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Nobody's p.o.v

Jade walked grumpily to Sikowitz's classroom with Cat giggling, about god knows what, next to her. She was grumpy because-

1: she got up late and missed first period.

2: she woke up late so didn't get her coffee.

3: cat had not stopped talking.

4: the sun was out.

Now if there's one thing you should know about Jade West is that, SHE HATES SUNSHINE.

Upon reaching Sikowitz's classroom, Jade sat down in the middle of the room next to Beck (who had to use his best acting skills not to look too happy), Cat plopped down right beside her.

As Everyone sat bored for about 10 minutes Beck noticed some things about Jade. How she raises her pierced eyebrow when Cat speaks and her not pierced one when someone else does.

How her eyes glitter whenever shes happy with her sarcastic responses.

How she parts her mouth ever so slightly before drinking coffee. Beck was snapped out of his careful observation when Sikowitz finally showed up.

"I'm sorry I'm late class. I just spotted this new 'all things coconut' shop across the street. And when they say all things they mean all things."

Jade rolled her crystal blue eyes and snapped "Just get on with the class, you coconut-addicted punctual-lazed freak!" Sikowitz sighed then jumped up on to the 'stage' "Okay! Alphabet , Beck, Cat Andre and Tori get on here on this elevated slab of wood!"

Sikowitz called patting the stage. The five teens made their way onto 'the elevated slab of wood' and Sikowitz said to the class "Now we need a setting!" Robbie, who was sitting right at the back shouted "Canada!" Sikowitz cheered then said " Canada! Lovely! Now a...situation."

one crazed guy at the front called out "Teen love" Jade rolled her eyes When Sikowitz's said that she and Beck should be the two teens in love but don't know how the other glared at him. So Beck and Jade were the two teens in love . Sikowitz yelled

"Okay! A! Starting with Cat And...Action!"

Cat: Anything Is possible Jadey. Maybe he does love you back

Jade: But how do I know he does!? What if he hurts me?

Beck: Cat, Jade? Who are you talking about?

Tori: Don't worry! I'm sure it's nothing!

Andre: Eh? Alright. But from what I heard it sounds like Jade is in love.

Cat: No she's not!

Sikowitz: Cat! You're out! The next letter was F.

Jade: Forget about it. It doesn't matter.

Beck: Girl? Who are you in love with?

Tori: Hey! Leave her alone!

Andre: Yeah man! Lay off her chiz.

Sikowitz: Andre you're out! The next letter was I.

Jade: I'm not sure he loves me back

Beck: Jade, who?

Tori: Keep to yourself Beck!

Jade: Listen to Vega. Leave me alone.

Beck: Morning and night I will stay by your side.

Tori: Did you just quote Shakespeare?

Sikowitz: Ah! Toro you're out! The next letter was N.

Jade: Never. He cannot love me, like I love him.

Beck: Of course he can. You're amazing and beautiful and you sing like an angel. Who is he?

Jade: it's now or never. ...You.

Sikowitz didn't even bother to tell Jade that she was out because he could tell: that this wasn't acting.

Beck looked shocked as he found out that she wasn't acting. but he soon grinned widely and leaned in to kiss Jade.

She did the same and their lips soon met. Their was a collision of feelings in that kiss: Passion. Happiness. Excitement. But most of all...there was Love. As they broke apart the young couple looked into each overs eyes and Beck said quietly to Jade " I love you too." Jade smiled. Not a smirk. A genuine smile.

She hugged him and he wrapped his arms around her. They looked around at the class as they suddenly burst into applaud obviously thinking that they were still acting, althought hey had messed up the alphabet a long while ago.

Jade looked deep into Beck's eyes and saw nothing there but Love.

That was it. Jadelyn August West was not alone.

Hey! So how d'ya like it? I'm sorry if it was suckish :(