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Jadelyn August West was new to Hollywood arts. She knew she had talent but she didn't think she had enough to go to this fancy place. But here she was. With a full scholarship. Jade had already picked out her reputation: Mean, Sarcastic, Dark and unapproachable.

She thought that if she didn't rely on anyone there was a smaller chance of getting hurt. She had relied on her father and he had abandoned her, She had relied on her mother and she had abused her, she had relied on her best friend and she had left her.

Jadelyn was never a normal little girl- she hated the colour pink, she never wore frilly dresses, she hated having little sparkly bows being stuck in her hair and she never giggled.

As she grew up her life got harder. Her father became a drunk and would come home every night reeking of alcohol, her mother became an abusive cow and her best friend Janet Devlin left her for a new group of more popular girls.

But Jade West had not seen hell yet. Her teen years was the worst. Her mother started abusing her emotionally as well as physically, her family hated her and her father became so drunk that he started hitting her...HARD. But one day he left. And her mother blamed her. She said that it was Jade's fault, if she hadn't been such a spoilt little bitch then he never would've left. She said this so many times that Jade actually started believing it.

Jadelyn August West was alone. Until the very next day.

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