Aviy smiled as she watched Piper polish off another helping of seaweed noodles and Jinbei dumplings. Letting her gaze roam around the large living space, her smile grew fonder. Ikki and Meelo were mostly eating in silence, but managed to throw in a phrase every once in a while that had everyone in stitches. Jinora was enjoying the Navigator's retelling of her life in the Atmos and the day-to-day struggle of dealing with being the only girl in her squadron. Bolin would sub in a question or comment, but otherwise listened intently. Even Mako and Korra were spellbound, which didn't happen often.

"'Sy, you okay?" Looking up from her food, she nodded at the troubled looking Specialist before she commenced to use her chopsticks to finish off her dinner. Due to her attention directed elsewhere, she didn't see the carefully masked hurt in her amber eyes. She would've questioned her further, but then she asked to be excused. By this time, Pema was overtly worried about her dear Aviy, but allowed her to go. Smiling, she excused herself and swiftly exited through the door to the kitchen.

Once in the hall, she flew straight to Pema and Tenzin's room. Upon opening the door, she heard the youngest member of the Airbenders whimpering. Moving to the crib, she smiled down at little Rohan. His dew green eyes rested on her smiling face and he instantly raised his hands toward her, begging to be lifted. She bent over and gently scooped him up into her arms.

Hearing him gurgle happily against her bosom only made her smile more. That is, until she felt him tug on the front of her top. She shifted him into the crook of her arm to gently tug off his tiny fist. Kissing his little knuckles, she went to find his bottle. Using her metal-bending, she created a bowl and held it under the tap. Filling it up, she bent a small flame beneath it and let the bowl hover over it using an eddy of air. After filling the bottle with the formula, she commenced to bouncing the baby boy who had long since captured her affections.

Just as she was about to get the now warm water, she turned on a dime to face the person standing in the doorway. Piper smiled as she walked in. "Dang it, I thought I could sneak up on you unnoticed." Aviy smiled as she shook her head.

"I sensed when you were walking this way." Gesturing downwards, she continued. "Being the Avohn Leigh, my earth bending gives me ample warning. So whenever something moves, I sense that there's been a change in the balance." Turning to the bathroom, she motioned for Piper to take Rohan from her. Taking the young infant from her arms, she watched as the young Chakra changer prepared the formula flawlessly. "Besides, you're a lot easier to sense when your mind is preoccupied."

Blinking, the Firebender wordlessly handed the fussing child to her and watched in amazement as she commenced to feed and gently rock him. Seating herself on the floor beside the rocking chair, she sighed. Aviy ambled over to the rocking chair and deftly swept a portion of her dress under her before sitting down. A moment of silence ensued, save the gentle sucks and swallows from the baby.

"Piper, look at me." The aforementioned craned her neck upwards to look at the minuscule beginnings of a disapproving frown on her friend's face. "I know you're worried about your squadron, especially a certain Sky Knight." The bluenette started to babble incoherently, though she was studiously ignored by the ebony haired teen. Putting the bottle down, she gently raised Rohan into a standing position against her bosom while tenderly rubbing his back until a satisfying belch was heard.