Deleted scenes from ''The Twins Adventures'' - ''Whoa! You can talk!'' Dipper exclaimed bending to see the talking dog closer. Just to get slapped in the face.

''Shh! You idiot everybody will hear you. Duh.'' Doug snapped at Dipper making sure nobody heard them.

''Sorry I forgot.'' Dipper whispered rubbing his cheek.

''Are you hurt?'' Doug asked Dipper noticing him rubbing his cheek.

''Yeah I'm fine.'' Dipper replied.

''Grunkle please let us get another pig please!'' Mabel beggged Stan jumping up and down,'' Please!''

''No! I already told you can get one pet. Heesh now stop bothering me.'' Stan said walking away still being pestered by Mabel.

''What's your name?'' Dipper asked the dog thoughtfully.'' I wish you could talk.''

''He can and boy does he talk a lot.'' A man said from behind Dipper,'' Hey can you keep a secret?''

''Yeah I can. Why do you ask?'' Dipper inquired suspiciously crossing his arms.

''You know parrot I'm starting to like you.'' Stan said leaning the wall,'' I'm mean I like your style.''

''Style.'' The parrot squawked backed to Stan.

''You know I might get you. You know as a pet.'' Stan said scratching his chin deciding. He was about to say yes when the parrot farted,'' Ugh! Never mind!''

''Man! You're heavy!'' Dipper exclaimed picking up Douglas as he was walking he bumped into an old women.

At the sight of that women Douglas threw up on the floor. As he did that Dipper slipped and fell. Then all heck broke out.

''Doug why did you do that?'' Dipper asked cleaning off some throw up.

''Sorry dude she was just so ugly.'' Douglas whispered laughing a little.

''My melon!'' A woman screamed running around holding a melon.

''Maybe I could get a snake.'' Dipper said to Tim pointing at a snake sun tanning,'' Can I try?''

''Sure but be careful.'' Tim said grabbing the snake and handing it over to Dipper. As soon the snake came close to Dipper it attack.

''You know maybe I could get you Ellie.'' Mabel said still talking to the other pig.

''Ahh! Mabel help me!'' Dipper screamed running away from the snake,'' Ahhh!''

''Aw, He likes you.'' Mabel said putting a hand on her chest,'' Maybe that snake might be your soul mate!''

''I seriously doubt it!'' Dipper yelled hiding behind a chair.