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President Kali Quinn

The Capitol

2:53 A.M., May 16th. One week from the Reapings.

It was time. Time to show that the Quinn blood belonged in the President's office. It had only been two years, and the Capitol had begun doubting her ruthlessness, her ferocity. She'd show them.

The icy wind blew through the open window in the northeastern corner of her office as a quiet knock rang in the cold silence she'd surrounded herself in.

"Come in," Quinn snapped. Couldn't a President expect peace at almost 3 in the morning? She didn't bother turning; it had to be her newest Gamemaker. Han Ferring, a smallish, Asian man with a sharp tongue and a cunning mind to match, was her latest installment. Her latest chance to prove herself. Perhaps even, her last chance. But she'd seen Han's creation. She'd prove herself.

"President," his high pitch voice rang, "the tributes you've selected have been rigged in the Reapings."

"All of them? The districts have begun to see an opportunity in the weakness of the Games. May I entrust you in making them remember?" Her distant voice was laced with seething venom, hidden in the depths of her long perfected, calm demeanor. Even so, Han easily recognized the threat. Head Gamemakers Orion and Galla before him were prim examples of his fate if his Games weren't exactly perfect.

"Yes, yes. They're ready. The Games will be fine, President. I swear on it," at this moment Quinn turned and stood. The smallish man was a pebble next to Quinn, a tall and broad woman with a devilish grin. Her monstrous hands were smashed against the oak desk and her face was dangerously close to his. Han didn't blink.

"I will hold you to that promise. Now go on, pawn. Show me what you can do."

With that, Han calmly walked out.

Head Gamemaker Han Ferring

Gamemaker Studio

3:01 A.M., May 16th. One week before the Games.

Han's hands flew furiously; his eyes matching speed. One last time. He had to check one last time before the Games began. His hand rose, spinning the arena in his hand. The Cornucopia in all its glory stood, surrounded by a vast, broken town to the south, a sparse forest to the east, and a marshy area with large salt lakes and rivers encompassing the remainder of the arena.

Ferring flipped a switch, turning from the geographical features to the various choices of mutts on hand. A fantastically bloody bat with long legs and huge wings, a four-foot spider with poisonous stingers and a pouch of baby spiders with equal ferocity attached to its abdomen, and a pack of red panthers with long, lethal legs and adapting claws that could do anything from climbing trees and slicing up kids stood before him; however, these were just the beginning.

Continuing on, he found his tribute list. Well, not his, but the President's. After 22 years, President Quinn and her predecessor had yet to rid of all their enemies and grudge-holders. Last year, Quinn had sent a 15 year old rebel son from District 8 and a Capitol runaway from District 12 into the Games. Looking at the list, it was quite obvious Quinn had finally realized how many enemies she has. A total of seven tributes stand before him, each marked with four, bold, red letters.

Make them die slowly.

A/N: Short, I know! Get used to it; the reapings, train rides, interviews and chariot rides aren't particularly interesting, so none will be extravagantly laced or long. Now with tributes, tributes with detail will automatically outrank boring tributes. Time has no power in this part, so no matter how early you submit, make sure your tribute is unique and special so another tribute doesn't take their spot. Another warning: Reserves last for 3 days unless otherwise specified with a reason. Guys, make the names something that resembles Panem. If I see a George or Kevin, expect to be name-changed. Try not to used over-used or tacky names.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

Without further warnings, here's the tribute list. Any missing or incomplete portions will be sent right back.




Age Range (1-2 year Range):

Preferred Districts in Order (list three):

Family/Ancestry History (Don't go overboard):


Personality (Anti-Mary Sue):

Friends, their relationships:

Family, their relationships:

Romantic Interests:

Common Beliefs (Games, how to treat people, etc.):

Appearance (Include weight, height, build, hair color, eye color, skin tone):

Reaping Outfit:

Chariot Idea:

Interview Outift:


Volunteer or Reaped:

Reapings Reaction/ Reason behind Volunteering

Acceptance of Alliances (1-10):

Target group for Alliance:


Weaknesses (Give me something to work with. If it's not long enough, I could make up my own or transfer them from your strengths.):

Training Plan (hide skills, do nothing, show off skills, find allies, etc.)

Preferred training Score:

Interview Angle/Level of Success (1-10):

Preferred Weapon:

Mental Stability and Strength (1-10)

Romance (1-10):

Likeliness to betray alliances (1-10)

Level of Compassion (1-10)




Cornucopia Plan:

Post-Cornucopia Plan:

Targeted Region of the Arena (Go read the intro if you don't know what the choices are):

Preferred Death Method:

Anything I could've missed:

Current Tributes:

District One, Luxury

Male: Everest Duncan, 14 seventhquill907

Female: Rosemarie Alice Patrick, 16 Emmeline C. Thornbrooke

District Two, Masonry

Male: Graecus Kwan, 18 seventhquill907

Female: Minet Nikelle, 18 Elim9

District Three, Technology

Male: Calloway 'Cal' Grace, 13 Flyere

Female: Dimity "Babyface" Tallieur, 16 QuietConspiracy

District Four, Fishing

Male: Mizuko 'Miz' Hali, 17 Call Me Fin

Female: Harleen O'Connell, 18 TheTypeWriter001

District Five, Power

Male: Harley Fitz, 18 Jay110

Female: Aurora Hence, 17 TheTypeWritter001

District Six, Transportation

Male: Cable Summers, 18 C1nd3r5

Female: Naya Elbasser, 15 Firebird128

District Seven, Lumber

Male: Janos Sheenan, 14 The Koala of Doom

Female: Onyx Cartier, 13 torystory93

District Eight, Textiles

Male: Angevin Roi, 16 xDisgraceful Avengerx

Female: Syrene Lovett, 15 LunarLionHeart

District Nine, Wheat

Male: Colm Miller, 13 Elim9

Female: Biahniz "Lost Girl" Delucan, 17 BecauseofKillianJones

District Ten, Livestock

Male: Soner Rowntree, 17 The Koala of Doom

Female: Celina Kimp, 15 Keb85

District Eleven, Agriculture

Male: Roan Kohl, 13, Flyere

Female: Ira Quince, 17 XxEmbraceTheWeirdnessxX

District Twelve, Coal

Male: Calcite Marion, 14 xDisgraceful Avengerx

Female: Racia Everlast, 16 Tigergirl22