Chapter 4

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Ally's POV:

So I got home from school, and my dad was at Sonic Boom. That means I have the whole house to myself while I get ready to go out with Austin!

I go to the stereo system in my room and hook my IPhone into it and turned it all the way up and Taylor Swift came on. I love her.

I go to my bathroom, which is connected to my room, to take a shower. When I get out of the shower, I get dressed into one of my sun dresses. It's all white with blue flowers on it and it has a brown belt around the wait. I think it makes my curves look really nice. Then I put on a pair of blue wedges with a bow on them.

I do a once over on my outfit and a nod at myself in approval.

Loud came on by R5 and I started singing along to it. I love this song. It makes me want to dance.

C'mon get loud loud let it out,Shout it out from the rooftops
C'mon get loud till the shut us down
C'mon get loud loud let it out,Show me everything that you've got
c'mon get loud loud I need you now, Baby let me hear it loud
Na na na na na naa

I finish curling my hair, so I started my makeup. I decided to go with more of a nature look for tonight. Just some mascara, eyeliner and some lip gloss. Gotta have glossy lips! I do another once over in my mirror, and I heard Katy Perry's Roar came on. I started to dance in front of my mirror. I love doing that.

I guess since I'm ready a little early, and Austin won't be here, so I'll go watch some Fosters. That is my favorite show!

Austin's POV:

When I got home my heart started pounding, I started to get butterflies in my stomach. All day I couldn't get Ally off of my mind. And I only have a half hour to clean up and then pick up Ally.

Well I put my iphone on my ihome and jump in the shower. I start thinking about what Ally had planned for us tonight. I forgot to as her after she said she hasn't decided. Now I don't know what to wear. Ugh!

When I jumped out of the shower, I started rummaging through my closet. I still didn't know what we were doing. I didn't want to seem like a dick for not caring until now because I was picking her up in 15 minutes. I decided to go with a black and blue striped sweater, with some of my worn out blue jeans with my chain, and some blue high tops. I thought I looked pretty damn good.

I take my phone and grab my keys off the counter. I write a note for my mom saying

Dear Mom,

Hanging with Ally! Don't wait up. Don't know what we are doing. She is deciding when I pick her up.

Love ya,

Austin XOXO

I get into my car and all of a sudden I start sweating. I get super nervous! What am I supposed to do? What if Ally found out I liked her. What am I suppose to do. What is I totally embarrass myself in front of her?

I start the car and try to clear my mind. I tell myself that I've hung out with her a thousand times before. I'm going crazy! What do I do?

As I pull up to Ally's house, I see that her dad isn't home. Ok this might be a little easier. He always makes a big deal when I take her out. I think he is catching on that I like her, but I don't know.

I walk up to her door, like I've done a thousand times before, and knock. She answers the door. She looks absolutely gorgeous. \

She has a big smile on saying, "We match! That's soo cute"

I look her over and then myself and I feel my face start to blush. "Do you want to head out?"


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