Trees, that's all I could see as I ran.

Lights were illuminating the harsh night as I came close to colliding with a tree.


A tree had exploded right next to me sending branches and sawdust flying everywhere.

I ducked again as more green lights wizzed passed me, exploding anything they touched.

This was all so strange to me. The men chasing me, shooting these lights out of a stick in their hands. I didn't even know where I was or how I even got there. All I know was I had woken up in a dark , dimly lit yard. I had a man standing over me with a stick in his hand, yelling something at me. Scared out of my wits, I kicked the man in the face as he bent over me and took off running. I don't know why I felt so scared. I just knew these men that were now chasing me were bad and very dangerous.


Another tree was hit in front of me. I ran as fast as I could to go under it before it crushed me. I slid under and got back up glancing behind me, as I kept running to see the men having to jump over the tree.

I ran and ran, I could feel nothing but pure adrenaline in my veins. My lungs were probably burning but I couldn't feel it. My legs probably were aching to stop but I knew I couldn't. I was in survival mode. I chanced another look behind me. My wild blood red hair whirling around me. They were gaining on me.

" Shit!" I said through gritted teeth.

"Run diagonal to your left." A soft but stern voice said to me.

Not even thinking I did what the voice said. My eyes darting all around me to see where the voice was coming from. But all I could see was the green and red lights zooming past me.

" You're almost there." The voice whispered again.

There?! Where the fuck is there?! All I see is trees! I thought angrily, still dodging the lights coming at me.

I strained my eyes at the forest in front of me. I saw it. A small break in the trees that led to what looked like a tall grassed field. Hope filled me as I thought of how tall the grass was. I could hide in it! I pushed myself harder. Willing my legs to go faster, putting more distance between me and the crazy stick light people.

I glanced back. I had gotten a good distance away from them. I didn't stop though as I reached the break and ran straight into the tall grass. I needed to find somewhere to hide and find it fast. I felt a weird sensation come over me as I kept running. Looking forward I saw a strangely shaped house that was not there a few seconds ago. I kept going hoping to still find a hiding place. That's when I saw it. The shed behind the strange house. I looked back and to my hope I didn't see anyone. Not a single streak of the lights or the stick people. No other movement in the grass other than my own. Maybe I finally lost them?! I wasn't taking any chances.

I ran behind the house and right into the shed. I looked around for a second. It had nothing but junk in it. All sorts of crazy things. I grabbed what looked like a blanket and found a vacant corner an hid myself from view.

I tried my hardest to calm myself but I couldn't. This was all too scary. Who were those people and why were they able to shoot light out of a stick?! They looked like they were trying to kill me!

Note to self: Stay away from people who had sticks like that!

I slowed my breathing and peeked through a hole in the blanket. Seeing from all the light coming through, it was finally well into the morning. Taking a deep breath to calm myself, I finally felt fatigue set in. I slumped over, feeling my eyelids get heavy. Not being able to fight it any longer sleep over took me.

Little did I know, a certain red haired man was soon to make his way to his shed..

So this story is my newest one. The idea has been in my head for weeks now and I finally did things right and made an outline of my whole story! This story is set in HBP and how through DH too. I hope you like it! This I just the intro. Not even the first real chapter! Reviews are more than welcomed!