The show's over. Three and a half years and Gravity Falls has inevitably concluded. The finale was so incredible it's hard for me to think about without crying, and I don't even know if they're tears of joy or sadness. Gravity Falls has been a wild journey, but I'm happier than ever that I've been part of it.

So the episode itself, there were so many great points, as usual it was able to blend humour, darkness and emotion. One thing I particularly loved was using the Shack to fight Bill and his hench-maniacs, interesting how in the season one finale the twins fought a robot, in the season two finale they fought as a robot. The little moments with Bill fighting the Shacktron on his own in the background was very funny.

We finally found out the significance of the Bill Cipher wheel, the fact it was a prophecy to defeat Bill had been theorised but I thought it was a nice moment with each character finding out that they had a part to play. I suppose the reason behind this prophecy could be referred to as a loose thread, so it would be cool if that got addressed or explained sometime in the future. Most the guesses for who represented what were correct, I didn't think the glasses were gonna be McGucket because they were the shape of Ford's but as not each symbol is literal it made sense.

Bill was finally defeated and it wasn't with the Bill Cipher wheel prophecy of destiny™ , the Pines family made their greatest sacrifice, or rather Stan did in an incredible, heartfelt moment. Upon second viewing you can see if you look hard, you can tell the voices are switched and that Ford (impersonating Stan) still had six fingers. It seemed symbolic that Stanley was pretending to be Stanford one last time. Plus the sacrifice of Stan's mind was so great and unexpected, Bill got destroyed in such a well thought way that worked as he was such a powerful entity. Of course I was crying a lot during this scene.

The happy ending resolution was really lovely, seeing all the characters we love getting their happy endings. The show started with the twins arriving in Gravity Falls and ended with them leaving as a complete circle. Everyone got a happy ending, Stan and Ford went sailing on a boat together, Soos finally got to run the Mystery Shack, Gideon got a second chance at having a normal childhood (and became Giddy Fresh), Grenda found love, McGucket didn't just gain a home he has a mansion to work in, while Pacifica's family lost some of their riches and their house I think in the long run that's it's better as she can be down to earth and her family will be less strict and cruel as they have less of a "reputation to uphold". Also Blubs and Durland are more gay and canon than ever and I love it!

I want to go into detail so I can talk about each of the characters,
Dipper: I love this kid, following him right down to the voice overs at the beginning/end was precious. I love how brave he has become when he started out so paranoid. Dipper is a hero and his family and friends are each very lucky to have him.
Mabel: And I love this kid too. Precious ray of sunshine, who also overcame her fears and developed throughout the show. She's definitely the more emotional out of her and Dip, and the tears streamed as she desperately used her scrapbook to get Stan's memories back. She has such a big heart.
Gideon: Oh, Gideon. He was the reason I became so invested in this show. I fell in love with the adorable villain, but as the series progressed I hoped sincerely in my heart that Gideon could have a happy ending. Relating to him so much is probably why I understand his character differently to some other people. In Weirdmageddon part 1 his redemption was a well written and emotional moment (I cried like a baby), I'd hoped something like this would happen but it played out better than I expected. Then in TBTF, I initially laughed hysterically at his sailor suit and dance even though I'm sure being kept in a cage for three days being forced to dance wasn't pleasant at all for him. He still remained a good guy, even with some sassy moments, he was loyal and a good boy. Then his ending, seeing him and his parents together as a happy family filled my heart with such joy, he got the happy ending he deserves in an effort to be a "regular kid" and be content with his dear family. Of course he still has Ghosteyes and a couple of other inmates protecting him as his "Hench angles". I'm in love with the ideas of Gideon trying to do "normal kid stuff" only to find it doesn't come naturally. My baby is happy and that's what matters.
Stan: I'm gonna start crying again. Stanley is probably one of the (if not the) most sad characters, his life has been heartbreak and heartbreak. After spending 30 years trying to rescue his brother he received a punch in the face and resentment. I understand why it was difficult for him to go save Ford again and join the Bill wheel, even though it was frustrating. "Dang it, Old man! Now's not the time!". Stan turned out to sacrifice himself to defeat Bill. While he didn't lose his life, all the burning imagery and foreshadowing adds up and the sacrifice of his mind was just as great and emotional. I couldn't be happier he got his happy ending and dream of sailing around the world with his brother.
Wendy: Wendy has developed from a cool, nice teen to a badass ice queen. Her heartfelt moment with Dipper and their hat trades was perfect, she really looked good in his. I'm unsure if she's still working at the Shack or not cos she wasn't shown, but I'm choosing to believe she is.
Soos: I remember back during the first season Soos was probably my least favourite character, throughout this season I've grown to love him and his big heart. He's the perfect replacement for Stan by running The Shack, and with Melody too! I really like that ending for him.
Ford: I respect and really like the author, whenever it comes to him and Stanley I see both sides (though I would usually side with Stan), the one thing I hoped was that they would come to at least an understanding, no! Not only that, but they made up and agreed to sail around the world together! Also I loved how smart and strong he proved to be, he was bloody tortured by Bill and still didn't say anything! And yet we saw vulnerability, the way he trembled when he had to erase Stan's mind. It was heheartbreaking.
Pacifica: I love Pacifica, her flawlessness, her sass, her in depth characterisation. One thing I feared after NMM was that we would loose some of the initial side to her with her ego and quick comments, I'm glad we still got that side of her as well as how strong and good she can be.
Bill: I've never fangirled at Bill before but when he was singing oh my god! Bill was an amazing villain (the best Disney villain), even though I don't really think too much of the dorito jokes I enjoyed watching him transition from Cool original, to Spicy, to dorito roulette. He became a terrifying monster and I love it. That being said I'm glad he was defeated, but the statue is an awesome touch.

During my time in the fandom I've made some real friends who I'm happy have been a part of my life. I'm bound to forget someone, but I'd like to mention Alisi Thorndyke, TheKawaiiFan, Blind-eyephone, CatherineHarris, Clicheusername234, Evil-Ekat, Mulzypops, The Design Nerd, Awesomejosh8596 and Gametime99. I've most likely forgotten someone, but even if you're reading this now I thank you and I'm grateful for every single view and review I've received over the last three years.

One of the main themes of Gravity Falls is growing up, which is what I have done alongside the show. I first saw it when I was twelve, I thought it was pretty funny but didn't fully connect until I saw The Hand That Rocks The Mabel because I related to Gideon, whilst thinking what an awesome character he was. And so I began delving into the GF fandom. It started on YouTube, watching compilations of best moments and MVs that really give me a feeling of nostalgia. I searched up 'Lil Gideon' on Google and ended up finding , I didn't really understand how to navigate the site but I found some great stuff on there. 15/02/2012 I created my account on there, little did I know that four years later the show would end on this day. I found DeviantART by mistake and accidentally created an account when I was looking for information on when the Boss Mabel episode would come out, I left the account until July when I found my friends from fanfiction had accounts there. And so for a long time I spent my time on those two sites; meeting awesome people and friends, writing very cringey fanfiction and producing poor fanart, fangirling too much. Years later, not too long after Not what he seems I began going on Tumblr more and eventually created an account there, again following the same process. I'm probably most active on Tumblr now, mostly because of the convenience of the app, but I'm definitely going to be on DeviantART and Fanfiction much more now. GF has impacted my life in many ways but one way is definitely being part of such a large community and being able to mature whilst having fun with such wonderful people all across the world

Compared to the first episodes and now you can see how much details like animation, character design and soundtrack has developed. The backgrounds are something that have really become more beautiful and contributed to the incredible scenery. Moments such as being in Bill's fearamid were so great because of the gorgeous animation and scenery. And then there's the soundtrack, which I dare say was even better composed than Not what he seems, which made the emotional moments even sadder or heartwarming and the action scenes even more intense.

Take back the Falls was the perfect way to conclude the show, I would love to see if Alex Hirsch has any plans for Gravity Falls for the future, but now I think it's ended in a good place. There's still a large fandom to keep the show alive. Gravity Falls will always have a special place in my heart and I'm glad to have been on the journey there.

Stay weird.