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Summary: Duncan goes to s coffee shop and finds a familiar ex CIT

"Duncan you're not doing anything go get us some coffee" yelled my insufferable boss. My name is Duncan Summers that one bad boy from that crappy reality show 10 years ago. Unfortunately nothing worked out like I planned from that show, Gwen broke up with me, I lost a lot of my million from Courtney and other stupid crap, and above all else I work in a crappy tattoo parlor in my hometown of Toronto Canada.

I'm thankful the coffee shop isn't far away only about five minutes walking distance. I walk into the Starbucks and smell all of the different coffee aromas fill my nose relaxing me. The warm air surrounds me and I feel really comfortable until I hear the whiny voice of a certain brunette bark, " You call this coffee this tastes like ass hole mixed with dirt this is a disgrace, you should be ashamed to call yourself an employee,"

"Mam pl-pl-please don't yell we will get you a new coffee," said the frightened employee the kid looked like he was only in high school sixteen tops he was trembling in place trying to stay brave in front of Courtney. "Just….. a new coffee you ingrate? Are you serious I've had better service at Walmart!" shouted the enraged former CIT." Her face was red from feriocity obviously annoyed from activities earlier in the day."If-f-f-f you stop your stop yelling, I will give you a free coffee, and new free coffee for the next time you come here," said the timid employee.

"Fine," she stepped out of line and sat down, she looks better than she ever has. She had grown at least an inch since I had seen her last at a concert accidentally after the show ended, her beautiful brown hair had grown to a little past her shoulders. It was impossible not to stare at her pouty lips and her even curvier body she was hotter than ever. She was wearing a leather jacket over a light cream blouse and dark blue jeans her legs were crossed and her nails were tapping to a rhythm on the table she was sitting at. I walk over to her table to hear her speaking in Spanish to someone on the phone she didn't notice me sit down. "Mamá por favor recoger. Necesito hablar contigo." As she hung up the phone she looked in pain almost like she wanted to cry.

When she finally notices me she takes a break from her phone and gives me a deathly gaze she says, "Who are you and what do you want? I don't have time to talk." "What princess you don't recognize me, I'm hurt," I chuckle with a cocky grin. Her eyes widen immensely I had changed a lot over the last few years I had become taller, and lost the Mohawk I wasn't even wearing my old punk get up I was wearing dark blue jeans and a plain white t shirt and slightly dressy shoes.

"What do you want?" I don't want to see you; I don't want to be near you I DON'T LIKE YOU!" Her anger was growing but she was calm attempting not to cause a scene in front of the rest of the shoppers. Being my cocky self I sit down in the other seat at the table putting my arms behind my head ignoring her pleas for me to go away. "Come on let's talk, What's up with you these last few years you haven't written or called it's almost like you're ignoring me." She knits her eyebrows together the way that never bothered me before it made her look extra sexy but then she did something unexpected her voice is all of a sudden weak and low in a whisper she says, "Duncan please, not here right now."

My expression softens slightly wanting to understand I whisper, "Why not you always like talking, talk to me right now I'm all ears." "You really want to hear what's been going on with me all these years?," she says with questioning eyes. I nod with certainty then she growls, "Well after total drama All Stars I had a one night stand with Scott and got pregnant, my parents found out and I got kicked out and cut off and almost had an abortion, when I went to college afterwards I couldn't find the lawyer job I wanted. Then later Scott found out and fought me for custody he stayed with me and he was an abusive little prick, One day he hurt me so bad that my neighbors heard he was sent to jail and then later I started going to different law firms trying to become a lawyer but no one would take me everyone said the same thing, "Aren't you that one girl from total drama?" I was basically laughed out of the building. Until one day I met this guy at a bus stop he said he was starting a law firm I didn't believe him but I was desperate for a job. Turns out he was serious we started a law firm and built it from the ground up."

I couldn't believe it mostly that Courtney would ever stay with any that would hurt her. All the times I had been kicked and bruised made it unbelievable, she was such a strong girl never let anything get in the way of her desire to win and never let anybody in so she wouldn't get hurt. "Duncan… Duncan… are you even listening to me?" "I knew this was a waste of time," said the tired brunette I was so deep in thought I couldn't even hear her talking to me.

"No, I was just thinking…" I say. I rub my lips together pensively trying to figure out what to say to Courtney next she was so hurt it seemed as if the wrong word could be the thing to break her. We sat there in an intense silence until the Starbucks employee then yelled," Courtney, Courtney Winters. She got up to pick up her coffee but I grabbed her hand before she could walk away.

"Will you call me," I said with a desperate voice. I swear I've never felt so pathetic in my life so soft so desiring to take care of this girl I haven't seen in years.

Her eyes did that cute little sparkle I love half filled with anger but also filled with curiosity, "Maybe…. Maybe not," she said with her adorable grin. While she walks away from me in the small coffee shop I can't help thinking of the first time she walked out of my life and just like then and now I knew she'd be back.

A.N I thought that was actually good, I haven't posted on hear in a billion years but I've recently had inspiration to write again thanks to anyone who read that it means a lot to me love it or hate it review please thanks



"Mamá por favor recoger necesito hablar contigo


Mom please call me I need to talk with you