Chapter 5

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Just minutes beforeā€¦

Where is Logan? He should be back by now. Where did he go anyways? Ororo thought as she impatiently tapped her foot.

The crowd has long gone and now the students and few staff of Xavier's Home for Gifted Youngsters waited for their self-defense teacher to come back.

Bobby was lying on the sidewalk leaning against a sign that said 'Reserved Parking Only' whilst Jubilee and Kitty leaned against his shoulders, also sleeping.

Rogue and Tabitha were listening to their iPhone through earbuds standing next to me. Hank stood on the other side viewing the city around us.

Kurt and John were standing in front of the building looking at the signs hung up on the walls.

Peter was standing by the sidewalk watching for the limo that was on its way.

Ororo impatiently checked her phone for the time again. It was getting late. Logan's been gone an hour now. It's been fifteen minutes since I called him. He really needs to hurry up.

I spun around and watched the traffic, also watching for the limo.

"There it is!" Peter called out and pointed down the road. Sure enough, there it was a black, shiny limousine. Then it pulled up and parked in front of Broadway.

"You came in a limo?" I heard a voice behind me.

I quickly spun on my heals and came face to face with Logan and his doppelganger. I gasped.


Ororo's eyes glanced from Hugh back to me multiple times until she spoke.

"You two look identical!" she exclaimed. I smiled. Next to me, Hugh laughed.

A snort was heard and I turned to the sound. There, lying on the ground was Bobby Drake, Kitty Pryde, and Jubilation Lee. Bobby shifted then awoke. He rubbed his eyes then looked up at Hugh and me.

"Whoa! Logan, is there two of you?" he asked which successfully woke up Kitty and Jubilee.

"Oh my God! Hugh Jackman!" Jubilee squealed. Her smile faltered. "Wait. Logan?" she asked and looked between us. "You two look the same!"

Her squeal resulted in the rest of the students and staff turning to look at us.

"You too look identical!" Kitty squealed.

"Like twins!" Peter exclaimed.

"Oh my stars and garters!" Hank exclaimed.

"Wow," Rogue marveled.

"Are you brothers, or something?" John asked.

"Alright! We will answer your questions but first let's get back to the hotel before the limo driver kills us," I said looking at the limo driver. In response he gestured 'hurry up' with his hands.

Hugh chuckled.

The students nodded and climbed into the limo, along with Hank and Peter right behind. Ororo glared up at me and Hugh.

"You better," she said, then smiled. I smiled back, then she climbed into the limo into the seat right behind the driver and sat by Hank and Peter.

I nodded to Hugh and he nodded back. I stepped into the limo and sat down and Hugh followed suit. Hugh shut the door behind us and the limo took off.

The seat we were sitting in was blocked from the seats the students sat in with sound-proof glass. Though it wasn't sound-proof to Hugh and me, it was to Hank, Peter, and Ororo.

Hank was intently looking between Hugh and me, probably comparing and contrasting our looks. Same goes for Peter and Ororo.

Hugh smiled and looked at me. I glanced at him and rose and eyebrow.

"Well, I guess I can introduce myself. I'm Hugh Howlett, though you three probably know me as Hugh Jackman," Hugh said then held out a hand to Ororo.

Ororo's eyes widened at the name slightly but shook his hand.

"Ororo Munroe."

Hugh also held his hand out to Peter.

"It is wonderful to meet you Hugh. My name it Piotr Rasputin but most call me Peter."

Then finally to Hank.

"Dr. Henry McCoy. But you may call me Hank. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Hugh nodded to all of them.

"Excuse me for asking Hugh, but is Hugh Jackman a stage name?" Hank asked out of curiosity.

"It was more of a cover name. I was on the run for a while after an incident, and I made up a fake last name. Then I pursued the job of acting and Hugh Jackman was born," Hugh answered.

"I see," Hank stated then nodded.

"So. Logan and Hugh, are you brothers?" Ororo finally asked. I was waiting for that.

Hugh smirked then looked at me, I looked at him and we both nodded. I looked at Ororo.

"Twins actually," Hugh and I said simultaneously. We chuckled.

"Then Logan, is Howlett your last name?" Hank asked.

"Yes. And Logan isn't my real name," I answered with a smirk.

"It isn't?" Hank asked. From his facial expression, he was clearly confused.

"No. my Real name is James Howlett." I smirked. Hugh nudged my arm with his elbow.

"Why have you been going as Logan for so long?" Ororo asked.

"Logan was a cover name. A very long time ago when I was a kid, I had to run from home. I had to come up with a fake name to go by and I went with Logan 'cause it was our biological father's last name, I've gone by Logan ever since. Then as you know I went and lost my memories and all I had were these dog tags," I pulled my dog tags out of my jacket pocket, "And thought my real name was Logan."

"What happened that caused you to run from home?" Hank asked.

"I will tell you guys about that later," I answered.

Hank nodded and gave me a reassuring smile.

Suddenly the limo stopped. The small door in the sound-proof glass that divided the driver and us opened.

"Here we are. Now that will be $40 please," the driver said.

Ororo started to dig into her small purse and pulled out her billfold.

"Wait Ororo, I got it guys," Hugh said then handed the driver a $50. And handed it to the driver. "Keep the change. Thanks."

The driver grabbed the $50 then turned and looked at Hugh and me. "Whoa. Hugh Jackman has a twin? Now I've seen everything. Oh hey, thanks guys. See you tomorrow."

Hugh picked up his bags and opened the door for us. We all climbed out as did the students.

Then we turned and watched the limo drive away.


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