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It's worth to live

Current Year/Time:

Fall 2007

It took her some time to get home after the interview.

Aurelia was still irritated that she hadn't been able to find her mobile, for the life of her and she was certain Hermione would scold her for losing it.

With a little sigh she opened the front door and was greeted by her son followed by none other than Hermione.

"I take it you got the job?"she questioned and Lia nodded with a fond smile adorning her lips.

"I got caught up in a little accident though, but I assure you nothing happened. I'm all good. So you don't need to get a fit and I promise to let me check through." she told her friend which seemed ready for her tirade and Lia was certain it would come every minute now.

So she deemed it safer too try and escape, while she still had the chance to do so.

"Oh no, you don't get away my dear. We will go to the hospital now and believe me when I say we go, even if I have to drag you there." promised a smooth voice shortly afterwards near her ear.

It was Blaise, that she came face to face with, while she had tried to bolt out of the room before Hermione could start anything and who gave her the scare from sneaking up from behind.

After a moment she hugged her friend tight, while Teddy mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like..."m not fair Uncle Blaise..."

Teddy tried to give his Uncle the Kiddy version of a adorable glare.

It was a glare the Malfoys had used and the child tried to pull it, of but failed trying.

She stepped out of the tight embrace and started to protest, but she found herself unable to do so, because Hermione already held her sons hand in her own and Blaise had his arm around her shoulders so he could steer her out of the house again.

"Don't worry I will prepare dinner and you two can catch up with each other again, while you're on your way to the Hospital to get checked." was all Lia heard before the door closed behind them with a soft click and Hermione's voice was cut off.

Aurelia pouted but couldn't stay mad for long.

At least not when it was Blaise who was the victim of her glare.

"Okay, how come you're here in New York but your wife isn't? And do I want to know the answer?" she asked and gave him a look that said it all.

Blaise chuckled softly.

"My dear wife is at home and tries to calm down our child and as for why I'm here let's just say: "my Lia is in trouble radar" started to act up. He told her nonchalant and had the nerve to use air quotes with his fingers, to get his point across.

But believe me it won't be a lie when I put it that way." he answered her immediately, which left the young woman gapping like a fish out of the water, before she settled back to a adorable pout.

"I'm not a trouble magnet, not anymore and we both know it. So what? I'm not responsible for those two that seemed to have won their driver license while playing Bingo or whatever it was they played to get them." she huffed and recounted to Blaise what had happened to her, while she had been on her way to the interview for her job.

It was at the end of her little tale that had Blaise losing his battle against the laughter that crept up his throat.

He burst out laughing and it took him quite some time to calm down again.

"Only you Lia, only you..."he brought out between his laughter and shortly afterwards they arrived at the Hospital.

"Don't worry they're both magical and muggle equipped so they know what they're doing and we both know that it's better to check than be sorry." he told her, before she could start an argument with him.

They had learned it the hard way, but it was a well learned lesson which had forced the survivors to take it seriously afterwards.

Part of her hair fell out of the messy bun, so her eyes were hidden behind the shadow it created, but only Blaise would realize that she was shaking a little.

He brought her against his chest and started stroking her back slowly and with purpose.

"Shh, I didn't mean to scold you, but you no longer have only yourself to worry about Lia.

You have to think about what's best for Teddy as well and we both know, that he needs his mother to be in good health.

I'm sure that it'll be okay and that they won't find anything wrong...and even if they do, I'm not leaving you alone." he soothed and promised her at the same time.

They had lost far too many precious people already, so nobody of their tightly knotted group of friends would stand by and watch another one drown.

It didn't matter to them whatever it was said person could drown in or was drowning in.

It was an iron rule and they stuck to it.

He would be by her side the whole time as her friend.

Because the others would do the same for her, if they were here in his stead with Lia.

Blaise knew only too well, that she wasn't fond of hospitals and that most of the scars were prove of her fear or at least the hesitation for another visit and the possibility of a prolonged stay.

Each and every one of them wore scars on their skin and had, had their fair share of hospital stays under their belts, but it still gave her the creeps to go for a check even though Blaise so desperately wanted and maybe needed her to take in stride.

It took him a while to calm Lia down successfully, and to get her to agree with the check.

After two hours and a short look in her direction he knew right away, that Aurelia was tired physically as well as emotionally.

So he picked her up bridal style and called for the next cab to provide them with their ride home.

She was fast asleep and tucked in his side by the time the ride began.

Blaise combed with his fingers absently trough her hair, which had come out of the bun over the time the examination took.

Her left hand and foot were bandaged, because they were sprained, but despite these two injuries she was fine like she had insisted from the very start.

The young man was glad that it wasn't worse.

He pressed a kiss to her temple and shortly afterwards, he could see her house coming into view.

The cab came to a hold right before the small house.

Blaise was glad that the driver opened the door for him, because that made it easier to gather Lia in his arms again.

He paid the driver and was about to take the path up to the front door but his path was blocked by two men. One was familiar to him the other not.

He hadn't thought that he would run into him anytime soon, but it seemed that fate had other plans for them after all.

He sighed a little and shifted the petite woman in his arms as little as possible while he hoped that she would stay asleep.

"I guess it was bound to happen sooner rather than later, come in I'm sure Hermione will have Dinner almost ready and Aurelia wouldn't mind too much I hope." he started and passed the visitors on his way to the door.

Rhodey was surprised to say the least but Tony was strangely silent. Too silent for the dark skinned man.

It didn't seem right to him.

But they both decided it could be their only chance to learn more.

So they decided to follow the man who was still unknown. At least he was for Tony.

Rhodey only knew all too well who it was, that carried the woman they had met a couple of hours ago.

~~ Earlier that afternoon, shortly after Aurelia's interview ~~

Tony had been too curious for his own good again and Rhodey as the good friend he was had promised Pepper to keep him out of trouble, but it seemed that he had failed if he went by the scolding the red head had brought down on them earlier that afternoon.

James thought about what had led to them being scolded, and cursed Jarvis under his breath, as he did the fact that Tony wouldn't go anywhere without his AI.

When they had arrived from their race through the town Pepper had already been waiting for them in the suite because the first news had been aired. She was going on how it was irresponsible of him and that she hadn't thought it possible for Rhodey to be as irresponsible as Tony.

Pepper had lectured Tony further after she was through with Rhodey.

The redhead had work to do so she took her leave shortly afterwards and asked Happy to drive her to the upcoming meeting.

After all they were here for a business deal for Stark Industries and not to fool around.

Rhodey knew that only too well, but even if it was for business and in turn for Stark Industries, he also knew that it was a rare occurrence for him and Tony to meet on Rhodey's home turf anymore which was NY.

It was the city Lt. Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes lived in, but his work and the friendship with one Tony Stark made it a rare occurrence for him to actually spend his time at home or in NY in general.

Sure they stayed in a place Tony had rented for the time he was staying in the city and it was alright with him, even if he lived close by and could sleep at home if he wanted to.

If their plans worked out, they would find the time to party and have fun like they used too, when both hadn't their own kind of responsibilities.

Okay he freely admitted that Tony wasn't exactly a role model when it came to be all grown up or being responsible plus he could be a hand full when he wanted to be.

Pepper would be the first one in a long line of people to attest to the truth in that statement, even if Tony and her knew each other since their early childhood.

It was something which never failed to amuse him, when he watched them both interact which each other, or when Pepper would show one of the many one night stands Tony had out of the house preferably early the next morning, when she would come in to make sure that he made it to his meetings on time.

He was so lost in his thoughts, that he didn't even notice that the mobile he had hold in his hands was long gone.

By the time he had realized it was gone his brown eyes looked around frantically and found his friend sitting with it in his hands on the couch.

Tony focused his gaze solely on the small display and was talking into his ear peace.

With a sigh he joined his friend on the couch.

"You know it isn't nice to take things that aren't yours don't you?" he asked the rather rhetorical question, while watching his friend.

The billionaire didn't answer at first but then he did.

"Knowing yes, caring about it not really." was his casual reply, while he frowned a little.

"It's out of date, but it works almost like one of Stark Industries would...but even that doesn't seem to be what makes it so special." he tried to describe what he wanted to say, but seemed to be lost.

Rhodey sighed and pulled out his own mobile.

"Let's see if she went seeing the Doc. I would feel better knowing that she wasn't injured after all." he explained and after the second ring, someone answered his call.

The talk was short and to the point.

"She hasn't visit Tony.

Just this once and I mean only this once, I won't judge your background checks." he told Tony.

It wasn't that he couldn't understand why Tony did them, but sometimes that just wasn't the way to go. He didn't judge his friend for them, but in his opinion they weren't always the right answer to a problem.

Even if he himself was somewhat responsible for the protection of said Billionaire when Happy wasn't there to provide it and used background checks, when a charity was coming up, it didn't make them right for other things as well.

Hell he only used them as a resort for protection, while Tony seemed to use them for curiosity reasons only sometimes.

It didn't take long for the genius to find what he was looking for, and that was how they had later found themselves in front of the house, where the mysterious woman should be living, at least according to the hacking Tony had Jarvis do for him.

To say that Rhodey was shocked to find out that she practically lived next door was an understatement.

~~~ Now ~~~

They had followed Blaise in, and Rhodey looked like he wanted to know why his cousin carried Miss Potter in his arms and why she wasn't able to walk by herself. He hadn't realized that her left ankle and wrist were bandaged because both injuries were hidden under her clothes.

He also wanted to know, from where they seemed to knew each other.

Blaise attention wasn't focused on them, while he talked in hushed whispers with Hermione in the kitchen door before he went upstairs to put Aurelia in her bed.

She could need the sleep after the stressful afternoon, they had been through.

He came down shortly afterwards and looked both of them over.

"Care to explain how you found out where she lives?" he asked and regarded both with a glare.

It took Rhodey a moment but he stood his ground, and hoped that Tony would be silent, even if that wasn't granted when one was talking about Tony Stark.

He sighed a little.

"We had a run in with her, while we had the race through the city. Yes it was careless and I know it. We were looking for her, because she hadn't been to the Doctor I told her to go too."

Blaise contemplated the answer and was about to retort, but Hermione beat him to it.

"You know, that he couldn't know what it would do to lay off." she warned her friend.

"You two must be the ones, Aurelia was complaining about. She said something about winning your driver licenses while playing bingo or at least while playing something." she mused aloud and held her gaze firmly on both men while doing so.

Tony was the first one to recover and to come out of his shock.

"I resent that." he huffed which brought a smile on Hermione's lips.

"Dinner is almost ready and I believe we might see more of the both of you in the near future. At least if you're anything like Blaise describes you too be James Rhodes." she told them and turned around to see how the dinner came along.

Blaise wasn't as calm as Hermione seemed to be over the unexpected guests.

He sighed while he gave both men a grim smile.

Tony had started to look around and was about to touch something, which was followed by the glare Blaise leveled at him for the deed he was about to commit.

Rhodey was more than speechless and as a result was frozen on the spot for the time being.

He hadn't heard from his cousin in what? Four years time and now he stood before him, in his neighborhood without an explanation.

James managed to control himself and stared Blaise down a little, so his cousin had to focus his gaze back on Rhodey and away from Tony.

"Okay let me get this right Blaise. Because I really want to know why I haven't heard a single word from you or your Mother or someone else from the family in the last four years?

And I want to know what you think, you're doing here glaring at me?"he asked and inhaled deeply before he continued.

"And don't start with ... what I know and what not. We're here to make sure that the woman you just carried upstairs is alright and fine, because as I told you earlier she hasn't been to see the Doc I recommended her to visit. So don't start with the crap, that we don't have a right to know." he snapped.

Tony had used the time Blaise was occupied a little more wisely.

He memorized everything he saw, because his mind tried to supply the answers to many of his questions, that were building up.

It didn't add up, to see the toys and the many pictures.

All of them held an array of different people in them and only a view of them seemed to be relatives of each other. The others hadn't as much affinities with one another.

Most of them held a little boy with amber colored eyes in the arms of the woman they had just met today.

Okay there were also some with other people in it, as he had recognized early on.

But even they held the child in it and what appeared to be his mother, but not one told a story of the father, which seemed to be missing for some unknown reason.

A mystery he hadn't figured out yet but was curious to get to the bottom of.

It didn't help his mood that Jarvis didn't seem to be able to provide the answer either.

Hermione appeared at his side as silently as possible and managed to give him quite the scare.

"You know it's not nice to snoop around when you're a guest Mr. Stark but I guess being a genius doesn't include staying still or out of other people's business or trouble.

But I guess I should give you the benefit of the doubt...just this one time.

I see you've found the pictures of Aurelia, Teddy and the others.

That's all that's left from her friends and family I'm afraid." she told him, and continued shortly afterwards.

"I would appreciate it, if you would for once try to respect that not everyone is a gold digger or out for fame or tries to get a spot in the newspaper like you yourself seem to manage almost every other day Mr. Stark.

Lia certainly has had her fair share of fame, reporters and gold diggers and she doesn't need the lime light nor someone who wants something she might not ever be ready to give anyone." she spoke softly and spooked Tony a little with it even he tried to stay indifferent to the speech he just received.

He nodded as a sign that he had heard her and put the information Miss Potter's friend had dropped, away for a later time to go over or maybe he would have Jarvis try to find out more at a later date.

He let his eyes travel over the dark stairs which seemed to hide even more mysteries from the viewer. His look came to a rest on his friend and in turn the cousin Blaise Zabini his friend never mentioned before, if he remembered it correctly now that he thought about it.

Tony made his way over after a moment and laid a hand on Rhodey's shoulder while he looked right at Blaise.

"Let her know that we were here and that we wanted to know how she was.

I'll have to leave the day after tomorrow but I'll be back, because as you know without a doubt Rhodey is living in the neighborhood." he made it perfectly clear and steered his friend out of the House.

Blaise was exhausted after they had left and Hermione stood silently beside him.

"You know he's right don't you?" she asked after a while and laid a hand on his arm, with a soft smile.

"I mean you two haven't talked for a long time and from what you told Lia and me you two always have been close, even if he wasn't a wizard but a muggle." she tried to make him see reason.

She understood where he was coming from, but she also knew it was important that Lia found a reason to live again and that is wasn't only for Teddy but for herself as well, and for that reason too become reality it was necessary that she found friends.

Friends which would be close by. Friends that weren't living as far away as they themselves did currently.

Blaise grumbled darkly under his breath and gave her a hard look.

"It doesn't mean I have to like it. I know James could become a friend for Lia and a good one at that.

But I don't trust his friend with her. He's disrespectful and doesn't know what it means not too snoop around...and he's a womanizer on top of everything else." he tried to make her see where he was coming from.

The brown haired witch smiled while listening.

"Give them a chance that's all I ask of you. Tony Stark is more than he lets others see and your cousin seems to know it because I don't think they would be friends if he wasn't a good person deep down.

And you know perfectly well, that Aurelia will always have us as her Family and friends Blaise.

And as her friend you helped her find this place to start anew so stay true to your own word." she warned him, before she told him that the Dinner would be ready soon and that he should go and see if Lia was awake so she could join them, as well to check if Teddy was sleeping or having nightmares. She pocketed Lias mobile and would return it to her later.

Sometimes Magic came in handy after all.

~~ Earlier with Hermione before Aurelia got home ~~

Hermione had spend the afternoon with Teddy and had been surprised to see Blaise coming through the fireplace without notifying her beforehand that he would come over.

But while Blaise made sure that Lia was taken care of, she had prepared her Godsons dinner and had have him take his bath before she had put him to bed and read him a story.

It was only shortly after putting Teddy to bed that she had heard the front door opening and heard Blaise talk to someone that wasn't Lia.

She decided to come out of the kitchen and see what all the ruckus was about.

~~~ With Rhodey and Tony again after they left the Potter household ~~~

Tony was confused but also more than captivated by the mystery Aurelia Lilly Potter seemed to be.

He was only half listening to Rhodey's rambling.

After a while they had arrived at Rhodey's place and he had called Pepper to let her know where she could find them if, the need should arise.

"He got you good man." was all Tony said before he ordered the Pizza for both of them.

Rhodey wasn't sure that he had heard right but it seemed he had. But just to make sure he decided to ask.

"Sorry? " he asked.

"He didn't at least not in the way you think he did. I mean I'm not sure what to think about him being here at all.

Or him while he carried her and as well as him trying to prove that we didn't have a right to be in her home. Okay the last part I can probably agree on with him, but I don't like it that she wasn't awake and seemed pretty shaken up even while she was asleep." he tried to reason his case and found that Tony wasn't fidgeting as much as he used to do when his mind was bored.

"I meant what I said back in her home my friend and I will make sure to be back. She is interesting and the people around her, are quite interesting too.

I mean they were in a lot of pictures together with her, even in the ones where she seemed younger and with them were others in it to.

And I mean who am I to deny the chance to solve a mystery.." shrugged Tony while he looked out of the window.

He hadn't even realized yet that Aurelia's mobile wasn't in his pocket anymore.

Rhodey had the unpleasant feeling it wouldn't be as easy as Tony thought it to be.

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