Greeting Lorics, this fanfic is the extended version of the one-shot story of the same title. It was first publish in my tumblr account. It is about Eight having the Precognition Legacy. In the book, he ought to have the Extrasensory Perception in which he can gather information almost effortlessly. (Actually I am kind of confuse with Eight's Legacy though. I'll read the books again soon.) So here it is. Enjoy! Reviews will be highly appreciated. :)


Having the Legacy to see in the future is both exciting and dreadful for Eight. Precognition was fun at first when the first few visions he saw were fascinating news: meeting Marina, Six, Ella and Crayton, finding the Cave with the Lorite stone and Finding Six at the New Mexico.

Because of these visions, he found his way to his kin. The moment he had longed to be with the Garde and defeat Setrakus Ra. Although they had escaped the Mog leader's fury, stolen a government van and driving to Nine's pent house in Chicago, Eight has never been so happy.

But shortly after his friendly date with Marina and training with Nine, he gets another vision. He staggers backward; his back slams the wall of his room and sinks down. After seeing the vision, Eight didn't feel sad or scared. The right word was tricked. Eight felt tricked. Life made a huge prank on him. He wanted to wrestle something. Maybe Nine would be good, but that would be out of his character. 'All this time', Eight thought in disbelief.

Eight loved his Legacy, but this made him wish he never had it at all.

Why not? For a person who tried to escape death twice? It was unbearable. The vision depicted what he feared in the cave.

Death is chasing him again.

The question is, can he escape his death this time?