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That night I was entirely entranced by what Ms. Darling had said.

You will have adventure in this house.

What did she mean by that? What could possible be here, in this old, stuffy house that would be worth adventure? My mind swarmed with every possible, imaginable way. A list had conformed in my mind but was not exactly a long list of possibilities. I was so wrapped up in my own mind that I had blocked out my mothers incisive rant on how lovely this home is, how we would have a new start on life here.

Around 6 my mother had called us down for dinner. My father and me had been perched in the entertainment room, my eyes on the bright light that came from my Macbook while my father was engrossed in the London Times, catching up on politics and finances, which for some odd reason had fancied him. We both had looked up from our different forms of entertainment, the smell of mothers home made food wafted into our nostrils, making our mouths foam in hunger. We hurriedly went into the rather large dining area where food stacked on fine china held esquistite food. You could see the steam rolling off the hot entrees and rising up, filling the room with the heavenly smell of my mother's cooking.

We all sat down on one side of the table, where three maghony chairs with orange and white stripped plush were placed at the end of one side. After we said our prayer, we ate.

"So are you excite for your first day of school tomorrow?" My mother asked me, her mouth full of creamy mash potatoes. I shrugged.

In all honesty, i wasn't entirely certain I was ready to face a crowd of new people. It had already had gotten a strong disliking when I found out the uniforms( which involved a grey skirt, a white risky shirt and a grey cape like petticoat) and had trying to change my view on this school was already claims impossible.

After dinner, my mother and father went to clean up while I went upstairs to my room to start unpacking. I was already freaked out but the old house. The creaky floors, the long, dark shadows that casted on the walls and the frightening old pictures that seemed to be watching you as you walked by. I got covered in goosebumps as I pasted the old grandfather clock that stood proudly in the hallway nearest my door.

I had started to unpack when I felt a strange feeling. That feeling you get when you think your alone but you aren't, that feeling those girls in the horro movies get before their killed. I felt like them, I could feel the presence in this room. I slowed my movements down and counted to three before turning around.

I was met by a shadow. An unfamiliar shadow. It had spiked hair and shapes that looked like leaves surrounding it. It stared at me, its black shadow face looked at me.

I wanted to scream, oh dear god I wanted to scream but I couldn't, my heart was beating to fast and my mouth felt like a sea of sand. I stared at it before my body lurched forward to grab it but It swiftly moved towards the window and out into the night sky. I ran over to the window and stared out, looking up and down for it. but it was gone.