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Head Gamemaker Han Ferring

The Gamemaker Banquet Hall

9:48 P.M, May 18th. Five days before the Reapings.

"And then she said she'd rather drown in a pit of piranha-infested water!" Gamemaker Nowry squeals. The snooty group of Capitol citizens howled in response.

Head Gamemaker Ferring would have none of it. The imbeciles around him had no care of the Games, which he had spent so long creating and working for. Yet here they were, in their golden robes and emerald-encrusted hats. He'd never understand the Capitol.

It'd only been a total of five years since Han was a legal Capitol citizen. A very powerful Capitol woman became smitten with him while travelling around the Districts looking for inspiration for a large task. As the secretary of District Seven, he had introduced the woman around, leading and helping her every step of the way. Han remembered the way she talked- arrogantly. Even as a secretary, he'd never met someone so… particularly annoying. All the woman seemed to talk about was the parties her foolish acquaintances threw. For a while, Han tuned her out, politely nodding and asking dull questions here and there to quell any thoughts she might've had about him.

But then, she began speaking of who she was. The power she possessed. And for the first time, Han listened to her. He listened to her name. He listened to her father's name. He listened to the authority the two of them shared. And he dreamed of what would happen if he could get a hold of it.

Immediately, Han asked her to dinner. He transformed from the quiet, annoyed man into a handsome, helpful gentleman. Even though Han was a smallish man, the woman fell in love. Quite quickly. The foolish Capitol woman, if one could even call her that, immediately requested Han be transported from the rowdy District Seven to the shining Capitol.

Months after, the two were happily married. The woman had begged and pleaded for children, and for a period of time, Han refused, claiming that he wasn't ready. Of course, he had no attachments to the woman, only her power. But then an idea came. That a child could be the last part of his plan.

Han Ferring and the woman gave birth to a healthy girl, Ellisia Ferring. As the post-pregnancy woman regained her health in the hospital, a horrible tragedy happened while Han was getting some coffee. Her father, the almighty power-holder of the Capitol, had recently died of a supposed heart attack. Stricken with depression, the woman and her newborn returned home with Han after her father's death. The broken family held a quiet, private funeral to remember her father.

But that wasn't the end. Not even close. The woman, of course, had taken her father's business role. The job was infinitely important; it could be the difference between life and death. So the woman entrusted Han to raise Ellisia while she was at work.

For about a year, the family functioned. Ellisia worked, Han raised the girl. But as the woman's job intensified, she made a mortal mistake. She took a day off.

She bought but one day to rest with her family. In that day, Han went to get lunch. After a slightly long wait, he returned.

But in that period of time, another tragedy occurred. A horrible mishap had happened at the woman's workplace. Her latest creation was full of holes, and ruined her project and reputation. It would also decimate her life.

And at the end of Han's tale is a broken, humble man with a beautiful baby girl. The power was transferred out of respect to Han, and was planned to be given to Ellisia in the future. The power Han desired so was finally in his hands. And do you know what that power was? Perhaps it would be easier if you knew who the woman and her father were.

The father was Head Gamemaker Orion of the 21st Hunger Games. The woman was Head Gamemaker Galla of the 22nd Hunger Games. Now you tell me, what exactly was in that coffee Han had bought when Orion died? And how much did the lunch Han buy for his family cost?

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