HEYO! So, I decided to take a break from straight couples a while. This, is what shall be made in the process. I don't expect it to be so long, in fact I would be surprised if this even got noticed! But either way, here are names I picked for the mane 6 since this is Human!verse, along with a basic understanding of each personality (Of course it's gonna be different):

Rainbow DashIrisa Ettore Spectrian(Iris = Rainbow, Ettore = Holding fast/ Fast. I feel like using the names other people came up with for them would be unoriginal.)

-Extremely fleet footed, fast. Has basically the same traits as Rainbow except instead of wanting to be a Wonderbolt, she wants to be on the Olympic Track team. If all else fails, she wants to be a P.E. Teacher

-Canadian (BECAUSE LET'S PUT DIVERSITY FOR ONCE) Lives in British Columbia, moves to Washington in the story.

-Usually wears a blue mini jacket over a white top, along with black leggings. Sneakers, magenta. Her hair is blonde and Rainbow dip died at the tips.

FluttershyIngrid Sabira Green (Ingrid = Beauty, Sabira = Patient)

-Shy, loving. Has three dogs and hamsters, along with her bunny Angel. Same as Rainbow when it comes to personality. (As in it being the same form the show.) Wishes to be a vet.

-1/100ths Hawaiian. Born in America, in Washington.

-Green turtleneck sweater, formfitting jeans, yellow flats. Hair is a dark red.

Twilight Sparkle – Minerva Charvi Brightford (Minerva = Intellect, Charvi = Lovely)

-Basically Twilight. Teacher's pet, wishes to be a teacher/professor/principal.

-American. Her name, even though some elements are foreign, was changed when she grew tired of it. (current name is final product) Born in Boston, moved to Washington to be with her Dad and Brother.

-Purple sweater vest over collared/hemmed shirt. Black pants, dress shoes. Hair is black.

Pinkie Pie - Alegria Bliss Gonzalez (Alegria = Happiness, Bliss = Extreme Happiness)

-Again, just the same Pinkie we all know and love. Helps arrange the dances and such for the school, wishes to be a Wedding Planner, Baker, or Party Organizer.

-Spanish. Born in Cali, moved to Washington.

-Wears a pink baggy half shirt over a blue tank top, light yellow paint splattered jeans. Dark haired, pink highlights.

Woo, that's a bunch of stuff! Now, this is just a little notification thingy to let you know about this story. The first chapter isn't really written yet, so you gotta wait!

However, I would LOVE to have help! You got too much time on your hands, and you wanna write a story to fill it up? At the end of this, there is a prompt. Write a short story (No limit, however don't write me a book!) based on it, then when I get enough entries I'll shift through them and find one I love. Here's come criteria I'm looking for:

Sentence variety

Description ability

Staying in Character

Here's the prompt (WARNING, SLIGHT SPOILERS):

Irisa and Ingrid are to both meet by a social networking platform (Facebook, sites like that.). Then, they become best friends. Write a short story about how in the world these two found out about each other, and keep in mind that you can change the platform, can be anything you want. Just try your best! :)

That, is about it. I won't be starting the story unless I get a Co-Writer, so that needs to be done. This chapter will be deleted when I get the writer, and updates about the story/writers/delays will be posted here, along with a date that tells when they were announced. Now, I need to go, so goodbye lovelies! :D

~Rainbow Showers