Once upon a timeā€¦

In the city of London there were two rich families and each one had a child. One was a girl and the other was a boy. The girl's name was Aurora and the boy Phillip. They knew each other since they were little and spent every day together. The girl's father had an important company and Maleficent, his competition; too, and they were fighting for the support of a huge bank for a product. The girl's father won and Maleficent swore revenge on his daughter. She said; "When your daughter reaches her 21st birthday she's going to receive a very beautiful, fragile, and rare flower. This flower contains a rare poison which puts people to sleep, but appears to be on a coma, to undo this she has to receive true love's first kiss. This flower has thorns and she's going to be so mesmerized by it that she's going to cut herself with one of the thorns and put immediately on a coma." This threat causes the girl's family to move to New York. Aurora was sad, but Phillip told her; "Don't worry; we will see each other again, I swear." But they didn't see each other again.