New life to old life.

Written by: Rapper the red macaw.

Guest star: Chloe the Blonde Macaw.

Hey, everyone, quick author's note: this chapter wasn't suppose to be her yet but no one submitted any ideas for the next chapter and I had no choice but to publish this one now. Enjoy.

The next day, Jewel the macaw was giving up hope on getting her mate out of the cage. What if she couldn't get him out of the cage? What if he really was going to be a domesticated pet for the rest of the life?

She sat down on a tree branch overlooking the city and a slight tear rolled down from her eyeball down her cheek. She wiped it away with one of her talon toes but more tears rolled out from her eyes. "Blu...I miss you so much...Why are you so afraid of the jungle...?"

"Mom? Are you okay?"

Jewel turned her attention towards her left where she saw Bia beside her on a branch.

She hopped over to her mother to investigate what was wrong. "Mom, what's wrong? Are you Okay?"

"No, honey, I'm not okay." Jewel answered, placing a wing over the young chick and holding her close for comfort in her upsetting time. "I really want your father back home. I don't want him to stay in that cage for the rest of his life...I want him back here; in the jungle where he belongs...With us..."

Bia hummed as she placed a single wingtip across his chin.

Although she had her mothers feathers and appearance, she had her fathers eyes, talons, and most importantly, his brains and intelligence. And before Blu went back to Linda's bookstore, she did seem to have a closer relationship with him than her mother.

She clicked her talon toes together when she thought of an idea. "Mom! I got the perfect idea!"

"You do?" inquired Jewel, wiping yet another tear from her eye. "It's not Plan B is it?"

"Nope." Bia shook her head. "I have a better plan."

Blu the macaw was resting peacefully in his cage, resting. He had both of his wings placed behind the back of his neck while getting comfortable to take a nap. "Ahh, this is the life."


Blu leaned up and opened one eyeball while he followed the sound of the voice calling his name. He looked out of his cage to see his daughter all on her own. "Bia. What are you doing here?"

"I came here to talk to you, Dad." Bia answered, being fully honest to why she was here.

"Sure, thing." Blu smiled, folding his wings together to see what his daughter wanted from it. "What if is it?"

"Dad...I want you back...We want you back. All of us; as a family in the jungle together." Bia explained, placing her tiny wings onto the cage bars, hoping her words would convince her father to come out.

Blu merely sighed in response as he looked away from his daughter. "I...I can't, Bia. I just can't."

"Why?" Bia inquired, still holding onto the bars with her wings. "The jungle is not that bad, Dad. We can help-"

"It's not that, Bia." Blu interrupted her, holding his head down in shame. "I'm...Afraid..."

"Afraid of the jungle?" Bia inquired, a little excited that her words were actually getting through to him.

"No...I'm afraid to loose you, your brother, your sister, and your mother." replied Blu, looking away from his daughter so she didn't have to see his shameful and ungrateful face. "I'm suppose to be the man of the family. I don't want you guys to think I'm too fearful to look after you all and then leave me..."

Bia now understood the truth in why her father left. It was not because he was afraid of the jungle but he was afraid of losing them. She moved her tiny wing through the cage bars to try and reach her father for comfort. "Dad...Please, come here..."

Blu slowly made his way towards her, still feeling shameful about everything he has done.

When he was close, Bia took his big wing compared to hers and spoke calmly and soothed towards him. "Dad, it's okay to be scared. We all have fears. Mom is afraid of humans, Tiago is afraid of spiders, Carla is afraid of-well, almost everything. Even I'm scared to fly sometimes because of how small my wings are."

"Y-You are?" Blu inquired, finally summoning the strength and courage to look at his daughter. "Is all that true?"

"Yes, Dad." she smiled, holding her fathers wing with both of her tiny wings. "Remember, my intelligence and brains comes from you. You taught me everything you know."

Blu smiled in response, realizing his daughter's words were correct.

So what if he was a little afraid? Everyone has fears but the important thing is that Blu has a family, and even though he was the man of the family, Jewel was indeed the feisty. She would kick anyone's butt any day.

Blu unlocked the cage door from the inside and walked on it for the first time in a while to be with his daughter.

The father and daughter hugged each other in their blue wings, happy that they were together like they were suppose to be.

After the hug had ended, Blu smiled as he placed one wing on Bia. "Honey, what do you say we go home? Our REAL home?"

"I couldn't be happier to do so, Dad." Bia agreed, hopping up for joy that she got to be with her father once again. However, she did have a favor to ask. "Dad, can I hop on your back on the way there? Please?"

"Of course you can, sweet pea." Blu agreed, holding out his wing to her for Bia to climb up.

Blu waited until Bia was comfortable enough on his back before taking flight into the air and flying away from his cage, out of the bookstore through an open window Bia came in from, and back into the jungle of Rio where he belongs.

Chapter completed. Like I said, this wasn't suppose to be here yet but no one submitted any ideas so I had no choice but to continue to here. Hope you folks enjoyed it?