"Hey, watcha watching?" My older brother Jake asks me. "Lab Rats." I respond, my eyes glued to the tv. "Can I tell you something?" He says. "Yeah, what's up?" I shut the tv off and turn to face Jake. "Today at school, the principal caught me with... Weed in my bookbag." "What?!" I yell, my eyes wide. "Shhhhhhh!" He puts his finger to his mouth, signaling me to quiet down. "I-It wasn't mine! It was Austin's. We were making a deal that if I get him the weed, he will give me 50 bucks. And I need the money! Ally, if mom and dad find out, they will be so pissed! Please don't tell them!" His eyes are pleading, and he looks into my eyes. "Please." I sigh. "Jake, your 15. Don't you think the principal will tell mom and dad?" "I don't know... But I will do anything! Just please don't tell them." "Fine! But you owe me big time. Got it?" I look at him. "Yes! Totally!" He says. "I'm gonna go work on homework." I tell him, getting up. "And the dog is crying. Can you let him out?"