When the team arrived at Frank Cross's address Hotch gave JJ similar instructions to before at Alice Blaine's house; she was to stay in the car, but this time Emily was to stay behind to make sure she did so. Again, JJ wasn't pleased with the order and as soon as the team had entered the house, JJ opened the car door and stepped outside. She needed to at least get out of the car. As she opened the door, Emily tensed.

"You're-," Emily started.

"Relax, I'm not going anywhere, I'm just standing here," JJ said, cutting her off.

To JJ's annoyance Emily stepped outside and stood next to her.

"I'm a big girl you know, I can handle standing here," JJ said, curtly. "I've even got my very own gun and bulletproof vest!"

"I know you can, but with Walt coming after you, we are not about to take any chances," Emily replied calmly, ignoring her sarcastic tone.

JJ visibly winced when Emily said his name. It still evoked a paralyzing feeling that echoed throughout her body. They stood there for a moment before JJ broke the silence.

"I just want this to all be over," JJ said, quietly. "I never wanted you guys to find about any of this and now… now it's just all there is."

"This is all going to be over soon, and things will start to go back to normal. Yeah, it might be a little different, but that's not necessarily a bad thing," Emily told her.

JJ scoffed, her face skeptical.

"I don't even know if I will still have a job when I get back," JJ threw back.

"Jayje, that's not going to happen," Emily said with confidence.

JJ ran a hand down through her hair and leaned against the car.

"Yeah, because the FBI is always looking to employ former hookers," JJ replied, bluntly.

She turned slightly so that she didn't have to look Emily in the eye. The shame from her past still weighed heavily in her.

"You're too good at your job for them to fire you," Emily said in an earnest tone. "And Hotch would never let that-," Emily tried to say but was unable to finish.

JJ turned quickly when she heard a thump noise and to her horror saw the crumpled figure of her friend on the ground. Behind her stood Walt, a gun in his hand and his face showing a mixture of elation and menace. The half second that it took JJ to surpass her fear and react was enough time for Walt to get the upper hand and pull her into him, twisting her around to hold her in a chokehold. JJ fought him, but his grip was too strong.

"Shelby… I've been looking for you for a very, very long time. I've missed you," he crooned in her ear, his gun steadily pointing at Emily who lay unmoved on the ground.

A trembling JJ moved her hand slowly towards her hip, trying to get her gun.

"Uh-uh, kitten. Behave, or your friend here will pay," Walt sneered, tightening the grip around her neck. "You're going to put that gun on the ground, slowly. If you try anything, I will shoot her."

JJ looked helplessly at Emily before complying with his demands.

"Good girl," Walt told her.

He leaned into her and JJ could feel his warm breath on her neck.

"I've been waiting for this for so long. I thought about you every day. The memories of all our good times together got me through those days of being locked up," he whispered as he slowly walked them backwards, away from Emily and the squad car.

Everything about him- his words, his touch, the way his breath smelled- brought her back to the days of being the terrified and helpless girl she used to be. She closed her eyes as she felt a warm tear fall down her face.

"You are going to need to be punished for what you did to me," he told her. "Then after, we're going to go back to how it used to be. I just missed you much, kitten."

As much as she hated herself for it, JJ lost any remaining resolve to fight him. It was the only thing that had made it easier before; the less she fought him, the less he hurt her.

Suddenly, he stopped walking and JJ felt the unmistakable cold touch of his gun pressed up against her head. She opened her eyes.

"FBI, put the gun down," Hotch shouted authoritatively, with his gun drawn and pointed at Walt.

The team was behind him, also aiming at Walt. She could feel their eyes on her, and JJ didn't want to imagine how weak she looked. Instead, she looked over at Emily, who had begun to recover from the pistol whip and moved to sit up, holding her head in one hand and wincing.

"Prentiss, you alright?" Morgan asked, not taking his eyes off of Walt.

Emily nodded, which only made her wince more.

"Yeah," she mumbled instead. "Bastard clocked me."

Emily slowly stood up, wobblingly slightly and pulled out her own gun out as Hotch made a move forward.

"Not so fast there," Walt said. "Any closer and, as much as I would hate to, I will have no choice but to kill my Shelby. And something tells me you wouldn't like that so much."

"JJ, are you hurt?" Rossi called.

JJ didn't respond. The team could tell from her behaviour that she had mentally checked out.

"JJ? Her name is Shelby and she is my daughter!" Walt shouted, getting agitated.

He pulled JJ in tighter and increased the pressure of the barrel against her temple. She started to feel a bit lightheaded as the flow of oxygen to her brain was impeded. The feeling was welcome to JJ.

"You don't even know her. Has she told you about all the special times we've had? How much we love each other? How much she loved the things we did together? She can be a real slut, you know. In fact, she was even one professionally," Walt sneered.

Anger rose and their grips tightened around their guns as the team struggled to keep their emotions in check as he spoke.

"If you really loved Shelby, you wouldn't want to see her get hurt," Reid reasoned.

"Put the gun down and we can work this out," Emily added. "No one needs to get hurt."

Walt laughed darkly.

"Do you know what she did to me? She put in prison like some sort of monster. When I all I did was love her," Walt replied.

He moved his arm a bit so he could stroke her cheek with his hand and JJ could feel blood start to rush back into her head. She sputtered a cough as she tried to breath.

"But, I will forgive her for that. Because that's what fathers do. She needs me too much. Jess was weak and couldn't live without me, but Shelby was always my favourite anyway," he continued.

At the mention of Jess, JJ's behaviour changed. The name forced her back to reality. Her eyes got wide with anger and before anyone could say anything else, she elbowed Walt hard in the stomach. The sudden switch from complacent to combative caught him off guard, and JJ used that to her advantage as she twisted around and landed a kick to his crotch. He stumbled slightly to the side, pulling the trigger simultaneously. At the same time, a shot from the other side rang out.

JJ felt a burning flash of pain as she watched Walt fall to the ground, a bullet lodged to the left of his forehead.

"JJ!" a voice called out.

"Call a bus."

But JJ could barely register it. She was too preoccupied with the boiling rage she felt inside of her. Before anyone could stop her, she began attacking the motionless figure, as if she couldn't comprehend that he was already dead.

"That was for Jess, you fucking piece of shit," she said as she kicked him repeatedly. "You're never… going to lay a fucking finger… on me again."

Her words dissolved into a mix of sobs and curses when she felt a hand gently on her left shoulder. She tried to shrug it off but when she did so, she realized how dizzy she was.

"JJ," Hotch said calmly, pulling her away. "He's dead. He's gone."

JJ fought against him as hard as she could, not understanding why every movement suddenly took an enormous amount of effort.

"You're hurt, Jayje," Emily said from where she stood next to Hotch. "You were shot and you're, you need to stop."

"Let me go!" JJ screamed back.

"I can't," Hotch simply replied.

JJ couldn't stop fighting, flailing around and hitting Hotch in a weak attempt to get him to let go of her. Tears ran down her face, but she didn't remember crying. She felt something on her right shoulder and looked down to see Hotch pressing down hard, his hand covered in red. JJ stumbled slightly, still trying to get out of his grasp. Hotch gently lowered them to the ground as he held a half sobbing, half yelling JJ.

"It's going to be okay. You're going to be okay," he told her.

JJ felt a bit dizzier as she descended into just crying, losing her fight.

"You're going to be okay," Hotch repeated.

JJ eyes fluttered closed and the last thing she heard was the sound of sirens in the distance.