The drone of the teacher's voice barely registered in the latina's ears as she stared at the clock, trying her best to look like she was even remotely interested. A hand propped her head up on the desk. Light blues concentrated on the object on the wall, wiling the hands to move fater with each passing breath.

Then finally, finally- The bell rang its shrill call.

Barely hearing the teacher announce that they had homework, Alegria zoomed out of the classroom with a huge grin and bouncy pigtails, skipping through the halls with an almost childlike innocence that contradicted her actual age. Past the gymnasium, the bathrooms, the Home Ec classroom- She briefly slowed down to wave to the teacher, whom she loving dubbed as 'Mrs. Cake'- and out the front doors of the school. Then, with a sigh, she plopped down on her bottom beside a brick pillar.

Alegria was a spunky girl that seemed to have boundless energy and always had a smile on her face. And, if she tried enough, she could get the people around her to smile too. Except her sister, Maud. She never grinned much.

She had a close knit group of friends at school- Bess, whom she shared Home Ec class with (She could make super sweet candy, of course she would befriend her!), Laina, who was very sporty and had an obsession with horses/ponies, and Minerva, whom she just liked to refer to as Minnie.

Minnie was by far her favorite. She was super smart and kind. Her hair was this dark shade of black and fell straight. Her features were perfect; Bright blue eyes, completely clear skin, a small nose and these full lips that Alegria wanted to kiss so badly...

Yeah, she was preeeetty sure she liked Minnie. A bunch.

So when the teen walked through the doors of the highschool, it was no surprise when the bright eyed girl tackled her friend in a hug. "Hi Minnie!~"

Minerva, having not seen the girl, laughed shakily. "Geeze, Alegria, how do you pop out of nowhere like that?"

Letting go, the bubbly young woman shrugged. "I just do!" Grin returning full force, she looped her arm with the bookworm. "How was your day?"

Minerva returned the smile in kind, urging Alegria to walk. "Great! We started a novel in English. I've already read it, however. How about you?"

"Fun! Me and Laina sat together at lunch and she told me she had a soccer game tomorrow. She wants us and Bessie to come!" Alegria hummed out, looking over to see Minerva's face.

"That's great, I can do Friday." Minerva responded happily, a grin making her nose scrunch. (Which Alegria found absolutely adorable!) "Will you be going?"

Alegria rolled her voice and replied nasally. "Uh, duh! Like, totally."

Minerva covered her mouth as she giggled. "G-Great! Heh, where will we sit?"

"Well, I was thinking me and you will wait on Bess or you and Bess wait on me or me and Bess-"

"Pinkie, you're rambling again." Chimed Minerva, using her nickname for the pink haired teen.

"Fiii~ne, we'll wait for everybody and then find a seat from there."

Minerva nodded. "Great! Uh, I was also wondering..."

Alegria's heart sped up. "Yeah?"

"Could me and you talk before or after the game? I got something to tell you."

OHMAIGOSH! SHE MIGHT ACTUALLY LIKE ME!? "Y-Yeah! That's completely okay!" Alegria complied, hiding the blush on her cheeks by turning her head to look...At her house. They've been walking all this time?

"Oh, here's my house! Thanks for walking me, I'll see you tomorrow!" Minerva called out to Alegria as she ran to her door and opened it, waving momentarily to Alegria- who returned it- and shutting it behind her.

Slumping against said door, Minerva slid to the floor with a lazy grin on her face.

"That was almost too close."

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