Ib opened her eyes to meet the bright whiteness of the art gallery. She stood in a empty corridor with a single painting. She looked closer at the painting. It was called Fabricated world. How a nine year old knew the long word FABRICATED was beyond even her. She had never heard the word fabricated before so she had no clue as to why she knew that word at all. She decided to go and find her parents. As she was walking she noticed a familier purple haired teen. She didn't know him so why did she feel like she did? She stalked up to him quietly. He seemed to be staring quite intently a large red rose sculpture. He suddenly turned around accidently bumping into Ib.

"Oh, I'm so sorry my dear. Let me help you up oooh where are my manners! Are you alright are you okay?" he asked Ib worriedly. "I'm fine" she said as he held out a hand to help her up. "Good good...where are your parents? Why would they let you just wonder around a gallery alone...you could get hurt oh my ooooh my." he said worriedly "What is your name? Mine is Garry would you like me to help you find your parents?" he asked. Images of the purple haired teen and Ib holding hands and walking down a scary hallway flashed though Ib's mind. Images of horrible monsters and being chased by...paintings flashed in her mind. She remembered this man now "Garry? My name is Ib" she said and looked down to see a white cloth wrapped around his hand. She checked her pockets only to find that her lucky handkercheif was gone.

"Is that my handkercheif?" she asked seeing her name on the corner of it. "Oh yeah I forgot to give it back to you once we got back to the real world..." he paused realising what he had just said. Images and the feeling of being immensly terrified shook through his purple headed mind. "Ib...is that...really you? Are we really back in the real world?" he asked "Or is this just another trick by Mary?" he asked "It couldn't be. We burned her portrait." Ib told Garry. "Well, we should go find your parents I am sure they were worried terribly." Garry said to Ib and they decended the stairs holding hands.

Ib pointed out a woman and a man both having brown hair while the man had brown eyes and the woman having crimson eyes like Ib did. "Oh Ib we were so worried about you! We couldn't find you anywhere. Where were you?" the woman asked "She was with me looking around I am truly sorry for taking her and troubling you with the belief that she had disappeared." Garry said letting go of my hand and kneelt down next to me "Ib...if anything troubles you I want you to call me by this number" he pulled out a piece of paper and held it over towards me "Will you come visit?" Ib asked "As long as it is okay to your parents my dear. The couple looked at each other and then at Ib and Garry "I don't see why not" Ib's father said "I'll visit you tomarrow then yes...we will go for Marconies (A/N: I think thats what they are called) and we'll have lots of fun. We'll play and paint and be the best of friends!" Garry laughed "Yes we will meet again...I promise for as long as I live. We'll always meet again."