Hello, welcome to my Drabble series! I'm taking requests, so if you have any good ideas for a short story you want to see, PLEASE let me know! Just make sure it's age-appropriate, please! (I shouldn't have to say that, but you never know...)

Rainbow Dash flew towards Cloudsdale, clutching her book to her chest. She had just grabbed the newest Daring Do book from the bookstore and was so excited to read it! Her head was so in the clouds (literally, in this case), that she wasn't quite looking where she was going. In a moment that would have even made Twilight blush, she bumped right into another unicorn.

This pony was a grayish, pale-looking pegasus. His fur was a bit like Rainbow Dash's friend, Derpy Hooves, but more on the blue side.

"Watch it!" he grumbled.

"Sorry," said Rainbow Dash. While he thought his response was rather rude, she had bumped into him, and she wasn't interested in starting a fight. At least, not today. She had a book to read, after all. The other pegasus suddenly noticed what she was carrying.

"Is that…is that a Daring Do book?" he cried.

Rainbow Dash smiled. "Yeah! It is! Just bought it!"

"Ooh, which one is it?"

"The newest one," grinned Rainbow.

The other pegasus's face fell. "Oh, not that one!" he moaned! "They, like, totally ruined the series with that story! It's all about Daring Do going back to school or some junk like that! So lame!"

"Yeah, the idea's kinda silly, I guess," Rainbow admitted. "But," she added, "it's just for one book, and then they're gonna go back to normal. Besides, I still want to read it and give it a fair chance."

"Noooooo!" yelled the other pegasus. "They totally ruined the series! It's gonna be so lame! Why waste your time?"

"Because I like the series," Rainbow shrugged.

The other pegasus scoffed. "I like the series, too," he sneered, "before they ruined it with this one. Anyone who disagrees is an idiot."

"I think you're missing the point of the series," Rainbow said, starting to get annoyed. "It's about trying new things and going on adventures. If you're not gonna give this book a chance, you're not listening to Daring Do's ideals."

The other pegasus scoffed yet again. "And you call yourself a fan," he laughed. "I thought you'd be cool, cause you're a girl fan and all. We don't see a lot of those."

"B-but Daring Do is a girl," stammered Rainbow Dash. "Why wouldn't there be too many girl fans? I know a lot of girl fans, for that matter!"

"Not real fans," said the other pegasus. "They don't appreciate it for the masterwork that it truly is."

Rainbow Dash didn't know what to say. Should she have pointed out that this strange and smelly pegasus wasn't being consistent with his opinions? Should she belt him one? Or should she just fly away and try to forget it all?

She chose the last idea, and flew towards her house. No use arguing with this guy.

The other pegasus grinned. "Another argument won," he said. He paused and considered flying after her to see where she lived (she was kind of cute, after all), but thought against it. He'd already gotten in trouble for that once before.

In case you're wondering, the fanpony that Rainbow Dash meets is based on someone I actually met once. Scary.