Move Along

Chapter 055

The tension in the house was thick, and Kagome was getting sick of it. She was angry at Haruhi for not getting help and angry at Tamaki for lashing out at Haruhi like he had. She understood that he was scared but there were better ways of confronting the other girl.

Sighing, Kagome let herself into Haruhi's room. The younger girl was sitting on her bed, glaring at the wall. She didn't seem too surprised to see her when she entered. So, Kagome quickly cut to the chase. "Why didn't you go get help?"

"I thought I could handle it."

Kagome couldn't necessarily fault her for that. After all, she was always running straight into danger, and often worried her own friends with her own brash behavior. InuYasha was always getting upset with her when she tried to help at the risk of her own safety.

"You weren't wrong for helping," Kagome softly spoke as she took a seat next to Haruhi. "But, you're not alone anymore, Haruhi. Your friends worry about you."

"They are my friends, aren't they," the younger girl quietly spoke, as if realizing it for the first time as she smiled at the older girl.

"Yeah," Kagome replied, returning the smile. "You know, you remind me of a friend of mine."

"The one who taught you how to fight." Haruhi took a guess. She watched as Kagome's blue eyes took on a far-off look.

"Yes, Sango was amazing. But she also thought she could take the world on her own. It took her a while to realize she could rely on others."

Haruhi liked hearing Kagome talk about himself, his old friends. But it was bugging her, why he had lied earlier to her. "Hey, why did you say you couldn't swim?"

"Oh, I uh-," Kagome struggled for words. She had forgotten about that little white lie.

"You can tell me, we're friends right." Haruhi was looking up at her with such wide eyes that Kagome felt guilty. She never really thought about all the lying she had been doing to keep up this stupid charade.

Swallowing, Kagome decided to reveal a little more about herself. "I have a scar on my side."


"Yeah," she softly replied. She lifted her shirt a bit to show the star burst scar where the Shikon jewel had been ripped out. "It's not something I wanted the others to see. You know how they get."