The stagnant air was sweltering on the small island that Kyara had learned to call home. The dry air scratched against her throat as she hesitantly reached for some water nearby. She coughed, trying to keep the sand from the beach outside. She gazed at the waves, watching a small little boy about four years old playing in the water. His skin was dark tan from spending all of his days in the sun, and his hair was dark like his father's. His eyes were a warm brown like his mother's that smiled at everything.

"Rohan! Ten more minutes! We need to go to school!"

It was her daily ritual since she had had taken up being the elementary teacher on the island over six years ago. There were maybe twenty kids in her class, all ranging from four like Rohan to ten or eleven. She taught them everything she could before sending them off to the high school teacher. It was a lot to undertake in a single year, but she was never disappointed. Her students always worked hard to achieve her goals.

"Do we have to? Can't we just have free day?" he asked pouting as he came up the shore from the water. Kyara smiled, trying not to appear too harsh to her son.

"Yes, we have to. Come on, school is important. You'll love it today."

"You say that every day..." Rohan sighed, toweling off. He looked up at the bright blue sky without a cloud in sight. He frowned. "Ky, will it ever rain again?"

Kyara glanced up at the sky. She frowned as well. Part of her wanted to tell Rohan that it would soon and everything would be okay. Part of her wanted to tell him that she was as clueless as everyone else on the island. The truth was that the island was experiencing one of the longest droughts in their entire history. Kyara was clueless as to when the rains would come. She glanced back at Rohan who was looking expectantly of her. She smiled.

"Of course it will. It can't just stop raining anymore than you can stop growing." She poked his stomach making him giggle. "Race you the sidewalk."

He took off running towards the street. She kept up with him, careful not to overtake him and earn his wrath, but enough to where Rohan would feel as if he earned it. She laughed with him as the two made their way up the beach, across the scolding hot sand, to the sidewalk. Rohan jumped in the air, shouting, "I beat you! I always beat you!"

Kyara scooped him up into a tight embrace and rubbed his hair affectionately. "Watch your mouth, Rohan. I am allowed to ground you now."

Rohan squeezed out of her arms and landed on the sidewalk. He stared at Kyara with narrowed eyes of disbelief. "You wouldn't..."

Kyara picked him back up and swung him around onto her back. "Wanna bet?" she laughed. Rohan, deciding she was joking, laughed with her. The two walked the mile it took to reach the house they shared enjoying the laughter and company of one another. Upon reaching the door, Kyara dropped Rohan, telling him to gather his things. Rohan nodded and ran inside.

Kyara walked into the house that had been given to her as the teacher of the island. The schoolhouse was only across the street for ease of access. It was spacious enough. There was a small kitchen with a small entertaining space, though most of any time spent with guests was outside. It was originally one bedroom and a small full bathroom, but when Rohan came, she had a few of the villagers help her build another room for him. He didn't like it at first, preferring to spend many of his nights sleeping with her to keep away his nightmares, but within the last couple of months, he had grown used to sleeping apart from her, a sad but much relieved moment in her life. She walked into her own room, barely big enough for her bed and a dresser. She felt under her pillows, looking for her good luck charm.

It was gone.

Kyara began to panic, lifting up the pillow itself. Her good luck was definitely gone. She searched under her bed, tore the covers off though she admittedly rarely used them. She searched through her drawers and anywhere else in her room she could think it might have disappeared to. But it was nowhere to be found.

"Ky, who's this?" Rohan came into the room holding up a picture meant to fit into someone's wallet of a man with dark skin, black hair, and warm brown eyes. As usual, he was wearing his favorite green shirt and khaki vest. He was holding a younger version of Kyara in her jeans and blue shirt. Around her neck was a crystal sphere on a silver chain with two dolphins circling on the outside. It was the same necklace that she wore every single day.

Kyara choked, seeing Rohan point to the man she had tried so hard to forget for over six years. Her mouth was open, but now words came out. She could no longer find her voice. Instead, she collapsed onto her bed and stared at the picture. She had meant to throw it away long ago, but it had somehow served as a reminder why she could never get close to anyone else ever again. Except for little Rohan.

"Kyara, who is this man with you?" Rohan insisted.

"He... he was... his name was César. I used to know him long ago."

"Was he before you met my father?"

Kyara smiled weakly. "Yes, he was before I met your father."

"Was he important to you?" Rohan's little face scrunched with what she could only guess as jealousy.

"Not anymore."

Rohan nodded with acceptance and perhaps a little smugness before gently handing the picture back to Kyara. She smiled and held it in her hands, inspecting the picture. It was so long ago for her, yet it still brought up painful memories. She sighed. She missed how happy she was back then. She had never come close to being that happy except once when she first met Rohan's father. He had brought some of the life back into her and she into him. Many people on the island thought that they would marry, yet sadly, his death prevented their relationship from going further. But it did not matter in the long run. She had never truly loved him. And besides, he had left her Rohan.

"Are you ready for school, Rohan?"

Rohan nodded eagerly. "I..." He began to sway back and forth, his eyes glazing over. Kyara stood up, unsure of what was happening, but know it was serious. She knelt down near Rohan, her hand on his forehead. He was burning with a fever.

"Rohan, can you hear me? Rohan!"

He collapsed into her arms.

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