That's funny...I don't remember falling asleep.

I shifted slightly, trying to regain conciseness and ability to move my limbs. When I made an attempt to move one of my arms, the sound of hard metal shifting ringed in my ears, followed by a tug of my left wrist. My eyes shot up, wide as the sun and as fearful as a deer in headlights. My gaze shifted towards the sound and they laid on the metal shackle wrapped around my left wrist, a black, rusted chain traveling upwards towards a corner of the wall. The same was on my right wrist and in that moment, my heart raced, veins pumping, nerves jittering, ears ringing. I felt myself as if I was in a horror movie, waiting fearfully for the creature to emerge itself from the dark shadows, and my last scream would echo throughout the whole room until it died with a ghostly whisper! But after much time, the beast did not come, I was still on the wall, air coursing through my lungs and my heart had yet to die down from its marathon.

It must have been hours or what had seemed to me as hours before there was actual movement in the room. The creak of the door from the other end and light spilt into the dark room. My eyes widened once more, my hands sweaty, my breathing hyper and quick and in that single moment i swear I could have seen the face of death as the creature revealed itself and let death take me. A burst of air leapt into my throat, up my air ways in a way so horrid I must have scared myself for my mouth unhinged and a scream came forth. A scream so horrid, so fearful and agonizing that my body shook with fear.

The door swung open the dark creature leapt before me, making my piercing screams even louder that i knew my voice would become hoarse and raw. He stared at me with dark eyes, a plunging dagger before my own eyes, glistening off the light from the door. He smirked wickedly, almost sadisticly, his mouth made words and yet my fear took over so the words could not reach me. He took slow, painful steps forwards, raised the plunging dagger, the light once more reflecting off of its metal and in that moment i was so entranced that I was ready for it. To feel the dagger plunge into my heart, letting it rip through hot flesh and tear me apart. I stared at him, hoping my last pleading gaze would stop him but it didn't. He lifted the dagger, his eyes dark and wicked, murderous smile hung from his lips and in a gut wrenching roar he swung the dagger down and-

"AHHHHHHH" My upitimizing scream echoed out, my vocal chords burning with pain and soon my voice became hoarse and raw. Sweat perspired on my forehead, beads trickling downwards. My cheeks were damp by the wet horrered tears that had formed and rivered down. My body jittered, my nerves ramped and my breath was sharp and quick, I had almost believed I was going to past out.

I was in absolute horror of my own imaginative dream. Could that have been real? Could what I have dreamed of be a vision of the future, warning me of the dark boy who is loved by children everywhere?

No! No! No, its not true, no of it is...

The door of the room smashed open, the hinges almost coming of the block and there stood him, the boy of my nightmares. Peter Pan.

His blonde hair was in a ray of strands, his baby blue eyes wide and the held, fear in them, which made me quite curious. His breathing ragged and his whole body on edge.

"Are you ok?" He asked, his voice still husk and not quite so gentle. My heart raced when he took a step towards me and my instinct made me flinch. He stopped dead in his tracks, his body relaxed and his eyes softened. My eyes were wide, fear held them and it was clear by my body that i was indeed afraid of him. I couldn't help it as a few tears slipped past my eye and on to my cheek.

Peter took slow, careful and baby steps towards me, watching my body the whole time for any movements of discomfort. He was now inches from me and my heart continued to race as he got closer. My eyes flickered over to the dagger in the sheath and my heart quicken more, my breathing hyper and short. He stopped and followed my gaze, landed on the dagger. Slowly he removed the dagger, placing it on the table and put his hands outwards, showing neutral and no signs of threats. My breathing diminished and my whole body became innocent, fragile, like a porcelain doll. Peter stood in front of me, just watching with sadden eyes.

He took a deep breath and said, "Are you ok."

Something in his voice or his eyes or maybe it was just my fragile state caused my actions but Immediately I rushed into him, holding him close like a teddy bear and for a second his body was ridged and then they wrapped around me, his arms comforting and warm. Like the sun.

After some time, I finally was dried of tears, nothing left but chocked sobs and comforting whispers of sweet nothings from Peter. With one last sniffle I pulled away, wiping any residue from my cheeks and eyes. I smiled weakly and looked at him. His eyes held such sorrow and hurt that I could feel his guilty pleasure of of him. He picked me up, cradling me in such a comforting way and place me back on the bed, letting the comfort of dreams surround me. He smiled, placed the covers around me and left, letting me dream of peace and warmth.

When I awoke once more, it was quiet, in such a way that it seemed almost suspicious. I looked around, my eyebrows furrowed in curiosity and i leapt from my bed. I quietly and nimblely made my way to the door and pushed the wooden woven door open. The main room was empty and there was no sign of any boys or Peter around. I moved around the room, shadow like, hoping no one would see me, which no one did. The door I had escaped from before was, boarded up and locked and there was no other entrance. When all seemed lost I saw a tunnel that looked as if it was shooting upwards from the tree. I bite my lip, debating if I should try to climb up this slide tunnel thing. Knowing I had no other choice, I walked over towards the mouth of the tunnel and looked upwards.

It was dark, and smelled of rotting pine. Great...

Sighing, I started my trek up the tall tunnel, holding on the jutted out pieces of rotting wood. I couldn't see what was in front of me, nor could I see light from the main room behind me so I must be at least half way up the trunk, judging by the lack of light and burning muscle. As I climbed a faint breeze entered up from the bottom end and I looked down, wondering if there was a hold in the trunk. There wasn't.

NExt thing I could recall was something dark and shadowy-like pushing me up the trunk, fast. My arms and legs scraped against the wood as the figure, which I assumed was the shadow, pushing me up the trunk at a very fast paced. When a faint light came into view, I forcefully placed my arms by sides and pointed my feet so my body made a shape of a torpedo.

The shadow let go of me and body shot out of the entrance like a cannon. My body soared for a couple of seconds before I curled it into a ball, cradling my head as my body impacted the ground, letting my body receive more scraps and bruises. After a couple of second I unraveled, letting my joints and muscles stretch. I stood up and looked at the lush green scenery in front of me.

Out of no where, the small ball of glittering light popped in front of my eyes, making my vision blurry and white spots clouded my vision. The light continued to torture me, pulling on my hair and kicking at me, which felt like flicks. Finally the light stopped and lifted me, the twinkling of bells faint in the distance but still seemed to ring in my ears. I blinked rapidly and stumbled around, trying to find my way.

Cries of war and shouts of boys rang throughout the jungle and I wasted no time picking up my feet and rushing through the thicket of threes and vines, hoping to get lost. My vision began to clear up when suddenly the air rushed up and I felt myself falling. I screamed and failed around trying to stop myself. The air soon stopped rushing around me and I looked down, I was floating, the little glitter that had been stuck on me now falling faintly off of me. I smiled and shot myself up, high enough where the landscape of the island was able to be seen. It brought a smile to my face.

Something rather harshly gut checked me, making me lose my balance slightly. I looked around, spinning to find the source of the rather harsh blow. When I could find none I turned back to the scenery but before I could the Shadow ran into me, wrapping its arms around me, flinging me down. I fought scratched kicked anything I could to loosen the grip. I couldn't. Finally he stopped by held me by the collar of my gown, holding me over the large crystal sea.

"You wouldn't!" I screamed at it, whose only response was a taunting head cock and lifting his fingers away so that just his pointer and thumb were holding me up.

"No!" I screamed as he let go but the anger and adrenaline in me pushed myself upward, tackling the Shadow, pushing his face downward towards the water. He struggled as well as I did and we ended up spiraling downward. He used his force to push me away, letting me fly away from him. I stopped myself and looked at him.

A sheering pain inflicted itself into my left shoulder and I cried out in pain, holding onto the wound. A small arrow was enlarged into my shoulder, the white fabric staining a sickly red color. I pulled out the arrow with a harsh sob. I held the shoulder, hoping to stop the wound from bleeding. I let tears of hot pain slip away and I let myself fall to the ground, holding my shoulder.

I plummeted into the clear water, the blood washing away. I was in somewhat shallow water. I gripped the arrow, letting the water wash my wound and swam to the shore line, where a rather cocky and arrogant looking Peter stood. A small bow in his hand. I looked at the arrow before hiding it away and swimming toward him.

I let myself fall onto the sand, letting it cling to my already soaked gown, The bleeding had stopped but the pain was still in affect. I stood up , facing Peter, who had not moved nor wiped the smug look off his mouth. I charged at him, the arrow now in my hand, hoping I would damage him. He swiftly moved away and came behind me, tackling me to the ground, a vice grip forming on my wrist, making the grip on my arrow go lax.

I struggled under him and he just sat on me, smirking and watching me writher and squirm. His dirty hand came up towards my neck, lightly brushing the skin before his finger pressed downward on a certain area. My vision drew dark spots and the last thing I remember was his horrid, wicked expression.


Mwhahaha readers, I hope I made you confused on your feeling because that was my goal. Like I said this is not a nice nice story, its very dark and kinda disturbing. Anywayy please read and Review and tell me what you think.

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