New life to old life.

Written by: Rapper the red macaw.

Hey everyone. I decided to make another story, and I'm determined to make a good one this time. Hope you all enjoy it.

It couldn't be a better day through the entire city of the beautiful city known as Rio de Janeiro. The sun was shining at a perfect temperature, everyone was happy. Apart from the city of Rio was the local amazon, home to various animals such as snakes, birds, frogs, and most importantly, the last blue macaws in the entire world.

Two lovebirds named Blu and Jewel, along with their three children; three adolescent chicks. A boy named Tiago, who looked just like his father. A beautiful girl who looked just like her mother named Jasmine, and another girl, who is really puffy named Savannah. (A/N: I know the boy name is different in Rio 2. I just didn't like that name very much.)

One quiet morning, the family were outside, enjoying a nice quiet morning together. Tiago, Savannah, and Jasmine were playing together, Jewel was sitting by the end of her tree hollow watching them. As for Blu however, he could not stop worrying. He was petrified of the Jungle.

Blu's scared expression caught the attention of his mate, who merely looked at him all curious-like. "Blu, you're not worrying again, are you?"

Blu stuttered in response, trying to get his words out of his beak the best he could. "Ummm, I um. Well, you see."

Jewel giggled in response, finding Blu's scaredness to be cute and funny. Jewel leaned her head over to him and planted a peck on the side of his beak-since birds don't have cheeks. "Blu, are you worrying your little nerdy butt about the jungle again?"

Blu nodded in response while looking around the area where his children were playing, praying nothing would happen to them. "Yes Jewel, I am worrying. What is a snake is watching the kids? What if Nigel gets them? What if-"

Jewel smiled and placed her wing on top of her mates beak to stop him from yapping any further. Jewel placed her free wing around him and moved her face closer to him until their beaks were suddenly locked into each other's, and they were now kissing.

Jewel closed her eyes and continued the kiss to keep Blu from panicking any further. Blu had been completely caught off guard, not expecting Jewel to suddenly kiss him.

He looked at Jewel with both his eyes while trying to pull away. He gave up trying and thought to himself in his mind. "Man, how long does this kiss have to last? This...Is...Getting...Mmmm, Mmmmm."

Blu closed his eyes and returned the kiss to Jewel.

After a short while, the kiss was finally over. Jewel smiled as she saw her mate had both his wings around her while smiling. Jewel looked at Blu and thought to herself while still smiling of course. "Finally. I guess the kiss must have kept from..."

Before she knew it, Blu has already began overreacting about the Jungle again, talking words that didn't even make sense at this very moment.

Jewel sighed and gave up trying to keep Blu from yapping any further. She covered her eyes up with her wings and tried to block out the sound of Blu complaining about the silliest little things.

As the day slowly went by, it was time for dinner for the Spix Macaws. Every night they would have different types of foods to eat: mangoes, bananas, apples, grapes, star fruits, strawberries.

And after they had finished their dinner, Blu would always keep close eyes on his children as they slept. However, it would be time for him to sleep soon too. Blu moved both his wings around Jewel like a blanket and laid himself and her down on his side.

Jewel made herself comfortable, and was ready for a good nights' sleep. Blu, on the other hand, was still awake. He watched over Jewel and his children while they slept peacefully.

Blu then lifted his wing up and smacked himself in the face while he talked to himself in his thoughts. "Uggggh, I'm so pathetic. I gotta calm down. Nothing's going to happen, is it? Nigel's gone, me and Jewel have each other, and I have my lucky fork just in case."

Blu looked over at the other side of the hollow where he had a small bird-sized-backpack he had brought with various things in them such as maps, his lucky fork, a little torch.

"Let's just get back to sleep now." Blu fallen back down in the nest and hoped he could get a good-night's sleep.

The next morning

Jewel had woken up in the nest she and her family shared together and saw Tiago, Savannah, and Jasmine still sleeping like little angels. But for some funny reason, Blu was not there.

Jewel leaned up and then noticed a small note attached to the hollow wall. Jewel looked all curious and read the small note on the hollow wall, which read a small content left by Blu, and it didn't seem good.

"Oh, no." Jewel sighed, reading the small note which was not good news indeed. ""Dear Jewel and kids, I can't live in this jungle anymore. It's too dangerous, so from now on I'm going to live with Linda and Tulio. You're welcome to join me, hehehe. From your loving mate, Blu"."

Jewel sighed while she stretched out her wings from her sides, preparing to fly somewhere.

Not too long later, the offspring were awake, and they noticed their mother was about to go somewhere.

Tiago was the one to ask the question of where Jewel was going. "Mama, where are you going?"

"To go and drag your father's butt back here and talk some sense into him." Jewel answered while she beckoned for her children to follow her. "Come on."

Chapter 1 is complete. Stay tuned for chapter 2, everyone.