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Chapter 1: Tali (Mass Effect)

"You asked for me?" Ben Tennyson asked as he arrived at the main battery of the Normandy SR-2, where Commander Shepard and Garrus Vakarian were already waiting, the former looking grim while the latter looked annoyed.

"I did," Shepard said. "What did you say to Tali?"

Ben blinked. "What?"

Garrus stepped in. "According to EDI, Tali went to the Starboard Cargo Hold once her shift was over. Your room. A few minutes later, she practically ran out, rode the elevator to this level, and locked herself in the main battery. That was half an hour ago, and she still won't come out."

"And she shut off EDI's console. We can't see into the room, but we can hear her crying," Shepard added

Ben looked sheepish, rubbing the Omnitrix without really meaning to, drawing attention to it.

"What did you do, Ben?" Shepard asked dangerously. Everyone knew he was protective of Tali, whom he viewed as a little sister, and God help whoever decided to hurt or upset her.

The teen gave a sigh of resignation. "She came into my room, and we talked. She asked about my life back in my universe, I asked her about life with the Migrant Fleet, and eventually we got around to quarian and their suits."

"Did you say something that might have upset her?" Garrus inquired.

The teen shook his head. "Just the opposite. I told her the Omnitrix could probably help her, and I told it to fix her immune system. When it was done, she jumped up and ran out without saying a word. I didn't think it would bother her, honest!"

Garrus and Shepard's eyes widened, and their bodies became much less tense than they were previously. They walked away from Ben and began furiously whispering to each other, leaving the teenage hero out of the loop and feeling guilty for Tali's current situation.

After a few moments, the two soldiers turned to the wielder of the Omnitrix.

"Ben, you'd better talk to Tali privately about this," the commander said, giving a sly smile and clapping the teen on the back.

"Just be gentle and treat her right. Everything will turn out fine," Garrus added as he turned and began to walk away.

The commander followed his best friend, leaving Ben at the end of the hallway in front of a locked door, confused by their odd behavior and Garrus's final comment about 'treating her right'.

Deciding he could figure it out later, he shrugged and knocked on the door. "Tali? It's me, Ben. Can I come in?"

After a few seconds, he added "Look, I'm sorry if I upset you. I just thought you'd be happy to finally experience the world without having to look through a visor. I only wanted to help."

About a minute later, the light on the door turned green, and it opened, allowing the teen into the darkened main battery. Tali must have dimmed the lights of the room. The door shut behind him.


He heard a quiet sob from the end of the left side of the battery. Slowly and quietly, Ben moved to that side and glanced down the small walkway, seeing a shape sitting at the very end that looked very human-like.

Deciding that it was worth the risk, Ben slowly walked toward her until he was about ten feet away before sitting down, still facing her. She was still sniffling, and he felt terrible.

He waited patiently, willing to go at Tali's pace. She was too sweet and adorable. Seeing her like this was a crime against life itself. He would do whatever it took to fix this.

"You're an idiot," her beautiful voice floated out, lacking any true malice.

Ben blinked. Not the reaction he was expecting. And why did her voice sound slightly different?

"I know."

"No you don't."

Throwing caution to the wind, he asked "How am I an idiot, then?"

"Because you think I'm upset."

He cocked his head in confusion. "Then why are you in here, crying alone in the dark?"

There was a pause.

She spoke again. "Because I had to see for myself if you had truly fixed my immune system."

There was a scraping sound as something slid in front of Ben's legs. He looked down.

It was Tali's mask.

"I've been in here for a while now. Not a single cough or fever," she explained.

Okay, Ben was lost. She must have noticed this, because she sighed.

"Keelah, why are the cute ones always so dumb?"

The teen was then blinded as the lights of the main battery turned on, and he rapidly blinked his eyes to adjust to the new brightness.

And then he felt his jaw drop.

There was Tali, looking at him from a few feet away, tears on her cheeks and a smile on her face.

She was absolutely beautiful.

Her skin was practically flawless, possessing a light lavender coloring. Her face was very human-like, with a normal nose and lips. Her hair was pitch-black, and it streamed down her head beautifully. But her eyes were what drew Ben's gaze. They glowed with a dim light that made her seem almost angelic.

The wielder of the Omnitrix was rendered speechless.

"I'm crying because I'm so happy," she said as she wiped the last of the tears from her eyes before standing up and walking over to him. Ben was still stunned, and he couldn't get his legs to move, so he remained seated, staring up at her as she stood over him, still smiling brightly.

Tali dropped down onto her knees, still drawing Ben's thunderstruck gaze with her hypnotic eyes, causing her to giggle sweetly.

How could something so beautiful be so cute at the same time?

"You've given me the greatest gift I could ever ask for, Ben," she said, leaning forward slightly. "And I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart."

And before Ben could ponder what that meant, Tali reached up and caressed his cheek with her left hand before sliding it back behind his head...

... and pressing her lips gently against his own.

The hero's eyes shot wide open, amazed at the strange turn of events that had lead him to this moment. But after a few seconds, the soft, sensual lips crumbled any resistance he may have had, and he closed his eyes and began to kiss back, reaching up with his arms and wrapping them around her waist, just above her magnificent hips, causing Tali to wrap her arms around his neck.

But the quarian wasn't done yet. This was her first ever kiss, and she was enjoying it too much. She began applying pressure as she leaned forward, pushing Ben onto his back and allowing her to lie on top of him, pressing her lips harder and more sensually against his own, moaning a little as she did so.

Ben, on the other hand, felt blood rushing to a certain part of his anatomy as Tali's soft body pressed against his chest.

Then his eyes shot back open as he felt Tali's tongue invade his mouth, pressing against his as if attempting to provoke it to fight back. The hero obliged, allowing their tongues to battle back and forth.

After a few more moments of making out, Tali pulled back, locking eyes with Ben and breathing heavily.

"Keelah, is that was kissing is like?" she asked as she placed her arms on either side of Ben's head, pushing her body up a little.

Ben smirked. "Yeah, pretty much."

Tali grinned. "Totally worth it."

And Ben felt a twinge of guilt as he spoke. "Look Tali, that was amazing, but I don't want you kissing me just because you owe me. I helped because I wanted to, not for any kind of reward. You're my friend, and I just wanted you to be happy."

The quarian that was still lying on top of him rolled her eyes, though she still gave him a warm smile. "Great kisser, poor thinker."

Ben cocked his head in confusion.

So Tali took a deep breath and allowed her head to rest on Ben's chest, listening to the sound of his heartbeat. "The truth is, I used to have a bit of a crush on Shepard. He saved my life, and he was so dashing and handsome. I couldn't help myself. But he chose Liara over me, and for a while, it hurt me. But I couldn't begrudge his happiness, so I gave it up and considered him as a brother, nothing more."

She shifted her head, placing her chin on his chest and gazing into Ben's eyes once more. "And then you showed up. You saved my team, took on the geth, and destroyed a Colossus by yourself. And yet you were so kind and gentle and funny. And I found myself falling for you.

"But I didn't think you'd ever like me back. Every time Miranda or Jack or Kasumi talked to you, I wondered if you would end up with one of them, and I'd be left behind, just like before, all because of this damn suit. Both you and Shepard deserve someone you can kiss whenever you want, and whose face you can see without having to sterilize the environment. So I backed off and kept my feelings hidden so you could be happy with whoever you wanted. And then you just come out of nowhere and fix my immune system like a gift from the universe, and that plan is out the airlock!"

Her eyes then became determined. "I saw my chance to finally be happy, and I took it. Whether or not you return my feelings, you changed my life, Ben. I could never repay you for what you've done. So for that, I thank you. With all of my being, thank you."

Ben sat back and processed everything he just heard. It was true that a few of the girls on the ship had flirted with him. Jack tried to have sex with him, and he turned her down. Miranda seemed to have been pursuing him, though he later found out it was a plan for Cerberus to seduce him and draw him to their side; a plan Miranda couldn't go through with, due to her genuinely caring for the Tennyson boy. Kasumi playfully flirted with Ben constantly, though there was nothing serious behind it, and he saw her as the awesome older sister he never had. She felt the same way, as she began to refer to his as "otōto" after a while, which meant "little brother" in japanese.

But Tali...

He felt something different toward her. She was incredibly smart, playful, kind, sweet, cute, and even scary when she wanted to be (especially with a shotgun). While they had quickly become close friends, he had felt something more. Although she had a very curvy body, with hips to die for and a figure that women on his Earth would vomit up all of their meals to obtain, it was her personality that truly endeared her to him. But he was afraid she wouldn't return his feelings, believing that she had a thing with Garrus, due to their constant interaction and history.

Guess he was wrong.

So now, he had a beautiful alien woman with powerful feelings for him lying on his chest, waiting for his reaction.

She could never replace Julie, as she was his first girlfriend, and always would be.

But he knew he had to move on. And he and Tali both liked each other, right?

It didn't take long for him to reach his decision.

"I don't know, what will the crew say about me being with such an old woman?" he teased, giving her a mocking smirk. She was five years his senior, and he had effectively replaced her as the youngest person on the ship, something he was constantly teased for.

Tali let out a laugh. "You bosh'tet."

Ben sat up and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her into his lap so he was eye-level with her neck. "Not gonna lie, I kinda had a thing for you too. I was just too scared to-"

His confession was shut off as Tali kissed him again, this one sweet and loving. When they broke apart, tears of joy were streaming down her face once more.

"This is the greatest day of my life," she declared softly, smiling.

"Glad I could help. Girlfriend," he said, giving her a warm smile back.

Tali squealed as she wrapped her arms around his head and hugged him to her chest, shaking with pure joy. Ben was being pushed between her breasts, with his left ear being pressed against her suit. He could hear her heart beat, just as she heard his just moments ago.

"So, wanna go on a date next time we're on the Citadel?" Ben asked, gently prying himself away from his new girlfriend's soft chest.

She responded by pushing him back onto the ground, straddling his waist, and kissing him again. "I would love to."

Then she smiled deviously as she leaned in to whisper in his ear. "If that was what kissing feels like, I can't wait to try sex."

Ben began to babble like an idiot, causing Tali to laugh again.

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