Guess who's back…

"Love is a trap. When it appears, we see only its light, not its shadows." – Paulo Coelho

~The Wolfen Chronicles: Jumping at Shadows~


So kind, the master is. So very, very kind. Feeding his subjects, bringing them to the moon. He banishes away their nightmares, so every night, they sleep calmly. He takes away the weariness of bondage from their souls, and lightens their hearts. He tames the dark and looks kindly on those dependent on shadows.

And the master is so wise. So wise. He has seen the earth spin for centuries, each year sharpening his mind and honing his skill. He knows when to attack. He knows how to kill. He is intelligent enough to see the flaws in his race. And the clever master works to outthink those of his higher species. He works to repopulate his world. And the master will succeed.

That's another thing about the master; his determination. The tenacity at which he hunts among the humans is unrivalled. He has seen the world at its worst. He has caused the world at its worst. He is the most magnificent creature in all of time. But that was Before.

Before the wolves returned. Before the world the master had tread upon turned upside down. Before the humans he hunted became the targets of another race. Before the master grew tired of old Esclavo. Before the humans became the servants instead of the meal.

Now good old master has a new plan. Now the master doesn't need Esclavo any longer. And so Esclavo is dying. Slowly, slowly, slowly. Life is going.

The master had been kind enough to share his plans with Esclavo, though. Esclavo knows. Esclavo can hear it, in his head; the rap tap tap of leather boots tromping around, high above Esclavo. He knows the way the master is conning the men, sinking into their minds and fooling their silly little thoughts. Making them fear what they do not know. The master drinks fear. Fear and blood. It is humorous to Esclavo how often the two come hand and hand, like lovers to the altar.

Silly humans, so easily persuaded. It mustn't have been difficult for the master to influence the fools already frightened. The wolves made this so simple for the master, beginning to unveil their eyes to the secret world. The cults starting worshipping dragons and lionizing fairies. Their world is changing. They had no leader. The master stepped up. The clever, clever master tamed them and calmed their nerves. He bound the men to himself with his smart tongue.

Now, he's moving in the shadows. Now, he's shifting in the dark. Now, he's attacking under the cover of night.

Now, the master is making his move.

Esclavo sighs, watching his blue blood trickle between his butler's suit and through his fingers, running like sapphire rivers over the grey stone. The master had been kind enough to shear a sword through Esclavo's flesh in a place as peaceful as this. Above him, the stalactites drip with cave water. The constant melody is soothing. Esclavo closes his eyes, remembering one of his last conversations with the Master.

Why have you bothered me, Esclavo?

Master, I have been thinking—

Esclavo, you know how I feel about that.

Yes, but, Master, you might want to know this.

Very well. What are you pestering me with?

Your wives have all been failures. Your father's wives have all been failures. But maybe a human wife isn't what you need.

I am not compatible with anything but human – oh. The master had blinked in surprise, glorious face shocked. Then he'd glared at Esclavo in suspicion. You thought of this, Esclavo?

Yes, sir. I have been mulling over it for a while.

You thought of this.

Yes, sir.

Then your time is ending. I would say I'm sorry, Esclavo, but I'm not.

Esclavo smiles. The kind master, ending his life at long last. He'd had the compassion to bite Esclavo, to numb his body, before driving his sword through Esclavo's heart.

The bittersweet smile that pulls at Esclavo's lips is so filled with memories he shudders on his cold deathbed. Esclavo closes his eyes, still smiling, and reflects on his wonderful, brief life. He hadn't been able live forever beside his beloved master, because only the master lives forever. The master. The master. The master.

Esclavo opens his eyes, grinning crookedly at the ceiling. "My master is coming for you, Sorenson," he whispers as his life slips from his body. "Beware of the dark."

And we begin!

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