Author's Note: So I was going back to my first fanfic and realized how awful it was. I couldn't put anything down which I meant to. Thus, this little rewrite. I hope you all enjoy it and it makes a little more linear sense.

It was the end of one of the first days of Abysus University for Kyara. The rough bark of an ancient oak tree sat against her back providing support for her tired body. Her eyelids fluttered, struggling to stay open as they skimmed the history book she had to read by the end of the week. The summer air was blistering hot despite the sun already falling beneath the horizon. She repositioned herself, trying to remain comfortable. She had grown up on the coast of northern California where they were lucky to reach 70 degrees in the middle of summer instead of this stifling 100+ degrees of an Abysus September.

She glanced at her watch. It was well past eight now. Gazing around, she tried to figure out if her roommate, Carrie, would be back from her last evening class by now. Kyara had forgotten hers, forcing her to wait outside. She sighed, wondering what she would do for the next fifteen minute while waiting when something, or rather, someone, caught her eye.

A man was walking down one of the pathways with anger and frustration in his steps. His skin was naturally tanned, something Kyara would always be jealous of as she was a ginger and could never even come close to his skin. His hair was as black as night and brushed back as if he had rubbed his hands through it too many times. His eyes were dark with rage, almost frightening Kyara. As he neared her, he ripped off his labcoat showing his green shirt and tan vest. He threw his coat into the bushes, cursing quietly under his breath. He was oblivious to Kyara.

Slowly, unsure if she would regret what she was about to do, she stood up. She came up right behind him where he was still fuming at the bush covered with his labcoat. She stood on her tiptoes and said, "Bad day?"

The man jumped, startled by her sudden announcement. He spun around, accidently hitting her in the face. She shrieked with surprise.

"Lo siento, I'm sorry," he said, unsure of how to make sure she was okay. Kyara touched her sore cheek, deciding it was nothing too serious. She smiled at the man.

"I'm fine. Sorry for startling you. I just meant to see if you were alright. You seemed pretty angry at that bush," she joked, trying to ease the awkwardness.

The man threw a glance at the bush where his labcoat still was, seeming to realize how it looked from an outside angle. He chuckled, rubbing the back of his head. "About how long was I shouting at the bush?"

Kyara shrugged. You weren't really shouting, but you were cursing as badly as a sailor. It actually was a great distraction from my history homework."

"Homework? You're a student?"

"Aren't you?" The man looked at if was in his early twenties at the oldest.

"I just turned 23," he stated plainly as if it was plainly obvious how old he was. The girl laughed.

"Happy belated birthday, then. I'll be 18 next October."

The man nodded and looked around, uncertain as to how to continue the conversation. He tried to make eye contact once or twice, but found it nearly impossible. The girl smiled, doubtful if she should continue or not. She tried to look at the man, but found it nearly impossible to do. Her heart was fluttering in the most profound way and her cheeks blushed a bright rosy red. She was thankful for the evening light which hopefully hid that fact. She eventually reached over and grabbed his coat from the bush. She handed it to him.

"Unless you quit, I think you'll probably be needing this."

"Thank you," the man said quietly, his voice wavering.

The girl nodded then began to walk away. She sighed, wishing that the encounter had gone better. She counted her steps, slowly making her way to her dormitory, chiding herself for not saying anything else. She counted her breaths, her heartbeats, trying to think of an excuse to talk to him.

The man took a step after her, wanting to talk to her longer, but unable to find the right words to say. The girl was a mystery to him. There was something alluring about her short red hair and her warm brown eyes. Even the way she walked away, slow and certain, made something turn inside of Cesar. He was unable to describe the effect she had on his mind. But as he slowly turned away, he knew he would find a way to talk to her again. He would-

Her name. He didn't even know her name. He turned back around. "Wait."

The girl spun around. Her face was cocked, attentive to him. She slowly came back up to him and gazed into his eyes. He took a deep breath. He had never looked at a girl this way before. He had never even met a girl who was close to his own age. Five years was an age difference, he supposed, but subtleties like that had never bothered him. Besides, he thought, I only want to know her name.

"I didn't get your name," he stammered out.

"I'm Kyara."

"Kyara." The named rolled off his tongue sweetly. "I'm César."

"César. Nice to meet you."

She walked away, into the nearest dorm building. Cesar watched her go, repeating her name quietly to himself. "Kyara. Kyara." It was a pretty name. A pretty name for a pretty girl, he thought to himself. He hoped to find her again. If only to say her name one more time. He smiled slightly and made his way back to his lab.

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