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Shouting could be heard all around the mansion. The source? The students of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. The students were shouting, at the dinner table, that they wanted to see a Broadway show, now!

"We haven't had a field trip or a mission in, like, forever! We need to get out of this place!" Kitty shouted.

"Yeah c'mon Chuck we need some fresh air!" Pyro yelled.

"Pleeeeeease Charles!" Jubilee pleaded, and then she did the puppy face.

"Well…" Charles mumbled, obviously pondering the idea.

"Aw c'mon Charles we haven't been outside the mansion grounds in almost a month! Please! It will be fun! We could see Times Square, maybe go shopping then head to the show! It will be fun!" Rogue said.

Charles smiled. "Oh alright. I guess it would be good for you," he said.

The students cheered and high fived. Some jumped out of their seat and a couple did what looked like a touchdown dance.

While all this happened. One of the Professors, Wolverine, was sitting at the end of the table watching the events unfold before him, silently, drinking the beer that he'd snuck into the school earlier in the week. It was his last one.

"Logan! What do you think? Going to a Broadway show! It will be fun!" Peter Rasputin exclaimed. He is one of Logan's better friends. He never treated Logan like an animal. Peter treated him like a person.

Wolverine just grunted and drank from his beer.

Peter shrugged it off and helped the students with the planning.

"Logan why are you so quiet? Don't you want to go?" Ororo Munroe asked.

"I don't know 'Ro," Logan replied. 'Ro, as he calls her, is definitely one of his better friends, girlfriend even. They have had a budding romance for a couple months. She always treated him nicely. And she understood what he has, and still is, going through. She has to keep her emotions in check, just one slip and a giant storm can occur, similar to how Logan has to keep his anger in check.

"I would like for you to go. It may do you good. You can get away from the school, like what John said. Get some fresh air."

"I'll think about it."

"Alright, but please come."

Logan took another swing from the bottle.

Storm gave Logan a reassuring smile and a nod, and then turned to help the students.

Logan got up to leave but before he could make it to the doorway Charles called him.


Logan gave an exasperated sigh but still turned to face Charles at the other end of the table. "Yeah, Chuck?"

Charles just shrugged of the nickname Logan often used for him and asked,"Can you please watch over the students for the trip? You can watch over them and keep them safe if any enemies take advantage of the situation and attack. Also you know the area, don't you? You have traveled to New York City many times, haven't you?"

'Damn!' Logan thought. He looked at all the pleading faces. 'They're counting on me. Ugh. Fine I'll go.'

"Alright fine. I'll go."

Storm smiled the prettiest smile he'd ever seen. Then she mouthed a "Thank you!"

Wolverine nodded.

"What are we going to see anyway?" Bobby asked.

"We could go see Hugh Jackman Back on Broadway," said Kitty, she was looking down at her iPhone, scrolling through a page all about the show. "It sounds pretty good."

"Alright, then it's settled. All the students and staff will be going except for Evan, Warren, Jean, Scott, Amara, Alex, and me. Ororo, Peter, and Logan I trust you can watch out for the students?"

"Yes Professor. You can trust us," Storm replied.

"Thank you. Now all of get packing! The show is tomorrow night! Get lots of rest!" Charles said then he rolled out of the dining room.

All the students jumped out of their chairs and practically threw their plates and silverware in the sink and ran (or flew) to their rooms to pack for the trip.

'This is gonna be fun….' Logan thought as he put his empty beer bottle into the recycle bin.

Logan made his way back up to his room. As he was going down the hallway he could hear the excited voices of the students.

"Omagosh I'm so excited!" Jubilee screamed.

"I know right this is going to be sooooo fun!" Kitty yelled.

"This is going to be great!" Rogue shouted.

Logan could hear the excitement in the girl's voices. 'Marie is excited about something, that's new…' he thought. Wolverine could hear the zippers of bags and the ruffling of clothes in all the rooms he passed.

"Guess I should pack shouldn't I?" Logan muttered to himself as he opened up the door to his room.

It was dark in his room. The black curtains of his room were shut over the screen door, leading out to a balcony. Logan often had a drink or smoked a cigar on the balcony during the night after a nightmare. Lately he's been having nightmares about his brothers; his half brother Victor Creed and his lost twin brother Hugh Howlett. 'I wonder if he's still alive?' Logan wondered.

Hugh was put up for adoption when he was 5. My mom and "dad" couldn't take care of him since I was sick all the time. We looked identical! The only way everyone could tell us apart is that I coughed every now and then. I haven't seen him since then. Or even heard of him. Maybe he didn't get any mutant powers and died. Or maybe he did just not a healing factor? I don't know. Victor and I both did so there's a pretty good chance he got a healing factor. I hope he did! He was the nice brother. We always played when I wasn't sick; mostly in the woods surrounding the Howlett mansion, until "dad" sent in Thomas Logan or Victor in to find us.

Ya know, I haven't told anyone that my name is actually James yet. Or that I even regained my memories after the last trip into Canada. I found the Howlett mansion, or what was left of it. There blood stains were still on the floorboards from when I stabbed my dad (Thomas Logan). Also the stains from when my mom (Elizabeth Hudson) shot herself in the head. The blood that was splattered all over the floor from when my fake "dad" (John Howlett Jr.) got shot was still there too.

"I have a lot to think over…" Logan muttered while he pulled out his bag out of the top shelf of the closet and tossed it on the bed.

'What should I even wear there? A Tux? Believe it or not, I own a tux.'

Logan pulled his black tuxedo out of the back of the closet, along with his black dress pants. The tux was covered in plastic and there was no wrinkle to be seen. He set them on the bed and smoothed them out.

Logan went ahead and packed the rest of the things he will need; clothes and toiletries. Then he sat on a chair and pondered wearing the tuxedo or not.

A minute later there was a knock at the door. "Logan how's packing going?" came the voice of Storm through the door.

"Pretty good, I think. You can come in if you want 'Ro," Logan answered.

A second later Ororo opened up the door of the room. She was greeted by the smell of the forest (she loved that smell) and cigars and darkness, all except for the ray of light coming in through the space in between the curtains. She could see the outline of Logan sitting on the chair in the corner, next to the door to his balcony.

"Why do always keep it dark in here, Logan?" Storm asked. She strode across the floor and opened up the curtains and glass doors to let in a breeze from outside. "There, that's better." She smiled and looked at Logan.

"What if I like it dark?" Logan said and looked up at 'Ro. He smirked.

"Well then that's too bad," Ororo teased. Then she turned around and saw the tuxedo lying on the bed and gasped. "Oh my goddess, Logan! I did not know you owned a tuxedo!"

Logan chuckled.

"It looks amazing, Logan!"

"Thanks. I don't even remember the last time I wore it."

"Oh but I bet you'd look handsome in it."

Logan smiled.

"Are you going to wear it tomorrow? I'm going to wear a dress, and I bet the students are going to wear dress clothes."

"Yeah probably."

"Alright. You're going to look nice tomorrow, Logan."

"Thanks 'Ro."

"It's getting dark. We should probably go to sleep soon. Night Logan."

Ororo placed a kiss on his lips for a couple seconds then she broke the kiss. Storm smiled then walked out the door.

"Night 'Ro," Logan said before she shut the door.

Logan picked his tuxedo off the bed and draped it over a chair and put his pants on the seat.

'Tomorrow is going to be a long day….' Logan thought.

But, the Wolverine had no idea what was to come the next day….

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