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Somewhere in space, 35 years ago.

There was a man with blue skin that had an evil smile on his face. His appearance seemed to be the one of a mere human but his aura literally screamed EVIL. A door opened and the man stepped inside, bowed down to one knee and said.

''My Lord we are ready to leave''

''Good. I will have my revenge on Vegeta-Sei and this blasted Royal one day! Prince Vegeta is a fool and so is his Father to neglect me and my house" He chuckled.

The man in front of him who was still bowing, looked up to speak. ''Lord, may I ask you, as your advisor, why Prince Vegeta denied your offer to marry your daughter so that the alliance between Vegeta-Sei and Zagno-Sei invigorated for eternity, what would mean the end of the Cold Empire? I mean, Kind Vegeta had tried to talk to his son, but this still refuses. Then you dismissed me and everyone else.

His lord interrupted him harshly ''Your point?''

His voice shook with fear as he answered ''M-my point is, why would the prince do that?''

His lord sighed. although he did not want to tell his right hand the truth, he had the right to know. "Because when all of you left the "seer" entered and said that he is not meant to be affianced to my daughter! He said that he has already chosen a mate that even was his soul's mate.''

His right hand spoke nervously. ''So he has mated at such a young age? What is he, four?

His lord took a step forward and shouted right into his face. ''"Fool! Enough of this none sense! Now go and tell the Captain that we are going to the coordinates 2-Kjs-234-SK1."

His right hand stood up and stepped to the door. But before he opened the door, he turned around and asked. "Sire are you sure? The outcome might be not what you expect. We still can have an alliance with Vegeta-Sei even if there will be no union between the Prince and Princesses. Maybe to got to the-''

But before he could finish his sentence he was interrupter by his lord once again. ''I said ENOUGH! I do as I please and your are lucky I could never harm you, brother. One more word, though, and nothing in the whole universe will be able to fix what I will do to you! Now go.''

The man turned around and left his King. Outside of the room, he sighed. Maybe he will get to his senses before we will arrive at that blasted planet. He thought.

Meanwhile on Vegeta-Sei

King Vegeta paced around the throne room with one eye fixed at his four year old son. ''Have you been with any of the female species?'' He asked, his tone dangerous and his glare more than intimidating. The small prince gulped in fear. Never had he seen his father so serious and so furious since the seer left. The prince tried to calm his trembling body and answered. ''Y-you mean like the q-queen?''

''NO!'' His father bellowed. What in the world does he mean? The prince thought. So he took all his courage and asked. "Has it something to do with what the seer said? This Mating thing?''


The Prince did not know what mating meant but his pride would never allow him to tell his father so. ''I have never seen nor have I been with a female or a woman except the Queen.''

The King tensed up at these words. The Prince smirked inwardly. I guess I said the right thing, not that I lied anyway. He thought to himself.

''Good. Now go. I have business to attend.'' With those words, the Kind dismissed his son and sat down on his throne. When his son bowed down on one knee and left the King's sight.

''This is not good. Not good at all.'' He said to himself.