hello you guys! So, I know this isn't exactly the story, but I wanted to pit my own twist on it. Don't worry, it will get more and more like the story as the chapters go on. I made this one longer, so I hope you like it :)

I sit down at the kitchen table and start on my homework. Taking out my math homework, I look at the first question. 'Find the GCF and LCM of 167 and 132. With some difficulty, I finish. "Damn, 8th grade math is hard." I hear the door creak open. "MOM? DAD? IS THAT YOU?" I yell. Someone grabs me from behind, putting duck tape on my mouth, and tying my hands behind my back. putting a blindfold over my eyes, I feel myself being picked up, and that's when I lose it. I start kicking and fighting. "WILL YOU STOP?!" A male voice yells. I stop fighting, my body going limp, but I still whimper. I hear a van door slide open, and I am throw inside. The tape is ripped of my mouth, and the blindfold is taken off. The door closes again. "Ally?" A familiar voice whispers. "Dad?" I whisper back. "Oh my god, Ally." "Dad, where are we going?" I ask my father. "I don't know baby." The door slides open again and they toss in two more people, going through the same procedure I did. I recognize the two other people instantly. "Jake! Morgan!" I say. "Ally! Where are we?" Morgan asks me. "In a van." I tell her. "No shit, Sherlock." She shoots back. "Well, how the hell am I supposed to know where we're going." I respond, not phased by her attitude. "Hey guys, I think I can get these ropes off." I whisper. I scoot over to a gas tank that was in the back of the van, and lift my hands up so that the rope rests on it. I saw back and forth. In about 2 minutes, the rope is off, and I get to work on dad. "Thanks sweetie." He says to me. Next I do Jake, and then Morgan. I take my time on her. "Hey! What are you doing? A voice booms. I spin around, and I am met with a man, he grabs me by my shoulders and corners me. "Now, what's your name princess?" He asks me. "A-Ally." I tell him. "And how old are you, Ally?" "13." "Only 13?" He looks into my eyes, his dark ones pouring into me. "Mhm." I answer. "And, what school do you go to?" He questions. "GW Middle?" I say. "DONT GOD DAMN LIE TO ME!" He screams. Pointing a gun to my head. I sink to my knees, bawling my eyes out. "ROVER! I GO TO ROVER MIDDLE SCHOOL! Please don't shoot me, please!" He takes the gun away from my head and using the butt, shoves it In between my shoulder blades, signaling me to go back to my family

mwahahaha! Cliff hanger! hope you like it so far! I am trying to post every 2-3 weeks. I get really bad writers block. But I will try try try