OC Profile:

Name: Shira Kitsune

Parents: Akane Kitsune (Kyuubi)

Haru Okami

Appearance: Spiky ocean blue hair reaching around the middle of neck with a few strands of white hair on his right fringe and a pair of blue fox ears with whiskers on his face. He also has purple animal like tail is the same colour as his hair and ears but there is a big white patch at the tip till around one fourth of his tail Around the size of a normal 5 year old child. Usually wears Dark blue T-shirt with Black Army baggy pants and some sneakers to move around comfortably.

Birthday: 10th October

Bloodline: Able to shape shift into a kitsune( fox ) or a wolf and have special abilities which are fox fire and Plasma Release (Fire + Lightning)


Chapter 1: While the Fourth Hokage sealed Kyuubi into Naruto's body, some of the villager's ninjas were sent to look for any remaining survivors from the same clan as Kyuubi. While they were looking around the area, they heard a faint cry coming from one of the houses. They carefully went in and slowly proceeded towards the room where the cry was coming from. As they moved closer and closer, the sound became louder and louder. They reached a room which was painted with a beautiful sea blue. They went in keeping their guards up. The most superior ninja went in first and spotted a crib at one of the corners in the room. There was something wrapped up in what looked like a blanket. One of them cautiously moved towards the crib. When he looked inside, what he saw was surprised him to no end. There was a baby inside the crib but what was so different about this baby was he had unique ocean blue hair, a pair of baby blue hair and purple coloured animal eyes. They decided to bring the baby boy back to the hidden village. They found out his name is Shira Kitsune when they saw the small gold plate which was placed onto the crib. That was the begininng of Shira's new life at the hidden leaf village.