Here's a little hurt/comfort one shot idea I had, between Stan and Gideon.

The context here is that The Pines family/Bill resistance group have infiltrated Bill's pyramid with hopes of rescuing Ford and later confronting Bill. They split up to find Ford easier; Dipper and Mabel one way, Candy, Grenda and Wendy another, and Stan and Soos who end up finding Bill's dungeons.

It is difficult times for Gideon. The young boy had been brought to a painful realisation and since then had come to question and reject everything about himself. Why does he want power so much? Why does he hurt everyone? Why does he have to be the bad guy? Gideon could now see that he was wrong, his actions had been wrong and everything he had worked for, fought for, was hollow and meaningless.

"I want to be good." Gideon whispered to himself, his voice hoarse and shaky. Gideon wanted desperately to prove himself and that he could make the good choice, he'd do anything to save Mabel from Bill's clutches. It pained Gideon to think that despite that, he isn't and never would be good enough for Mabel.

And Gideon was ready. More than ever to do the right thing. Unfortunately for him, his rebellion didn't go too well; he was currently chained at the wrists and being detained in Bill's dungeon.

Meanwhile, Stan and Soos were searching the corridors of Bill's lair to see where Stan's brother may be being kept a frozen prisoner. For Soos it was like being in Stan's head again, constantly opening and closing doors with no luck. For Stan it was yet another painful journey he had to go on to find his brother.

"Come on Ford, where are you hiding?" Stan muttered to himself.

"We'll find your brother, Mr Pines." Soos reassured Stanley.

"...yeah, I hope…" Stan's voice began to trail off as he got distracted. "Do- do you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"I don't know. It sounds, almost like a small dog pining." Stan replied, confused by the strange high pitched noise. The duo shortly found it was coming from behind another door. This one was tall, black and made of some unfamiliar element, much like the rest of Bill's headquarters, the door was heavy but unlocked.

Stan shrugged and decided the find the source of the odd animal-like crying, after instructing Soos to stay outside and be on the lookout for any of Bill's henchmen. He entered the room, which he quickly realised was a dungeon. The old man looked around the cell, it was dark, damp and chilling. Searching, he spotted a familiar figure in the corner, curled up in a ball. The large mountain of white hair gave him away, though it was much more messy than Stan was used to seeing it. Stan scanned around again and considered leaving the boy, but even though he had a strong hatred for Gideon, Stan couldn't leave a crying child in a monster's dungeon.

"Gideon?" He softly approached the young kid.

Gideon looked up, very startled. He looked different; his hair was messy and failing to stay in place - in many places it appeared ripped and damaged, he was dripping with sweat and his fancy outfit was now dirty and torn in several places, revealing cuts, grazes and burn marks on his body.

"St- Stanford? What, what are you doing here?" Gideon whimpered, stuttering.

"Not looking for you." He bluntly responded. "How did you end up here?"

Gideon sighed. "Dipper can be very persuasive." Stanley smiled slightly. "I fought against Bill, but things didn't turn out so well for me."

"You look awful." Stan told him, with an element of sympathy.

Gideon quickly turned away from him. "Why are you here?" He insisted, still sounding weak.

"Looking for...someone. What did Bill do to you?"

Gideon stopped and found himself shaking again, and his hands were sweaty and unsteady. "He got angry. I provoked him I guess." Stan gave Gideon a look to show he wanted him to continue. "He...he was trying to get information out of me. Stuff I didn't know like where your family were but when I tried to say so he got madder."

"He tortured you?"

"No. No. He just...I fought him." Gideon tried to change the subject. "Is Mabel safe?"

"Of course. The kids are fine. How long have you been here?"

"Long enough."

"But Bill, he-"

"It doesn't matter what Bill does, or did. I've been thinking, here." Gideon stared emptily across the room. "Whatever happens to me, I deserve it."

"Huh?" Stan grunted, confused by Gideon.

"I've realised, despite what everyone's always told me, I'm not a good person. I'm bad. Really bad. That's why everyone hates me."

"Everyone doesn't hate you."

Gideon snorted. "Besides the entire town and the only girl I'll ever love."

"Well," Stan stopped, genuinely taken aback and surprised by Gideon's new point of view, so Stan did what he always did when he was unsure in situations: he lied. "I'm sorry I got you arrested."

Gideon was now scowling and a little frustrated. "No. That's not. No." He clenched his fists and whimpered again. "It's not because of you the whole town hates me. It- It's because they saw a glimpse of what I'm really like. That's why they hate me."

Stan nodded.

"And Mabel? I don't deserve her. I wanted to prove myself, "be her hero" but look at me?!" Gideon's eyes glistened in the strobe light, he was holding back tears. "I'm so weak. I act like I'm not, but I am. And I'm selfish. And, I can't fight. Bill squashed me like a bug. He's only keeping me alive cos he knows I'd rather be dead." He was almost sobbing now. "I care about Mabel so much, but I can't love her. I don't love. All I know how to do is hurt people."

There was a long moment of pause, and Stan was beginning to feel sorry for the scared albino child.

Gideon was turned away from Stan, but his fists suddenly clenched. "I bet you love this!" He venomously spat. "Watching me fall apart, I'm sure you love this!"

"No, not at all." Stan defended himself.

"And it's fine, because you're a 'good person', and you're whole family are good, y'all are good! And I…" Gideon took a long breath and composed himself, "...I just deserve to suffer." He spoke this nonchalantly.

"Gideon," Stan calmly broke in, "I can help you. I know you're hurt, but if you come with me, we can defeat Bill."

"I tried that, and look what happened to me. I'm no match for Bill."

"None of us are, but if we all stand together. You're strong, I hate to admit, and you'd be perfect to help us." Stan stared at Gideon. "I know 'being good' and 'doing the right thing' can seem hard and that there's no hope - but there is! You just need some guidance. "

Gideon looked up at the man had always despised. "You'll help me?"

Stan nodded, smiling, surprisingly. "But first you'll need to get those chains off you."

"I doubt y'all be able to do that. "

"Psssh." Stan rooted around in his bag and pulled out an ominous device and aimed at the chains around Gideon's wrists. "You don't have any fillings, do you?"

"Gosh no! What is that? Where'd ya get it?" Gideon interrogated.

"A magnet ray. It's my brot- err, Dipper's." Stan had slipped up for the first time in 30 years, but managed to catch himself. "Now come on."

Stan smiled down at Gideon, surprisingly Gideon smiled back.