Lost Heart, Lost Memory and Lost Love

Takes place in HP with a little AU, the Iron Man 1 Universe and may continue to Iron Man 2, Avengers and Iron Man 3.

Tony x Fem HP a little on the side Rhodey x Fem HP

Mention of a little Dumbledore bashing, a little sympathy with good old Tom Riddle and the trauma to lose what is precious to each and everyone.

Okay for this story to work I will twist the HP Plot a little and Harry will be a girl in this.

I wanted to go with Cassiopeia but it is a mouthful and Cas doesn't seem like a perfect name at all, the longer I think about it.

So I'm thinking to go with another name. I think about Aurelia Lilly Potter and short it will be Lia. She will be called Lia more often than Aurelia because she knows when one calls her Aurelia that she is in serious trouble, so she prefers Lia over Aurelia.

This story might seem confusing at the beginning but it will sort itself out to the end of the first chapter and the prologue at least I hope it will

It might need time to do so.

I hope you have fun reading it and will bear with the fact that Lia might be a little hard to understand in the beginning.

I can't promise that this story will be the only one of its kind, but I try to make it as original as possible. I write it here because sometimes one reads an amazing story and is inspired by it. So it's a possibility that it can seem as if I had tried to copy another story.

This is not my intention so if you see it, just notify me and I will correct it or ask the other writer for permission to use a scene or part of their own story in mine.

And now have fun with lost heart, lost memory and lost love.

Please remember and take into account that all rights go to their respective owners and I don't make money with it.



The war had taken a toll on her. Her body was broken as was her heart and will.

Someone would say she hadn't in it anymore. Her will, to live on, to continue with her life after not being able to join long lost friends and family in the afterlife wasn't a possibility anymore.

Aurelia was tempted to just give in, to end it herself and be free of people's expectations and their perspectives of her and how she had to behave for them.

God she wasn't a doll.

She wasn't a woman which was created to please the people around her.

She hated the fact that the people who meant the most to her, had left her behind. It was something she was bitter about.

That she hadn't had the best childhood wasn't a big secret for the people she trusted as was the part of her youth when she had received the beatings. Those were times she had strived to please and it was something she was ashamed of.

Over the years her schooling took place, Tom or as most called him you know who, had asked her to join him and she had denied but she couldn't help it, even if she was the one responsible for his death to think about his words now after everything was over.

In the end it was Dumbledore's fault, that she seemed broken beyond repair she decided.

If it wasn't for his meddling with her life and the life of so many people for the greater good as he liked to call it, her own life could have turned out different.

Okay the chances where still high that Tom would have come after her parents and so to an, extend after herself as well, but maybe Neville wouldn't have had to lose his parents to insanity.

The year after her final encounter with Tom was a hard one.

She wouldn't put it past anyone to try a stunt that would cause her more pain, than she already had dealt with and with most of the student body gone, it wasn't to put past the remaining ones, because of their own grieve over loved ones they had lost.

The ceremony to say goodbye had taken place almost immediately after the war was declared to be over.

She had attended but she wasn't able to cry or smile.

And when she smiled because she remembered a life and a joke she shared with one of the names of the people being called, it wouldn't reach her eyes.

Aurelia had stood there like a statue made of the finest marble, that seemed to be frozen in time.

Her long hair was tightly braided and her clothes were hidden behind her robes, but because of her stillness the wind would play with the robes and reveal the slender but toned legs and flat but taught stomach.

She felt a surge of pity and loathing at the same time.

Loathing, because those who had died, had gotten the chance to go on, to go on the promised next great adventure called Death and pity for those who were left behind like herself.

She was loath to admit it, but she longed to be one of them, to be able to just let go.

But the scars she had were deep ones and she just started to heal, when one was to believe the Sorting Hat.

It was merely by accident when she attempted to trash the Headmasters Office again after watching Severus memories and watching the portrait of said men afterwards.

It wasn't a pleasant sight that greeted Professor Mc Gonagal afterwards but the Sorting Hat, had been able to stop her from hurting herself further.

He was the one who calmed her down enough to let her see at least a little light at the horizon.

Lia had stopped with her trashing and listened to him, to his soothing voice which together with Fawkes song left her trembling on the floor, curled up in fetus position.

The hat gave her the opportunity to grieve, to let out the frustration and to work herself into a relative dreamless state of sleep.

Madam Pompfrey wasn't pleased to see her in the hospital wing again, but she took care of her wounds without a fuss in the end.

She was also, the one to approach her to leave, to just left everything behind at least for a while.

Aurelia wasn't sure if that would work for her and she mentioned it, but the Mediwitch wouldn't have any of it.

"You know you have the chance to be what you want to be, it's up to you what you want to do with your life and how you want to life it. You're not as alone as you think to be Lia and God knows, I've seen enough of you in the Hospital wing as it is, but I've also seen that it's worth to fight for life itself." those words from Pomphrey left her with a new insight, a new determination.

The Girl who lived had found a way.

A way to survive ones more and even if it would be for the last time, she wanted to make it count.

She owed it to Sirius and Remus, to her parents and to the fact that many of her friends died while saving her and entrusted her with their own dreams and hopes, which they them self couldn't make true anymore.

The graduation ceremony took place several months after her mental breakdown, and she faced the people which were left from her year, with a raised head.

Aurelia had locked eyes with Draco and to an, extend with Blaise.

She knew that Ron wouldn't be thrilled to see her with a Slytherin and specially with Draco but he wasn't here anymore and Hermione was in a magical endorsed coma suffering from a stray curse. And all, because she had, protected one of the younger years, when the castle was under siege.

Lia would often visit her friend in St. Mungos together with the blond Slytherin and his friend.

And now here she was, standing in front of an apartment which was to be her new home.

The Goblins were a great help to the dark haired witch and gotten her the necessary documents for a save travel.

Her hair now reached her mid back after she had cut it and grown out again. Her skin had finally a healthy glow to it.

It had taken her the better part of four years but she had managed to leave her past behind.

She knew it would eventually be able to caught up, be she wasn't naive enough anymore to believe otherwise.

The young woman was glad that she had decided to start her muggle education again and in that turn to start with University.

Now she had her Master's degree under her belt and could start tinkering with her was happy to have left Britain and to travel the world.

The young woman enjoyed her newfound freedom and looked with a loved filled gaze at the young child that, hold her hand.

The child was Teddy Lupin Tonks, the son of her Dads best Friend and his wife Tonks.

Both had died in the Battle of Hogwarts and the child's Grandmother Andromeda Tonks nee Black had died four years afterwards.

She was the Godmother of little Teddy, but she had adopted him early on.

It was not as if she wanted him to lose the memories he had of his parents as little as they might be or the ones from his Grandmother, it was the other way around.

He was a reminder of a part of her life and in turn she was the one that would one day be a reminder of his own parents and the family they both had lost but found in another.

Blaise had told her, that a cousin from him was living in her new area and that maybe they would bump into each other.

She wasn't sure about that, but to tell Blaise that was asking for trouble in her opinion.

Teddy was four now and she with twenty one a young mother, but it didn't bother her.

She smiled and took a step toward the apartment.

"This is going to be our new Home. I know you miss the others but I doubt it'll be long before they'll be visiting."

Teddy nodded and took a good and long look at his surroundings.

It was an older building, but as far as he could tell it was pretty and he knew his Aunt Mione, as his Uncles had told him, they would be over as much as possible.

He had a firm grip on his black plush dog and knew that his new Mom and Godmother Lia had their other belongings already inside the new apartment which could rival a small house in its size.

He smiled a little, and squeezed her hand while he started dragging her along to open up.

Aurelia followed the little one, and together they were about to start their own journey, the next adventure was waiting to happen, she just knew it, could practically feel it deep inside.

So that's, the first chapter. I hope you like it.