A/N So I had a couple of ideas running around for this story. My first was that my two OCs would be two of Scathach's students but then I had to manipulate the whole second gift thing in. Didn't work with that. Hey a least with high school anything's possible right? So without further ado I present to you, whomever you may be, "A Second Chance in a Gift". Enjoy!

PS I don't own anything in this chapter but a really random idea.

"Grandma!" The blind woman struck out with her cane. Scatty danced away, a scowl forming on her face. "What's so special about this school?!"

"You mean besides the fact that it hosts the spot where Coatlicue's prison has been opened the most?" the old woman snapped. The red head stilled.

"Why can't Niten go too?" It almost sounded like she was whining.

"Because he looks like a man where as you look like a teenager." The Japanese man stayed silent at the comment. If there had been away for him to look younger… "Besides I have seen a time strand where both of you went. The outcome was…" The witch trailed off, suppressing a shudder. Scatty sighed.

"Fine," she grumbled, throwing up her hands. "When do I leave?" Zephaniah seemed to brighten a little at her granddaughter's surrender.

"You leave for school on August 28th dear."


"It's a boarding school." Niten had to crack a small smile at Scatty's shocked look. As it was on the other side of the room Sophie fell out of her chair laughing. "You're going too."

"Huh wait! I'm already enrolled in a school!" The blonde smacked her head on the table as she rose in surprise.

"I know. And I talked to Agnes about this. We both felt Scathach could use a little help in…adjusting to a modern high school." The red head groaned and sat down heavily. She, essentially the creator of all martial arts, needed help with high school. What a thought! The Witch of Endor gave a pleasant smile. "Don't worry dears you'll be fine. It's a co-ed school so the dress code isn't so strict."

This just keeps getting better Niten mused to himself as cries of protest came from the two younger women in the room. It would almost be hilarious if the reason they were being sent to the school wasn't so damn grim. Aoife would certainly be laughing about it.

"Go start packing dears. You'll find you new uniforms in your rooms. And Scathach?" The red headed warrior turned a wary gaze to her grandmother. "No weapons are allowed at the school." That did it. A chuckle escaped Niten as the girl nearly staggered with shock. He had to wonder when the last time she went without a weapon that wasn't her hands or feet was.

"Could we not just ask Marethyu to open a portal?" Niten asked once the two younger women had disappeared. The Witch of Endor sighed and sat down in a chair.

"We could. But we would not succeed in our mission with just you three fighting that Archon. Niten see if you can find other immortals who would help us. I'll be doing the same while Scatty and Sophie investigate this school."

"There's more to your reasoning for sending them to school isn't there?" Niten shook his head at the witch's silence. "I will do what you ask. Let us hope they find out these secrets soon." With that he left.

"Yes there is," Zephaniah muttered after the immortal had left. "Scatty's second gift will be found there too."