A/N So extremely long update because I'm lazy and I get addicted to video games to easily apparently. My friend introduced me to one I've been playing for over a month now. -_- Anyway, I'll try to update more often from now on! As it is this story is almost over. But fear not! I mentioned once that Zosime is my favorite OC so she will be making appearances elsewhere. That's all!

"Ah I'm late," a voice mused from the shadows. Everyone twitched in surprise, Zosime coming from a dead sleep. The growl that issued from her throat had Scatty on edge. It only came from her blood drinking cousins.

"Get the fuck away from here Zachary!" the brunette snapped. There was a chuckle and then a man stepped out of the shadows.

Zoe wanted to gag. He was the typical looking guy who thought he was a bad ass. Slicked back black hair, expensive clothes that weren't even on right, glittering brown eyes, a small scar on his eyebrow, three studs in one ear and a cocky smile that showed…fangs. She gulped, suddenly nervous. Shouldn't the blood drinkers be animals?

"But I wanted to see Mommy," the man crooned. Zosime growled and swiped her hand over her arm. There was a puff of smoke which cleared to reveal the massive battle axe Zoe had seen in the Tunnel. The brunette effortlessly lifted it with one hand even though it was nearly twice her size.

"Your fucking mother is back in her damn cage!"

"No you mean…" Scatty trailed off, drawing her swords. She had heard rumors about the first vampire ever created. He was the atypical vampire of legends, the one who terrorized people for the hell of it and drank their blood. Zosime only growled again, crouching like she was about ready to spring forward and take the man's head off with her axe.

"You think I'm alone little sis?" Zachary chuckled. Low growls came from the surrounding woods and more vampires stepped into view. Each had a wild, animalist look in their eyes.

"Do you think she is alone?!" Joan declared, lifting up her own sword. Aoife's friends formed a protective circle around the still unconscious red head while both Saint Germain and Zoe both made a fireball. At that most of the blood drinkers flinched and eyed the two warily. Zachary looked around with a frown.

"There should be more," he stated in a tone that caused even more flinching. Scatty silently urged her girlfriend over to the small circle. Zoe complied, too scared to even think straight. As it was her fireball was weak.

"I was merely evening the odds," Marethyu called from his spot. Zachary scowled as the hooked man smiled slightly, though his smile was cruel and amused. "Call upon your army Necromancer."

I've got a bad feeling about this Scatty thought as the ground shook just a tiny bit. Suddenly a huge crack appeared in the ground, just in front of the brunette and about five dozen skeleton hands shot upward. Behind her Zoe let out a small scream of shock as the undead soldiers climbed to the surface, looking very much like the ones from movies.

"You have your army I have mine!" the brunette snarled. There was an undertone to her voice that put even Scatty on edge, telling her to run as far and fast away as she could. Zachary only smirked and gestured forward. The blood drinks charged.

The first cracking of bone snapped the friends into action. Scatty surged forward, blades drawn, while Joan fell back and protected the rest who were casting fireballs. The smell of the undead hung in the air like a thick cloud, coming from the skeletons and Zosime's aura which created monsters that would had made Shakespeare proud. For every undead that was destroyed three took its place, rising out of the crack like a massive wave. Vampires were being ripped apart left and right yet there always seemed to be more.

Scatty came up to Zachary who so far hadn't started fighting. He was laughing like a maniac, leaning against a claymore that was dark gray, almost black in color. When he spotted the red head he grinned and leveled the massive blade easily at her. Scatty snorted and charged at him.

"He's mine!" With a flicker Zosime was smashing the massive axe against the claymore, her other hand bringing around a katana made from steel to slash through Zachary's stomach. The blade clanged against another and the two jumped apart. Scatty huffed but turned away to defeat the other blood drinkers. If it weren't for the angry tears running down the brunette's face she wouldn't have. A quiet voice suggested Zachary was probably the one to bite Zosime and force upon her the curse of immortality.

It was probably a good thing Scatty turned her attention to the other vampires in the area. They were starting to overwhelm the skeletons above the ground only to fall straight into the giant crack. It was helping a little, if the howls rising into the air were any indication. A few scattered fireballs made their way across the ravine but otherwise nothing. The massive skeleton army was doing its job in holding back the blood-drinkers but it was starting to fail as Zosime's attention was diverted elsewhere from raising the undead.

"Why do you fight me so much little sis?" Zachary crooned as his claymore was once again blocked by the Minotaur's Ax in Zosime's hand. The brunette growled and jumped back, trying to clear the tears in her eyes. The red tinge to the world wasn't helping her think straight.

I know this is just one of his damn clones because he hasn't tried to bite me yet. So where's the real one? Who will he go for? Who will he affect the most should he…oh gods…

"NO!" Scatty turned to Zosime as she detached the head of the last blood drinking vampire. The brunette had turned her back to Zachary who was laughing again. The goddess' eyes were wide with fear and alarm, locked onto something across the ravine in the ground. Behind her Zachary was starting to fall apart at the edges.

"Too late little sis!" he laughed as the claymore dissolved, taking him with it. Zosime's weapons had disappeared, being replaced by a crackling energy gathering in the palm of her hand. It bore a strange resemblance to lightning. Confused, Scatty turned to where the brunette was headed.

Zoe let out a strangled choking noise as she felt teeth sink into her neck. Suddenly it all made sense to her. This Zachary guy was going to make her like Zosime. On the downside she now had to drink animal blood but on the plus side she would get to not die on Scatty due to age. Although whoever said anything about ice in the veins didn't know shit. It was a mix of fire and ice, tearing apart her insides and hastily piling them together again only for the process to repeat.

Zachary chocked as the lightning ball slammed into his chest, starting to carve out a massive hole. He glared as he staggered back, wiping the blood from his chin. Tears were streaming down Zosime's face, a look of regret and defeat on her face. The lightning in her hand crackled again as she brought the element around for another slam into his chest.

I'm sorry…I'm sorry…I'm sorry