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The rain pounded as Jennifer Jareau tapped her hands against the steering wheel in fustration at the umorning traffic. She was already running late. The nightmares had started again. Almost ten years had passed and she was still haunted by the same thing. But she wasn't the same person, she left that person behind and was never going to return to her.

"You are Jeniffer Jareau," she said aloud to herself.

The traffic finally eased up and she pulled into the parking lot.

"Hey sorry I'm late," JJ said apologetically, when she finally arrived to the conference room. "There was a lot of t-traffic."

"It's okay we'll brief you on the jet. Wheels up in 20." Hotch said to her and the rest of the team.

"Wait Hotch," JJ said confused. "No cases came through me."

"This one came straight to me. It is urgent." Hotch replied.

"Where are we going?" JJ asked Reid as they exited the room.

"A small town in the north-western part of Washington State. Some town called..." Before the words escaped his mouth, JJ knew where they were going. She tensed up, as if his words had summoned far pressed memories. "There has been five murders of women in the town and surounding areas," Reid finished.

"... JJ? Are you okay?" Reid asked noticing her demeanor had changed. She was staring blankly ahead as if trapped in her own thoughts.

"... What? Um yeah, okay, uh thanks, Spence, I'll s-see you on the plane." JJ said rushing off.

What just happened, JJ thought to herself. She hasn't let herself be affected by that for a long time and she wasn't about to start now.

"So all the victims are Caucasian, female and 25-35 years old. They were stabbed multiple times, were there any signs of sexual assault?" JJ asked, catching up on the case. Even as she asked the question, she feared the answer.

"Yes, they were all raped." Emily said.

The files showed that they were all very different. One was a teacher, one owned a small clothing store, and another two were prostitutes. JJ's heart sped up as she read the last one. She closed her eyes for a second and took a deep breath, relieved that her odd behavior was going unnoticed by the team of profilers sitting right beside her.

Breaking her from her thoughts, Rossi spoke.

"Okay so while the teacher and waitress lived in the small town, the others lived just outside Seattle, a five to six hour drive away. How did our unsub get the victims all the way there."

"Actually," Reid started. "The drive is on average if you are maintaining speed limits, 5 hours and 47 minutes. But if you factor in the-"

"-Well, to state the obvious he has a car. A bus or car is is only way to get there, and he couldn't have taken the victims on a bus, there would be to many witnesses." Emily said, cutting Reid off.

"The dump sites were different than were the unsub killed the women, so he has a secondary location. It is probably in between the town and Seattle.

A beeping sound went off and Garcia popped up on screen.

"Hey buttercups," she said as cheery as alway.

"Baby Girl, I need you to see what neighboring towns there are there. As well if there is anything else near by, it may not be marked on a map." Morgan said to Garcia. JJ hadn't quite heard what Morgan had said

"Well my prince, that will take a few years of keyboards and screens," Garcia joked.

For 30 seconds all they hear is the pounding of keystrokes.

"And you owe me Derek Morgan. There is not much in the area. Well close to nothing really. No neighboring towns, Seattle is a 6 hour drive. There is however a school for troubled teens. Mount Horizon."

As soon as JJ heard those two words she could feel her muffin and coffee etching back up her throat. Ignoring the looks of everyone, she quickly got up as ran to bathroom. She barely locked the door when she vomited the contents of her stomach into the toilet. She took a deep breath.

"You are Jennifer Jareau," She mumbled softly again.

She made herself regain whatever strength she could. After rinsing her mouth and washing her hands she opened the door and attempted to slip back to her seat.

After seeing Rossi's raised eyebrows, who was sitting at the opposite side of the jet, JJ got the idea that they all had heard her barf.

Great, she thought to her self as she made her way back.

"I th-think the milk I had in my cereal this morning had expired." She lied quickly when the team gave her questioning stares, praying that they would not pick up on her deceitfulness.

"Umm, okay..." Emily said, obviously not fooled by her weak lie.

"Do the local police have any leads?" Derek asked. JJ was glad for the topic change.

"No, not yet. They are hoping that we will be able to give some insight." Rossi said.

JJ stared at the case file on the tablet infront of her, but wasn't reading it. All her mind could focus on was the fact that this one was to close.

"It won't happen," JJ muttered softly to herself.

"What won't happen?" Reid asked innocently.

"Huh, sorry, w-what?" JJ said trying to cover up again.

"I thought you said something..." Reid said, looking slightly confused.

"I didn't s-say anything," she replied, turning around and praying he wouldn't keep asking her.

Luckily, he got the hint and went back to studying the case file on his tablet.

The rest of the plane ride was quiet and everybody was doing their own stuff. Hotch's voice broke the silence.

"We are going to hit the ground running on this one. Rossi and Prentiss go to the dumpsites, Reid and JJ go to the local police and start victimology. Morgan, you and I will see what we can find from the families of the victims," Hotch instructed.

"Hello Sheriff Matthews. I'm Agent Jennifer Jareau and this is Dr. Reid. We are with the FBI." JJ introduced.

"Thank you for coming so quick,"the sheriff replied.

He led them to a room and they got to work.

"Okay so our unsub's first victim was here and she..." Reid mumbled to himself.

Time passed and they had finished victimology for the first four women.

"Hey JJ," Reid said. "Do you have the file with the information on the family of Amy Owens?"

Reid turned to face JJ and saw her staring, glazed eyed at a wall.

"JJ? JJ? Hello? Earth to JJ!" he said and then paused. "JENNIFER JAREAU!" Reid said louder, waving his hands in front of a non-replying JJ.

He reached out and shook her shoulder, as soon as his hands touched her, she jumped up.

"Get off of me! Stop, please." She yelled, frailing her arms.

"JJ it's me, Spencer." Reid said stepping forwards.

JJ stopped suddenly as if awakened from a trance.

"I'm sorry. I-I don't kn-know what happened," said JJ sitting back down, avoiding eye contact with him.

"JJ what's going on?" Spencer asked, concerned.

She remained silent, avoiding the question.

"Seriously, you've been acting strange all day."

"Spence it's nothing. Let's get back to work." JJ said brushing it off.

"JJ that wasn't-"

"Reid I said stop," JJ snapped.

Reid backed off sudently, retreating as if JJ had slapped him. She felt instantly bad, but couldn't bring herself to appologize.

They continued to work in silence, reading the case files and occasionaly sticking something new onto the board. Half an hour later, Hotch walked in.

"Find anything," he asked the two of them.

Reid glanced at JJ before answering.

"Uh, no, not yet. But I think I might be onto something," he answered.

JJ breathed a sigh of relief, he wasn't going to say anything about her.

"The M.E. said that there was DNA found on the last two victims," Hotch said. "As well signs of a blunt force trauma to the head and large amounts of melatonin in there systems."

"So he isn't strong enough to overpower them physically and he is getting sloppy," Reid noted. "Are there any matches."

"Not yet, Garcia is still running them. JJ call Garcia and tell her to look pull up anybody in this area who has a disablilty and a criminal record." Hotch said, turning to JJ.

JJ didn't answer, nor did she hear what her supervisor had said.

"JJ?" Hotch said, reaching out to tap her. Before he could, she jumped up.

"S-sorry, I didn't hear, what did you say?" JJ asked, acting like nothing was going on.

Hotch gave her a questioning look, but repeated himself anyway. Once she had left, her turned to the young agent.

"Is there something going on that I should know about?" Hotch asked.

"I'm not sure." Reid said slowly. "She has been acting really jumpy and stuttering a bit, she does that when she is lying. As well, on average every 45 seconds she will bit her lip and she has been fiddling with her pen all day."

"I noticed too." Hotch said, concerned.