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He'd always fantasied about Aaron going to jail. He'd always pictured how it would go down, and yes, it was always like some dumb cheesy movie. The bad guy gets taken away, driven out by the good samaritans and their pitchforks, who burn down his pedestal and stone him. Lynn, who would magically transform into a doting and perfect mother, would wrap her arms around Logan and smother him in long kept at bay affection. Trina, when she was allowed entry into his fantasies, would beg for Logan's forgiveness, crying as she told him how she was a fool not to listen and Logan, because he's a sucker, would forgive her. And Aaron would be taken far, far away and Logan would never have to deal with him again. These years without Aaron would be spent blissful and carefree and there would never be violence or neglect or distrust again.

One day though, it stops being a fantasy. It changes to a hard, cruel reality. But Neptune has no good samaritans, violence is practically his second name, Lynn jumped off the side of the bridge, and Trina would never, ever believe him. It's funny because his dream very quickly turns into a nightmare, sex tapes and bloody knives, bus crashes and sexual assaults, and he exerts his energy into wishing it wasn't true. What he would give to have Aaron send him in to pick his belt, what he would give to feel the leather cracking against his back, to hear Trina's mocking voice with her accompanying eye roll, to see Lynn pour herself a glass of vodka, a glass of vodka, a glass of vodka.

He would give anything for Lilly Kane to be dead and for Abel Koontz to be the murderer. Hell, he'd even be the murderer. Veronica embraces her Dad, "I'm so glad you're alive" and he can't stay in the room. He hates Veronica, which is funny, because he loves her a hell of a lot more, but he's so envious in that moment. He wants to wrap his arms around his mom and his dad and even fucking Trina. He wants to have fantasies again.