New life to old life.

Written by: Rapper the red macaw.

Guest star: Chloe the Blonde Macaw.

Okay, as you may know, Blu is back home where he belongs with his family in the jungle together like real birds. I hope everyone enjoys the rest.

Now that Bia had successfully convinced her father to leave his cage, she and Blu had made their way back to the jungle where they belong. The blue macaw was reunited with his beloved mate.

When he was back home, Blu and Jewel were hugging in their tree hollow together, happily reunited with each other now that Blu was convinced to overcome his fears and return to his true home in the jungle.

"I'm so glad you're home, Blu." Jewel cooed, snuggling against his neck, feeling the warm comfort of his bushy feathers. "I missed you so much."

"I missed you too, Jewel." said Blu, holding her closely to him like he never wanted to let her go ever again. Just like he said when they were falling towards the ocean and shared their first kiss together. "I'm sorry for overreacting. I promise not to let my fears get the best of me again."

While they were hugging, Tiago, Bia, and Carla joined in and moved in closer towards their folks and snuggled close to them, joining in on the hug too as a family.

Now that they were back home where the belonged, Jewel decided to announce something to Blu as a little punishment for leaving them. She leaned out of the hug and looked into her mates eyes while talking to him. "Now, Blu. As punishment for leaving us, you have get food for all of us everyday for one week."

"I think I can live up to those terms, Jewel." Blu agreed, him too slowly exiting the hug they had been sharing for a little while. "I guess it's only fair."

"Good to hear, lovehawk." Jewel smiled, laying her head down against his feathery chest to rest her head down on it like it was a soft, comfy pillow. "Hmmm, comfy."

A few hours later, nighttime had finally arrived throughout the jungle of Rio. Throughout the jungle, all of the birds had just finished going back home to their tree hollows for a goodnight's sleep.

In the lovebirds tree, Blu and Jewel had put their children to sleep after a long day together. Blu laid down in his nest sidewards, and waited for Jewel to lay down in front of him, resting her head down on the top of his neck.

She rested her head against his neck as a pillow while Blu placed both of his feathery wings around her to keep her comfortable and relaxed like she was under a blanket. She sighed and quietly whispered to Blu. "Blu, it's so good to have you back home with us."

"You too, Jewel." Blu agreed, also whispering to his beloved. "I am glad we're home together now. And I hope if we do ever run into each other, we will look out for each other, right?"

"Of course we will, lovehawk." Jewel answered smiling, closing her eyes while moving herself a little closer towards him. "Goodnight. I hope you get sleep."

Before long, the lovely yet feisty blue macaw had drifted off into a deep, relaxing sleep.

After she was soon sound asleep, Blu closed his eyes and prepared to drift off to sleep too. He playfully nuzzled Jewel's head while being careful not too wake her up of course.

Sure, she looked peaceful when she slept, but wake her up, and you will be sorry. Even Blu knew that after he remembered once waking Jewel up and it didn't end well for him.

But the important thing is is that Blu is now back home where be belongs and was forever grateful to be back home, and live a great life with his beautiful mate and their three children.

The end. Blu has returned home where he belongs and with his family again. I hope yall enjoyed it.