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The adventure begins (again)

Littleroot town (Ryan's pov)

Sleeping in my bed and having a nice dream is all a ten year old boy like me wants, especially on a weekend. Then as my dream was starting to get good my stupid alarm woke me up. I open my eyes and let out a loud groan when I saw the time, seven in the morning? Why the hell did I set it to that early? Turning off my alarm I went back to sleep, while still thinking why I set the alarm to this time.

I opened my eyes to look over at my calendar when I remembered why I set it to this time. "I start my Pokemon journey today!"

I quickly got off my bed, but then tripped on my blanket and fell on the floor face first. "Okay that huuuuuurt!"

Shaking off the pain I ran towards my bathroom and began to get ready. I still can't believe I almost forgot. Of all the days I could have missed, why did I almost miss this day? Oh well it doesn't matter I'm awake and now I need to get ready before heading off to meet the professor. Hopefully he didn't run out of starter Pokemon.

Rubbing my eyes I began combing my long black hair and rubbing my blue colored eyes to stop being sleepy. I put on my blue baggy jeans, black t-shirt, blue jacket, black gloves, my red and blue colored shoes, and of course my blue and white striped hat. Once I finished getting dressed I walked out of my bathroom and grabbed my backpack.

I had to make sure though everything is where I left it yesterday when I was packing. My extra pairs of clothes, my first aid kit, my flashlight, cans of food, my sleeping bag, my compass, and my dad's old knife. I won't need it, but my mom told me you never know when it might come in handy.

Once I got everything I ran down stairs and I see on the kitchen table a plate has been set for me. It's filled with two eggs, some bacon, toast, and a glass of orange juice. I see a note next t the plate and I picked it up. It was from my mom and it says:

"Dear Ryan, sorry I wasn't here to see you off on your journey, but I promised an old friend of mine I would help her out at the hospital. Please take care of yourself and to call me when you can. Take care, be safe my son, and I love you."

I can feel a small a tear falling down my face. Wiping it away I put the letter in my pocket and began eating. Once I finished and I cleaned my plates I headed outside to get some fresh air. I let out a small sigh as I got a good view of my little town, Littleroot. It's small, quiet, and nothing like my old city. Wasn't born here, I was born in a city called Slateport.

My parents used to live in the city where I was born. My mom is a doctor and one of the best. My dad, well not sure what he used to do. I was five when he passed away, but I do know he was a great Pokemon trainer. He and my mom love their Pokemon. I love them too, which is why I wanted to become a Pokemon trainer like them.

I don't remember what my dad used to do, but I remember he would go out for so many days and would come back exhausted. Then one day at his job he got into an accident and died. My mom then took me to her hometown where have been living for the last five years. I don't know why we moved away, but I guess my mom didn't want us to live in a big city where a lot of bad things could happen.

My mom works in Littleroot and works in a town a few miles from here called Oldale town. It's a lot of work for her to do this, but she doesn't mind. She loves helping people and is very popular. She taught me a few things about medicine, which she hopes I remember when I go on my journey.

"Ah crap I almost forgot!" I remembered I have to go meet with Professor Birch about getting my starter Pokemon. "Why do I keep forgetting?"

I locked the door and grabbed my bike. Once I made sure I didn't forget anything I took off towards the professor's lab. The good thing is his lab isn't far from where I live, but I told him I would get there on time.

I manage to make it to the lab and I see no one is around. "Sweet, I'm going to get my starter Pokemon first."

"Excuse me, can I help you," I turn round and see one of Professor Birch's assistance coming out of the lab.

"Oh hi," I said greeting the assistant. "Is Professor Birch in? I came for my starter Pokemon."

"Oh I'm sorry," said the assistant. "But the professor is in the forest right now studying some pokemon. He said he will be back as soon as he can."

"The forest? Thanks!" I took off towards the forest ignoring whatever the assistant is yelling at me.

I didn't mention this before, but when I get excited I become impatient. So I rode my bike towards the forest and began looking for the professor. Making it to the forest I got off my bike and placed it against a tree.

"Now where could he be?" I asked myself as I went looking for the professor.

Just then I heard a loud scream coming nearby. "Help me!"

I ran towards where the scream is coming from and I see Professor Birch being chased by a Zigzagzoon. "Ahhhh! Please help me!"

Oh man this isn't good. I looked over and I see Professor Birch's bag. Running towards it I manage to open the bag and I see three Pokeballs. I don't care whatever is inside. I just hope it's one that can help me out. Throwing the Pokeball out a small Torchic appeared. I just hope I remember the attacks it has.

"Okay Torchic, attack with Scratch!" Torchic charges at Zigzagzoon and scratch it's face causing it to back away from the professor. It turns towards me and it looks mad. "All right try using Ember!"

Torchic fires a barrage of small fire attacks at Zigzagzoon causing it to retreat into the forest. I walked up pet Torchic on the head. "Wow that was pretty good. You're a strong little guy huh?" Torchic responded proudly.

"Thank *panting* you Ryan," said a tired and exhausted Professor Birch.

"You're welcome sir and mind telling me what happened?" I ask wondering how Professor Birch got in this situation in the first place.

"Well, I was writing some notes near the tall grass," Professor Birch points to the tall grasses near us. "When that Zigzagzoon came out of nowhere and began chasing me. I guess it felt I was invading its territory."

"Wow, well good thing I came huh?" I said glad I showed up otherwise the professor would have gotten hurt.

Professor Birch nods his head at me and shakes my hand. "Yes, thank you Ryan for saving me. I owe you one."

"Weeeell, how about we go back to the lab and so I can um…get my starter Pokemon?" I said getting right to the point.

"I think you already have," I was confused by the professor's comment when I feel something pressing against my leg.

I see Torchic rubbing his head against me. He looks up at me and chirps happily. It made me actually laugh a little. "I guess I do. So it's okay for me to take him as my starter?"

Professor Birch nods his head. "Yes, but you still have to come back with me to the lab to get your Pokedex and something else your mom left with me."

"Awesome!" I shouted as I pick Torchic up and hug my first Pokemon. "We're going to kick butts together. "

An hour later (Normal pov)

After getting his Pokeballs and Pokedex from Professor Birch, Ryan headed up route 101 towards Oldale town. He wanted to see his mom one last time before heading off on his journey. He makes it to the town and towards the Pokemon center where he sees Nurse Joy and her Chansey talking to some a trainer.

He looks around for his mom until he sees her talking to another doctor. "Mom!"

Ryan's mother turns around just in time for her son to wrap her in a hug. "Ryan! What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you before I left," said Ryan explaining his reasons for seeing her. "By the way thanks for the letter and sorry for not calling."

Ryan's mother smiles as she's glad to see her son. "It's okay and I'm glad you got the letter. I take it you got your Pokemon?"

Ryan nods his head as he takes out his Pokeball and shows his mom his Torchic. "Pretty cool huh?"

She kneels down and pets the young Torchic. "He's cute and he is going to grow up to be a strong Pokemon. Just raise him well and be careful."

She nods and puts his Pokemon back in his Pokeball. "I will and I'll call you when I get to the next town."

"I know you will," Ryan notices a tear on his mother's eyes filling with tears.

"Mom, please don't cry. I'll be back before you know it."

Ryan's mother hugs her son and tries to be strong. "Ryan, please be careful. Remember everything you were taught and have faith in your Pokemon. Never change who you are and promise me you'll be careful."

"I promise," said Ryan returning the hug. "I promise I'll be back and will be careful."

Ryan's mother kisses her son on the forehead. "I love you my son."

"I love you too, mom."

Route 102 (Ryan's pov)

I really wish I had checked the weather before riding on my bike. It began to rain after leaving my the Pokemon center. Good thing I brought my jacket and raincoat. They keep me dry in case my raincoat isn't enough to keep me from getting wet. The only downside is I didn't bring anything to protect my face.

This would probably be the best time to find a safe place to wait out until the rain stops. Just before I even had a chance to find a good place to stop I see a Zigzagzoon crossing my path. I quickly rode my bike away from the Zigzagzoon off the road and down a steep heel falling off my bike.

I landed on the ground on my back as I let out a loud ouch. "Son of a…that really hurt."

Looking back at the rode I see the Zigzagzoon look down from the road and I realize it's the same one I attacked to save the professor. I would have dismissed this, but then I saw the stupid thing smirking at me before taking off. I will need to tell the professor about this next time I see him.

Slowly and carefully I began to sit up. I looked over and I see my bike is destroyed. The front part of the bike is torn off and the wheel popped. To make this even worst I feel something in my hand. Looking down I see I'm holding a part of my handle bar from the bike. Wow, who knew Zigzagzoon hold grudges, especially for it to follow me from Littleroot.

I slowly got on my feet which was hard to do when you're in much pain as I'm in. Finally I manage to walk towards a tree after grabbing my bag. My legs feel a little wobbly so I decided to get some rest first before making my way back up to the road.

I found a perfect tree to rest under as I slowly and carefully sat down. Before I can get some sleep I need to check to make sure my injuries are not too serious. Looking over my body I don't see any cuts so no chance of getting an infection. My back hurts, but not enough to cause me any serious injuries. And I checked my stuff to see their all okay, including the compass.

All in all I just avoided a serious accident. "Which I doubt was the Zigzagzoon's intention…hopefully."

As I was about to doze off I heard a loud shriek coming nearby. Forgetting about my pain I got up and ran towards the source of the scream. Arriving to the source I see three Poochyenas attacking a small Ralts cornering it by a large tree. The Ralts is crying and is curled up as the leader of the Poochyenas approaches the small Pokemon.

No way am I going to allow them to hurt the Ralts I take out my Pokeball and let out Torchic. "Torchic, attack them with Ember!"

Torchic fires its attack at the leader hitting it in the face. The other two Poochyenas saw us and they charged at us. "Torchic, use Scratch on the Poochyena on the right and I'll take the left."

Torchic attacks the first Poochyena, while grabbing my father's knife I use the hilt of the knife and smash it to the side of the face of the second Poochyena. It yelped, but it charges at me again. I grabbed a nearby rock and this time I smacked the Pokemon in the face so hard it ran away.

I looked over and see Torchic taking down the first Poochyena who also took off. "Nice job."

But then our celebration was cut short as the leader of the Poochyena tackles down Torchic hurting him. It growls at me angrily and looks like it wants to kill me. I didn't show any fear, not since I need to help save the Ralts from this hungry looking Pokemon. It leaps towards me, but I took out my blade and swung it at the Pokemon cutting it on the side of the face.

It growls at me, while I just tried to look brave. Truth is though that is the first time I ever used my dad's knife before. I was scared and I could see now this Poochyena wants to seriously hurt me. Before it could attack me Torchic shoots an Ember attack at him hurting the Pokemon. If it's like the Zigzagzoon there is a good chance if I let it go it will come back for us, so.

I threw my Pokeball at it and I manage to capture my first Pokemon. Just not the way I'm sure I wanted to capture it. I kneeled down to Torchic and pet his head. "Thanks for the save buddy. You deserve a good long rest."

Taking out my Pokeball I return Torchic and walked towards the Ralts. I sat down next to her as she slowly lifted her head to see me. "Hey…you okay?"

I noticed her eyes are red and is still crying. She has long green hair, a pink horn, and a white dress which looks a little torn. No doubt from the Poochyenas. I extend my hand towards her, but she just backs away and cries some more.

I guess she's scared. I can't blame her, especially what she went through. I heard Ralts are shy and don't appear around humans much. They approach some humans by sensing their emotions. So if I want to earn her trust I have to show her she can trust me and let her feel from my emotions I'm not going to hurt her.

I smile at her and take out a piece of fruit that I brought with me. I placed it near her so she can have it. "Here, you can have this."

The Ralts looks at me still unsure, but I'm assuming it's reading my emotions. I see it's working as she slowly takes a bite from the fruit. She finishes the small fruit and then turns towards me. Then she jumps into my lap and begins to cry in my chest.

"It's okay, don't worry." I said trying my best to comfort her.

I can see some cuts on her as she continues crying. Once she calmed down I took out my first aid kid so I can help her. "Listen, I have some medicine that can help you otherwise you're going to get infected."

She seems to understand what I'm saying as she moves her arm with the cuts on them towards me. I take out the potion and sprayed it on her cut causing her to wince. "It's okay don't worry it's made to help heal with your injuries."

Once I finished I can already tell she's feeling better. "Do you feel better now?"

Yes, thank you so much. I look around wondering where the voice is coming from. I then hear giggling sound. Down here silly.

I look down and see the Ralts talking to me. At least I think she is. "Did you just…talk?"

Close, I am using Telepathy.

"Oh right you're a psychic Pokemon," I should have paid more attention about Pokemon and what they can do. "Soooo, what are you doing out here? Where are your parents?"

I noticed she lowered her head when I mentioned her parents and in the back of my mind I realize that I probably shouldn't have said that.

"Oh I'm sorry I shouldn't have brought that up."

No, its okay you didn't know. I don't really know what happened to them. I woke up three days ago and I have been looking for them. I can see the Ralts gripping my chest and I could see she is hurting. I looked for them everywhere, but couldn't find them. Then I got attacked by those Poochyenas. Until…until you saved me.

"Well, I'm just glad I saved you and that they didn't hurt you."

I can feel her hugging me again giving me time to think of what to do. For one I can't leave her all alone with no one to look after her. I'm sure those other two Poochyenas will come back and bring some more friends. So I need to take her with me so she can be safe. But I can't do it out of force. I need to ask her to come with me without making it sound like I'm forcing her, but how?

I'll go with you. I look down and see the Ralts tugging on my shirt. I heard your thoughts and I want to go with you.

She can read your thoughts, remember Ryan! I shouted in my mind for once again forgetting what the Ralts can do. "Are you sure?"

She nods her head. You saved me and I know you want to keep me safe. Thank you and I want to return the favor by helping you.

"Well…if you want to come then fine you can come," I said deciding she can come. "But, I need to do something first."

I take out my Pokeball and I explained to her what she needs to do. She understands and presses the button allowing me to capture her. Then once she is caught I released her and now she's part of my team.

""So you ready to go?"

Yes, but is it okay if I can stay out of the Pokeball and you…carry me? I see a small blush on her face, which causes me to smile at the shy little Ralts.

I pick her up and place her on my shoulder. "Sure, I don't mind having someone to walk and talk to."

We see the rain has stopped and the sun is coming out of the clouds. "Looks like things are going to get good from here on out."

Yes they are and thank you for saving me Ryan.

I guess she read my thoughts and knows my name. Speaking of names, "What's your name?"

Oh, I don't have one.

"Well that won't do everyone should have a name," I began to think of some names, until I came up with a good one. "Hmmm, how does Rachel sound? Do you want that as your name?"

I see her smiling and I can feel her hugging me. I love it, thank you so much Ryan.

I let out a small laugh as we headed off to the next town. "I think this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship."

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