering over ink, paper, and an even larger amount of crumpled, written-over-paper balls. Once she realized that Laurie wasn't listening to her at all, but was scribbling away trebles and other such notes in the disguise of his ledger. Jo let out an exasperated sigh, for the sole purpose of catching his attention, only it led to no avail and she felt her temper boiling, threatening to spill over the limit.

Jo walked over to the back of Laurie's favorite easy chair, and very slowly brought her face down, his dark curls tickling her jawline and cheek; she let a small sound, only to be replied back by Laurie's nonchalant ignorance. She twitched her eyebrow in utter displeasure, disapproval and disdain; and exploded magnificently.

'THEODORE LAURENCE!' She shouted into his ear, startling him enough to make him throw his music sheets in the air. 'LISTEN TO ME!' She shouted, in a considerably lower pitch of voice, but still loud enough to make Laurie feel as if her voice was penetrating through his eardrums.

'I'm all ears, do go on.' He said, his hearing still fuzzed from her outburst.

'As I was saying...I have the most odd craving, and I DO know the absurdity of it, but I seem to have a sudden craving of apples.' She suddenly started muttering as she settled herself beside his warmth.

'I believe I didn't hear that right, did you say Apples?' Laurie inquired, slightly puzzled by her odd request.

'Yes, I did.' Jo sighed. 'I know just how absurd it is-' she was abruptly cut off by Laurie, 'Jo, truly, are you alright?'

'Well, I do have a slight temperature...' She replied, and as Laurie , very much concerned, put his hand over her forehead, Jo pondered on his question, was she alright? She did seem to have little fits of temperature, her moods would fly off the window in the tiniest of occurrences, and frequently she would be overcome with fits of nausea and sudden cravings.

It did sound suspiciously like-

'I'm going to be sick!' With that, sudden cry she ran towards the sink, a very concerned Laurie trailing her tracks, and hurled the contents of her dinner; with every wave of nausea and all things that made her arch like a cat , Jo knew what had happened. And when she washed her face and collapsed in his arm, she told him.

'Oh dear, Teddy, I think...I might be pregnant!'

Ta-Daa! I know this is a family/humor fanfic, but the apple-craving idea was just drilled into my mind, and I still do cry over Jo and Laurie, so there you are, it might have been small and rushed, but I've got nothing to lose. Can you guess the next word? Hint! It concerns a very attractive Christian Bale!

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