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Back at the party

Exhausted, Vegeta let himself fall in his chair next to his wife which gave him a small smile. But her Husband just huffed in frustration. She looked at the table of her daughter and her friend. Bulla seemed deep in thought. Also the two friends tried to comfort her for whatever had happened was bad, really bad.
The heiress had never seen her daughter in this kind of state of agitation. The situation on the table where her son sat was neither a good view. Trunk gave Goten deathly glares whispering threats that was for sure. But the black-haired boy kept his gaze on Bulla, which refused to look up.
Bulma frowned and gave her husband a questioning look. Vegeta just gave her a look that meant YOU-DON´T-WANT-TO-KNOW-IT-IF-YOU-DON`T-WANT-TO-KILL-ONE-OF-THEM.
His wife sighed and nodded.
This day had been really draining - more than training with his GR this morning. How the Saiyan wished that he would have just stayed in the training facility. He had the bad feeling that this was only the beginning but of what, he couldn´t put his finger on it. Something seemed off, but what? Vegeta shook his head to get ride of his thought´s.

The food was served and the remaining hours passed without any unusual events. Laughter was hardly to be heard around the place. Even the half-Saiyan seemed to enjoy the party again. But the full blooded Saiyan could still feel that by every passing minute the air seemed to get chockingly thicker with tension.
The flame-haired man laid against the nearby tree, his eyes closed. The taller Sayain took some steps towards him untill he was standing next to him but before he could talk he was interrupted.

"What do you want Kakarot?" Vegeta asked without to open his eyes.
"Can you not feel it?" With a serious voice Goku replied.
"Hn. I have NO idea what the hell it means." The smaller one said frustrated.
"Jeez, Vegeta language!"
"I have a bad feeling." The younger announced again serious in an unusually serious tone.
"Me, too Kakarott. Me, too." and with those words he pushed himself off the tree.

He had a feeling he should be now at Bulma´s side. It was a deep feeling, a sudden urge within his gut that told him he should now be next to her in case he had to protect her.

His wife was on the dance floor with Yamcha, Krillin, Chi-Chi dancing to some music.

"So has your highness finally decided to join us?" Bulma asked in a playfully-mocking tone.
"No" he replied narrowing his eyes dangerous.
"So you are here then because you are jealous that I dance with my Ex, I mean who wouldn´t, I am Hot." She winked to her husband.
"Bulma." Vegeta said seriously which got now also the attention of the other fighters.
"What´s wrong Vegeta?" The scientist asked concerned and a little frightened from the change of Vegeta.

The next second he pushed Bulma behind him and changed into a protective stance. Now the other fighters also got in their defensive stances. The Sayain growled loud from his throat.
There was a laughter heard from different people and then a loud scream of three young girls.

However when all saw who the girls where there was a loud growling coming from the male teenagers.

"Let them go and we might let you alive." Threated the lavender-haired Saiyan.

However only laughter could be hard and a louder whimpering from the girls.

"Let them go now, I guess you do not know who you are dealing with and if you want to live a little longer you better do as we say." Uub states in a serious manner.

Again they solemly replied with arrogant laughter of the tree figures that had Bulla, Pan and Marron literally firmly in their hands.

"Hn, for my part if you don´t let go now you would have wished I would have killed you when I am done with you." The black-haired Saiyan stated angryly.

The one that had Bulla just smirked wickedly, answering. "I dare you. Try your best."

However before the teens could attack Vegeta shouted "Stop!"

Everyone turned to him with a questioning gaze which the Prince of course ignored.

"What do you want? Revenge?" he asked. Which made the three figures smile.

"Sort of." Replied slyly a man that had blue skin and resembled more a human where it not for the blue skin, he had a battle armor on like the one Vegeta had come on planet Earth.

"As for me, YES." Hissed a perfect copy of Freeza. Only instead of purple it´s colour was pink.(Freeza last form)

"Hn,and I just want my birthright back." Said the stranger in the middle and licked Bulla's right cheek and losened his tail.

Goten growled audiably and asked " How comes a Saiyan just like you would betray his own kind ?"

The stranger just ignored him, his gaze set on Vegeta.

"Let me introduce myself and those two.
The blue man to my right is King Zagna maybe Prince Vegeta still remember him as he should normally be betrothed to his little daughter.
To my left you see the last Ice-jing royalty Princess Arcticer Cold.

And now to myself I am a half Sayain if you have not already noticed.
My name is Jiraiya Jun but you can call me JAY. My grandfather was an ally from King Vegeta in the Tuffel war.
He was also the one that ended the war and would have been the rightful King.
But he was stripped from all of it while he was in the healing tank after his last fight. The King killed his entire family that day. When he went out King Vegeta had already taken the throne, the oaht´s from the Saiyans. The King told him he should leave the Planet if not he would kill his son which was only 5 days old that time." He told them.

"So, now you want to play King? Of a death Race or what? Must every Enemie of mine be an imbecile." Grunted Vegeta back.

"Oh, I have thought of something better than that. There are more Sayains that you think. But as I said normally I would want to destroy you all but now I got other plans" He laughted wickedly.

"Deal is off." Jay shouted.

The other next minutes where so fast over that if you would have blinked at any moment would have missed his movements. He punched the blue King in the head which caused him to let go of Pan and made him fly some feet backwards. With one arm he pulled the Ice-jing on her tail which also let go of the blond girl, kneeing the Lizard in the gut, she fell on her knees with a loud cry. The most fascinating about the fight was that he held Bulla with his right hand at her left wrist. Not letting her go from his grip.

"You will pay for that." The blue skinned man gasped.

"Mhm, maybe but I don´t care about the rest as much as I do for the Princess so if you want to continue with your plan be my guest. I will not stop you and their strength is nothing compared to mine. So as long as you leave her out of it we have a new deal." He stated with a cocky smile.
The blue man smirked, took some steps to the remaining group.

"So which one is next? Arcticer stand up we have some work to do." The alien asked in a fake sweet tone.