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The Darkness versus the Light part VI (Parting Ways)

Unknown location

"Ms. Annabeth…please…wake up…" said a disorder voice yet familiar voice. "Please…wake up…we need you to wake up…now!"

Annabeth's eyes opened wide as she sat up while gasping loudly. She turns to her side to see Amy on her knees next to her, while she has a concerned look on her face. Near her she sees Tamina, Sora, and Daniel nearby looking concerned. All while she sees Fantina, Clair, Lance, and Alder nearby unconscious.

"Anna? W-what is going on?" Annabeth then looks around to see where they are at. "W-wh-where are we?"

Annabeth begins getting up as she sees where they are at. They appear to be in a strange dark world with floating platforms at many different angels. They also see large waterfalls that appear in every angle, including going sideways like they are a river. This whole world makes no sense and seems to defy the laws of physics.

Annabeth though seems to recognize this world as she looks around in in awe. "The Distortion World…"

"What was that?" Daniel asked who seemed confused by what Annabeth said.

Annabeth turns to the kids and sighed before looking out to this world. "The Distortion World or as it is also called the Reverse World is the home of Giratina. It is another universe that is opposite to our world. It is said in this world it is connected to ours and has a symbiotic relationship with our world. I don't know what that means, but it is said whenever there is imbalances in our world it takes in abnormal pollution to this world."

"Like when Cyrus tried to force Palkia and Dialga to create a new universe?" Tamina asked figuring that's what she means.

Annabeth nods in response before she continues. "Professor Rowan used to tell me about this world when I worked with him before when I was young. Of course, since we don't know how to get in this world all we could go by are just theories," she sighed softly before looking around. "I guess I can tell the professor those theories are real."

"Well, if Giratina attacked Cyrus for what he was doing then why bring us here?" Sora asked confused on why they were taken too.

"Yeah and where is Cyrus?" Amy asked while getting a little concerned. "You don't think Giratina ate him, right?"

Annabeth shook her head in response. "I doubt it. He must have been taken somewhere else. Maybe…" Annabeth looks down and sees Cyrus standing on a large rock. "Down there!"

Annabeth looks around and picks up a piece of rock before throwing it into the air. She sees it drifting away as if the gravity here in this world is keeping it from falling. So, Annabeth leaps off as the kids all shout out her name. However, they see Annabeth gently floating down using the strange gravity of this world to make her way down to Cyrus.

Once she land she turned to the kids. "Stay up there! Keep the others safe until I get back!"

The kids all nod figuring they will be needed to keep the adults safe until they awaken. Annabeth meanwhile turns to Cyrus and took out her Cresselia as they approach the leader of Team Galactic. Cyrus seems to have his back turn to Annabeth and appeared to be staring up into the sky. Annabeth was now inches from him when she hears him speak.

"There is no need for us to fight," said Cyrus causing Annabeth to stop approaching him. "It is pointless to fight because it is clear I lost."

Annabeth wasn't buying it and kept her guard up, while she keeps her Pokémon close. "So, you've seen the errors of your ways? You realized what you've been doing is wrong and you are ready to pay for your crimes?"

Cyrus turns to face Annabeth slowly as he stares at her. Annabeth tensed up and keeps her guard up figuring he was going to attack her. Cyrus though simply shook his head and looks out into this world.

"Tell me, what do you see here, Annabeth?" Cyrus asked as he continued staring at this world without looking at Annabeth. "What do you think of this world?"

Annabeth isn't sure what game he is planning but decides to go along with it. She looks out into the world and sighed softly before she gives her honest response. "I see nothing. I see no humans, no Pokémon, and no signs of any living being. This world feels empty, quiet, and cold."

"Exactly," said Cyrus he closed his eyes and tries to listen for any other sound other than their own. "There is nothing here…and there is nothing to hear. What I seek is a world, one that requires no spirit, it would be a perfect world," he opens his eyes and a small smile formed for a moment before he continued. "Yes…this place of nothingness is what I sought."

Annabeth seems surprised to hear this. Just before Cyrus was willing to change the whole universe to his image by any means necessary. Now here he is content with this world. A world where there are no signs of life and sees it as perfect?

Has Cyrus truly lost it or…or perhaps maybe this is what he really wanted? If this is what he wants then…then she should let him have it?

Annabeth then snaps out of it and focused on the important task at hand. "Giratina, it brought us here to this world. Obviously to punish you for what you did, but why us? Why do you think it brought the rest of us here?"

Cyrus closed his eyes and sighed as he shook his head. "I don't believe Giratina brought you here as punishment. I believe he brought you here because of what is happening elsewhere."

Suddenly they feel a large rumble shaking the ground and this world. Annabeth held on to her Pokemon while looking up to see the kids getting worried on what is happening.

Soon the shaking stopped and Annabeth sighed in relief, but was worried on what it was. "What was that?"

"A disturbance happening in our world," said Cyrus figuring that's what it is. "I assume it has something to do with what is going on in the Sinnoh League. One of my agents was there to keep the champion busy and not allow her to get involved in our plans. But it seems whatever she did is causing an imbalance. I believe that is why Giratina brought you here."

Annabeth became concerned when she heard it has to do with the Sinnoh League. "Ryan," she whispered fearing her son is in danger. "So, if Giratina brought us here then it isn't because we did something wrong? But it was to help it? Help it with what?"

Cyrus turned to Annabeth before looking to the side. "Ask Giratina yourself."

Annabeth turns to the side and gasped when she saw the large Pokémon floating nearby. Cresselia looks up at Giratina itself and gives it a small bow before the legendary Pokemon returned the small bow then turns to Annabeth. Her Pokémon motions for her to approach Giratina as if she knows what it wants.

Annabeth gulps a little and approached the Pokémon. She soon stood in front of it and looks up into its eyes. Giratina looks back at Annabeth's eyes and for some reason she could tell what it was trying to tell her. What it is trying to warn her of what is going on.

Annabeth couldn't understand how it is able to tell her, but…but all she knew it her friends, her home, and most importantly her son needed her. Soon she sees two bright lights appearing behind Giratina. She looks on to see Palkia and Dialga appear as their bodies begin to glow. She then looks beyond them to see a fourth glowing Pokémon.

She recognized it and then turns to Giratina knowing what they need to do. "Giratina, please let us help you and save our world," said Annabeth agreeing to help out in anyway they can. "We will all help you…together."

Sinnoh League

Meanwhile, back in the arena.

Dawn and Iris managed to get outside of the room they were in so they can head outside. They knew they needed to get Derek some help soon then help Ryan find Apollo. They saw the people were all gone and the exit doors were open. This is good since it meant they all got out.

However, they need to get to safety first in order to get Derek some help. Grace held on to Dawn, while Meloetta held on to Iris. They reassured Grace that her mommy and daddy are fine. That they are safe and they will bring them back to her.

As they ran towards the exit they hear a loud explosion coming from the arena floor. They look through the arena floor to see large debris falling towards the ground. It made both girls shake a little wondering what was going on. Was this caused by an actual explosion or something else.

"W-what do you think that was?" Dawn asked.

Iris sighed softly as she shook her head. "I have no idea. Whatever it is, it can't be good."

"It's the final battle taking place," the girls gasped when they look over to see Mia and Gallade standing nearby.

"Mia!" Dawn runs over and hugs her friend. "I'm so glad to see you are both okay."

Mia smiles softly and hugs the smaller girl back. "Its good to see you too and glad you are all okay," she then gasped when she saw Derek. "What happened to him?"

Iris goes to her brother and shook his head. "He got attacked while helping us. He's hurt badly, but we need to get him some help."

Mia and Gallade walk over to Derek to check on him. He is indeed in bad shape, but they knew they can help him. Mia grabs her bag and pulls out something. It appears to be a bottle of water that she begins to open and has Gallade help lift Derek up.

"W-wait. What are you doing?" Dawn asked wondering what is happening.

"Don't worry. This should help him up," said Mia as she pours some of the water along Derek's back and then some down his mouth as Derek drinks it.

The girls look on wondering what is happening and were about to question this. Until they see Derek's eyes beginning to open and he lets out a small groan.

"Ugh damn…what happened?" Derek asked as he looks over to see the others. "Oh h-hey. What did I miss?"

Dawn's eyes filled a little with tears as she rushed over and gave Derek a big hug. Dawn didn't understand what just happened, but she got so emotional seeing Derek is awake and appears okay. She held Derek close while her tears flowed down her eyes. Derek didn't know what just happened, but he could tell Dawn was worried about him and hugged her back.

Iris turns to Mia looking shocked at what she did. "W-what did you just do?"

Mia turns to Iris and shows the bottle. "During our journey we came across a mountain in the Johto region where a rare water can be found. It is said the water can heal any injuries of any kind. Whether they are on Pokémon or humans. So, we found the water under the mountain and took some of it with us just in case."

"T-hat is amazing," said Iris as she approached her brother and Dawn. "How you feeling? Do you remember what happened?"

"Remember what happened? Well, lets see…" Derek begins recalling finding the girls, helping them fight against Apollo's corrupted Pokémon, and then…he then realized he is still wearing his Coordinator X costume before turning to Dawn. "Oh Dawn, I'm so sorry for not telling you the truth. I wanted to but…I was just trying to push you so you can be…"

Dawn stops him and shook her head before smiling. "I know and its okay. I'm not mad. I'm just glad your okay and you are all right."

Derek sighed in relief that Dawn isn't mad at him and smiles. "Well, that's a relief. I was worried I made you mad and…" Dawn interrupts him again, but this time by giving him a kiss on the lips causing Grace to close her eyes, Meloetta to cover her ears, and Iris to cover her mouth in shock of what she is seeing.

Dawn breaks the kiss and begins blushing. Derek's face was red as well as he looked on surprised with the kiss. The two appeared to be ready to go at it again when they heard two loud roars coming from the arena floor.

"W-what the hell was that?" Derek asked shocked by the sound.

Mia turns to the arena floor to see two lights coming from it. "Why don't we go find out and see if Ryan needs our help."

Mia and Gallade head off to the arena floor, while Iris runs behind them. Dawn was about to go until she realized Derek might still be hurt. Derek is seen getting off of Mammoswine as Dawn goes to him.

"A-are you sure you are okay? We should get you checked out just in case," said Dawn not wanting to risk Derek getting hurt.

Derek shook his head in response as his expression got serious. "If my best buddy is fighting that monster then I want to be there and help him. But you should take Grace and get out of here."

Grace shook her head in response. No way! If my mommy and daddy are fighting then I want to help too!

Dawn was about to tell her no, but she knew she wasn't going to leave while everyone is fighting. She turns to Derek and stood her ground. "If you go then we all go."

Derek sighed knowing there is no point in arguing. "All right. But keep the kids close and let's go."

They run towards the arena floor where they stood by where Mia, Gallade, and Iris are at. They look up and were in shocked in what they were seeing.

They look to see a large dark dragon with long silver hair, sharp fangs, horns, and glowing silver eyes. It also appears to have large wings and tail as his size alone looks like he is the size of a building. But they look over across from them a large white feathered dragon with long white wings, a tail, feathers on its head, and glowing brightly. The darker dragon roared loudly, while the light dragon roared gently.

"Tennebris, the Pokémon of Darkness. Luminance, the Pokémon of Light," said Derek as he named both Pokemon knowing they are the ones Cynthia told them. "T-this is it. The final battle is finally happening."

"Kids!" They look over to see Johanna running towards them.

"Mom!" Dawn runs up to her mother and the two embraces in a hug. "You're okay!"

"I'm just glad your okay too," said Johanna who is relieved her daughter is safe.

"I figured you guys were okay," Amanda is seen nearby with her Mewtwo, Reiko. "Now, you guys better get over here. The fight is about to begin."

Johanna leads the kids to where Amanda is at. She has them go down into a pit area which Reiko created so they can stay safe. They look over to see Cynthia with her Garchomp out and standing near where Ryan and Rachel are at. Across from them Apollo stood by with his body looking different. His skin appears pale, his eyes glowing silver, and his hair appearing silver…just like Tennerbris.

Ryan though still looks the same, except his body began to glow a little. But it wasn't glowing like Apollo as his Pokémon stood by ready to fight.

"So, now what?" Iris asked as she turns to Derek.

Derek sighed softly as he stares at the fight. "Now? We wait and see how this fight will go."

Dawn looks a little worried as she turns to where Ryan and Rachel are as she held Grace close to her. "Good luck…you two…" she whispered.

Ryan stood by with Rachel as they look on to see the two Pokémon ready to fight it out. Ryan tried to tell himself this is just like his past battles with Apollo. Sure, things look bad, but they'll find a way to win this and overcome everything. They know things have changed, but they will still try and help.

Ryan, I know Cynthia told us to stay back and let Luminance fight, but…Rachel then turns to Apollo and Tennebris and balls her hands into a fist. I would feel better knowing we can help her.

Ryan nods in agreement as he looks up at Luminance. "I don't know if you can hear me, but please let us help you. I know Apollo and I know he'll do whatever it takes to win. This is our fight too. So, let us fight together."

Luminance looks down at Ryan and Rachel as they look right back at her. She slowly nods her head in response and begins mind-linking with them as she spoke to them in a gentle voice. Very well. I will let you both help me. And don't worry your friends will be safe too.

Ryan and Rachel smiled happily knowing that Luminance will let them help. Luminance even shares with Ryan her attacks and her abilities so he can be aware what they can do.

"Thank you," said Ryan as he thanks Luminance knowing she trusts them.

Apollo can be heard laughing manically as he listened to what they just said. "How pathetic. You still relying on the whole teamwork and love. Well, guess what? I don't need anything of that, especially with Tennebris. Isn't that right?"

Apollo looks up at Tennebris as the Dark-Pokémon's laughter was dark. That's right. You are a fool to fight me again, sister. Thanks to this boy I have grown stronger and more powerful than when we last fought. Without your full power that our sister took from you, you will lose.

Luminance shook her head in response. You are wrong, brother. While it is true our sister took most of my powers, I am still strong enough to fight against you. But I won't do it alone. This time as well, I have a new reason to fight you…and that's save this world.

You mean the same world that has destroyed all we created? Tennebris asked as he growled. These humans are not worth protecting. They have poisoned everything they touched, they have caused nothing but chaos, and cannot be trusted. This boy is proof of that.

Apollo laughs once again. "No argument here. Humanity is not worth saving and protecting."

"No! You are wrong!" Ryan exclaimed as he spoke up. "Humanity has made a lot of mistake and we have stumbled along the way. But there are plenty of us who are willing to fight, protect, and save this world from people like Apollo. But we don't do it alone. We help save this world with the help of our friends, our family…" Ryan then took Rachel's hand and smiles. "And those we love."

Rachel nods in agreement before she feels her cheeks blushing. Ryan is right. This world is worth protecting and I won't let you harm our world. You may believe humanity must be destroyed, but we will prove to you that humanity can do many great things. With a little help from the Pokémon that live in this world in peace with humanity.

Apollo scoffed and shook his head. "Pathetic. I think its time I put you down you little bitch. Kill her!"

Tennebris begins opening his mouth as another ball of energy begins to form. Death Ball! Tennebris fires the attack towards Ryan and Rachel.

"Luminance, use Light Shield!" Ryan ordered as Luminance's eyes begin glowing brightly and covers them in a powerful bright light shield.

The Death Ball hits the light shield and disintegrates. Apollo orders Tennebris to attack again. So, Tennebris uses Dark Shriek. He opens his mouth and soon a dark shriek energy wave is shot towards Luminance. Ryan orders Luminance to use her Illumination attacks, which she uses by opening her mouth and firing a bright energy attack.

The attacks collided and caused a powerful shockwave that is spread across the arena. Much of the arena begins to crack as Reiko uses her barrier to shield the trainers from the shockwave. Tennebris soon leaps towards Luminance as he moves his hand up and the shadows from his body begin to form a large Shadow Blade sword in his hand. Luminance moves her hands up to do the same as she summons her Light Blade sword.

The attacks collided against each other causing yet another shockwave to spread across the arena. Rachel used her barrier to protect herself and Ryan, while Apollo stood back. Both Pokémon tried to push the other back as they try to establish dominance. However, Luminance noticed her brother was starting to get the upper hand.

Tennebris had indeed gotten stronger as he pushed Luminance towards the stands crashing into them. Ryan noticed this as Tennebris used his wings to swipe away the Light Blade. Tennebris goes to stab her, but Ryan turns to Rachel who was already aware what to do. She used her Protect to shield Luminance from the attack.

The shield worked, but it broke the moment the attacked connected. Tennebris turns to Ryan and Rachel as he goes to crush them. Luminance though used this chance and fired a point-blank Illumination blast at her brother. Tennebris is knocked across the arena floor towards the stands crashing into them.

Apollo leaped out of the way so he won't get crushed. Tennebris gets up and roared loudly, while Luminance roared back gently. Luminance grabs her sword and goes to use it again, but Tennebris uses Shadow Veil. He uses his wings to shield himself and block her attack causing her sword to bounce off the wings.

Tennebris moves his wings away and fires another Death Ball. Luminance managed to cut the attack in half, but Tennebris leaps in and swings his body as his wings hits his sister knocking her down. Tennebris brings his foot down on the back of his sister and goes to attack again. Ryan though has Rachel again stop the attack by using Protect again.

Tennebris roared in anger again as he turns to attack Ryan and Rachel. However, Rachel teleported them away before his blade could hit them. Luminance saw her chance as her body begins to glow and her wings spread out. Soon her feathers fired light projectiles at Tennebris causing him to be knocked away.

Luminance then swings her sword and managed to graze her brother as he backs away in anger. He held his grazed left shoulder and roared at his sister. Apollo fell on one knee when he felt something cutting his left shoulder. He looks down and is shocked to see he is bleeding too.

Ryan and Rachel noticed this, while looking shocked. It seems whatever happened to Apollo's body has now been revealed. He is somehow connected to Tennebris. So, if he is harmed then he will feel it too.

At least, injuries like getting cut. Apollo soon realized this too and angrily shouts at Tennebris. "What are you doing?! You are losing! You can't be losing! Destroy them all!"

Do not tell me what to do! Tennebris replied with his eyes glowing brightly as Apollo fell to his knees in pain. The human and his Gardevoir continue getting in my way. Destroy them both, by any means necessary.

Apollo gets up and begins panting as he looks over to see where the Riolu, Grace is at. Apollo begins to smile evilly and nods. "With pleasure."

Apollo soon disappeared, shocked Ryan and Rachel. W-where did he go? Rachel asked as she couldn't track where he went.

"I-I don't know," said Ryan as he keeps his guard up.

Suddenly Apollo appeared behind Dawn and grabs Riolu. The others soon noticed this and Derek leaps at Apollo. But Apollo blasted him away knocking him into Mia, Gallade, and Amanda. Apollo soon disappeared and reappeared back where he began.

Grace! Rachel called out as she tries to go to her daughter, but Ryan stopped her.

Mommy! Daddy! Grace called out for her parents as Apollo held her by the back of her neck.

"Let her go, Apollo!" Ryan shouted wanting to free his daughter.

"Stay out of the fight and I will," said Apollo as he begins laughing.

"W-what?" Ryan replied until he realized what Apollo is doing. "Y-you bastard! You cowardly bastard!"

"Attack!" Apollo ordered.

Tennebris used this distraction to fire another Death Ball towards Luminance. Luminance managed to block the attack with her sword, but the force of the attack knocked her away. Tennebris fired a Dark Shriek at Luminance knocking her towards the stands once again, but this time she crashed through it.

Ryan fell to the ground and groaned in pain. Rachel noticed this and kneels down towards Ryan. Ryan, what's wrong? Are you okay?

"S-sort of," said Ryan as he felt some pain until he realized what it is. "I-I guess me and Luminance are bonded too, which means…"

Apollo begins to laugh. "Which means when she dies so will you. How perfect is this! I get to kill off my greatest enemy and his bitch at the same time! How wonderful!"

"I don't think so!" Derek and the others recovered as they join Ryan. "Let the kid go, Apollo. Doing this will only prove how weak you are."

"Yeah! You can't beat Ryan alone so you resort to such a cowardly tactic," said Dawn as she helps Ryan up.

"You are a coward! Fight fairly!" Iris shouted as well.

"Fairly? I'm done fighting fairly! I'm going to do things my way and my way only! Now all of you stand down or else," Apollo replied as he tightens his grip on Grace. "Tennebris, finish Luminance off!"

With pleasure. Tennebris brings his foot down on his sister and grabs his sword as he goes to use it.

"Reiko, use Psychic!" Amanda ordered as Reiko now in her Mega form appeared and stops the attack.

Tennebris tries pushing the attack down, but Reiko held her own. Y-you freak of nature! You aren't even a real Pokémon. You are just some lab experiment gone wrong! You are nothing to me!

You are right. I'm not a real Pokemon, but I am a real living being. One that is loved by my friends and treated equal. Reiko turns to Amanda knowing she has treated her like her friends and someone she cares about. Reiko's eyes begin to glow as she pushed the sword back. And for my friend, I will fight for her!

Reiko unleashed a powerful energy blast that knocks Tennebris away. A bright light is seen near Reiko as Garchomp now appeared in his Mega form as well. Cynthia walks over and stands by Amanda.

"I was told to stand aside and let this fight be between light and darkness. But I have stood on the sideline long enough. Garchomp, use Giga Impact!" Cynthia ordered as Garchomp flies towards Tennebris and hits him right in the gut knocking him towards the ground through the stands.

Apollo looks on shocked and sees what happened. He growled in anger before deciding if they want to do this then he'll get rid of Grace as he prepares to kill her.

Let her go! Apollo looks up and sees Meloetta appeared out of nowhere and fires a Psybeam hitting Apollo in the face. Meloetta grabs Grace as Rachel saw her chance then teleports in front of them. She grabs them both and before she can teleport them away Apollo recovered and fires an energy blast at her. Rachel screams in pain as she falls to the ground.

"Rachel!" Ryan shouted as he got up and runs over to check on her.

Mommy! Grace goes to her mom and her father as she sees her mother is in pain.

Derek and the others run over to join Ryan as they run over to their fallen friend. Ryan kneels down next to Rachel and checks on her, while Grace and Meloetta

Rachel looks up at Ryan and Grace as she feels so much pain flowing through her body. But she tried to fight through it and smile at her family. A-are you okay, Grace?

Grace nods softly before she hugs her mother. Ryan held Rachel and strokes her head. "Its okay. We're all okay."

T-that's good. As long as you are all okay that's all that matters to me. Rachel is just glad her family is okay as she winced in pain.

"Just hang on. You'll be okay," said Ryan as he tries to get some potion from his pocket, but finds he ran out of them.

"We need to get her to a Pokémon Center," said Johanna knowing Rachel needs medical treatment.

"Don't bother," said Apollo as he gets up and scowls in anger. "None of you are leaving here alive! I will kill you all! Including that worthless bitch!"

Grace gets up and growls in anger. My…mom…is not…a….bitch! Soon her body begins to glow as the others look on shocked. Grace she's…evolving.

Grace begins to grow as her body begins to evolve. Soon the light is gone and Grace growls loudly as she evolved into a Lucario.

G-Grace, you've evolved. Rachel is shocked and yet proud her girl grew up.

"Well, what do you know," said Derek who is surprised and proud to see Grace evolved.

Ryan is surprised that this happened, but then again evolutions do happen different ways. "All right. Grace, you ready?"

Grace nods in response. Yes father. I am ready.

Apollo though didn't take this seriously and laughs. "Oh please. You think this little bitch can take me on? I've become more powerful thanks to Tennebris. Your little bitch is about as worthless and weak as…"

"Grace, use Aura Sphere!" Ryan ordered as Grace roared loudly before firing a powerful Aura Sphere.

The attack hits Apollo directly in the gut and sends him crashing into the wall before falling on his knees. Tennebris began to recover from the attacks earlier, but falls on his knees after Apollo got hit. It seems whatever happens to Apollo can also hurt Tennebris. Grace lets out a small sigh before turning to her mother.

Father, she'll be okay, right? Grace asked. Even in her evolved form she still the same Riolu that Ryan and Rachel have raised.

Ryan nods in response before holding Rachel close. "She'll be okay. We just need to get her some help."

Then allow me to help. Ryan looks up and sees Luminance has recovered. She moves her hand out and soon begins engulfing Rachel in a bright light. Healing Light. Luminance spoke as Rachel's eyes opened wide when she feels the pain from her body begins to go away.

Rachel stood up slowly with Ryan's help and looks completely fine. Grace runs up to her mom and gives her a big hug as did Dawn and Iris. All of them glad that Rachel is okay. Ryan sighed in relief as Derek placed his hand on his shoulder showing his support for his friend.

Ryan looks up at Luminance and nods at her. "Thank you for your help."

Luminance shook her head in response. I should be thanking you and your friends. I can sense you all have such a strong bond with your Pokémon. You see them more than just friends and you show your love for them as much as they show their love towards you. I am proud that there is still some of that in humanity.

"S-shut up you bitch," said Apollo as he gets up as did Tennebris as they both growl in anger. "Your making it seem like this fight is over. Its not even close to being over. Don't forget. You still can't beat us."

"Not alone," said Ryan as he lets out his Pokémon team as they all stood tall. "I thought I needed to stand back and let Luminance fight against her brother alone. But now I realize she doesn't have to fight him alone. Because she isn't alone and she has us to fight with her."

Dawn, Iris, Derek, and Johanna looked at each other before they let out their whole team of Pokémon. Cynthia and Amanda looked at each other then throw out their team as their Pokémon joined the others.

"As long as we're together we will defeat you both. We will overcome the darkness together and we will win," said Ryan as Rachel and Grace stood by with him ready to fight.

Apollo scoffed at this as he turns to Tennebris. "Can you believe this?"

Tennebris laughed evilly as he turns to his sister. How pathetic, sister. Are you really going to let this human and his weak friends continue saving you? Are you afraid you can't beat me alone?

Luminance shook her head in response. What the boy says is true. I thought I needed to fight you alone and end this fight to keep you from harming anymore innocent lives. But it was fighting you alone that caused so much of what we created to be destroyed. Our hatred, anger, and rage against each other caused everything we believed in to be destroyed.

Luminance turns to Ryan and his friends before she smiles. I now realize what our sister wanted and what she had hoped would happen if we ever escaped. Luminance then turns towards her brother and extended her wings. Let us end this brother. Let us put aside our hatred for one another and end this in peace.

Tennebris laughed once again at what his sister said and begins charging his sword with his dark aura. There is only one way to end this, sister. It is with your death and the death of your little friends. This world will belong to us and we will do with it however we pleased. Now, time to die!

As Tennebris prepares to attack a bright light can be seen appearing from the sky. The trainers and their Pokémon all look up to see this wondering what it is. Soon the light begins to take form as it shows Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, and to everyone's surprise Arceus all appeared. They soon flew down to stand by with Luminance.

Behind the trainers and their Pokémon they see a bright light emerging. They look over to see a portal opening. To their surprise they see out of the portal came Lance, Fantina, Clair, Alder, Sora, Daniel, Amy, Tamina, and Annabeth. Along with them came their Pokémon as they all join the others.

"Mom!" Ryan looks surprised to see his mom is back and she came with the others.

"Ryan!" Annabeth runs over and gives her son a big hug. "I'm so glad to see you are here. Are you okay? Are you all okay?" she asked as she breaks the hug and turns to the others.

"We're fine mom. We're all fine," said Ryan who is glad to see his mom is back.

Annabeth sighed in relief before looking over to see Lucario. "G-Grace? She evolved?"

Rachel nods as she placed both hands on Grace's shoulders and smiles proudly. Yes, she did. It um just happened.

Annabeth smiles happily as she kneels down to face Grace. "Well, I'm happy to see you are growing up. Although I do miss you being small."

Grace giggled and nods in agreement. It will get some time getting used to.

Annabeth nods in agreement before turning to Johanna. "Thank you for keeping an eye on my family."

Johanna nods as she gives her friend a hug. "And thank you for coming back okay."

"Um excuse me, ma'am," Derek spoke up as he points to the four legendary Pokémon. "But um what's going on? How did you guys show up with Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, and Arceus?"

"Yeah um I'm kind of confused about that," said Dawn who is shocked to see the two Pokémon who made the Sinnoh region and Arceus.

"It's a long story, but to make it short…they came to help us end this fight," said Annabeth as she turns the four Pokémon. "But for now here is what we need to do…"

Annabeth begins explaining the plan to the others as they all listened. Ryan though didn't need to hear it since he could hear what Luminance is thinking and knew what was going to happen. He knew whatever they are going to do he knew this will help them win this fight.

Tennebris growls in anger as did Apollo who looks on in annoyance. "What the hell is this? How dare you get in my way?"

We are here because of what my mother tasked me to do. Arceus replied as he spoke up. We came to help end this war between the light and darkness.

Your mother? Who is your mother you freak? Tennebris replied wondering why this Pokémon seems familiar.

Serenity. Arceus replied.

Tennebris's eyes widen in anger as he roared loudly. All while Luminance didn't seem surprised by this revelation. I see. That explains why you felt so familiar to her. I assume she made you not just to protect this world from us, but to stop us if necessary.

Arceus nods in response before turning to Luminance. Only if you continued fighting against each other and you try destroying this world. I am pleased to know you have changed. Arceus turns to Tennebris as he fired a Death Ball at them.

However, Arceus uses his Life Plates to stop the attack and showed he was able to stop it with ease. Though it seems my uncle has not learned his lesson. So, it looks like he leaves me with no choice. We will need to end this.

Luminance nods in agreement before turning to her brother. Then, let us end this fight and bring peace to this world.

Arceus, Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina soon all begin to glow as they roared loudly. Tennebris sees what is happening and goes to attack again. But Luminance blocks the attack with her Light Shield. Tennebris though didn't let this stop him as he uses his sword and tries breaking through the shield repeatedly.

However, to his surprise it wasn't working. Even Apollo looked on shocked by this. "This is impossible. She shouldn't have any power left to be able to withstand that attack. So, how is she…" Apollo then gasped when he looks over to see the trainers and their Pokémon beginning to glow. "W-what is this?"

Earlier, Annabeth explained that Arceus needs the humans and their Pokémon to give their energy towards Ryan so that he will be able to transfer it into Luminance. Luminance will be fueled by their power as she stops her brother's attacks. Biding Arceus time as the four legendary Pokémon draw on the power that Arceus's mother left for them. It seemed that Serenity didn't just make Arceus, she also made Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina.

To be all the balance to protect this world. Protect space, time, reality, and life. She has entrusted her power to her children as the four Pokémon begin calling on their power to end this fight. Tennebris could sense this power and see the light getting brighter. Soon with Luminance's power she helped give the Pokémon what they need as their light soon took on the form of a large winged figure wearing gold armor and a blue orb on her chest.

Apollo sees what is going on and begins to panic when the sudden realization began to fall on him. "No! I won't lose to you again! I won't lose!" Apollo begins charging at Ryan as he tries to attack him.

Tennebris also refused to lose as he charges at the figure and roared loudly. Apollo and Tennebris swing for an attack, but suddenly the figure's eyes open wide as a bright light begins spreading across the arena. The light hits Apollo and Tennebris as they screamed loudly. Tennebris begins to disappear as his screams echoed across the arena before they disappeared.

The light soon begins to die down as the figure turns towards Luminance who looks up at her. The figure moves her hand up to Luminance's face and smiles at her before she nods her head. Luminance smiles before she nods back. Soon the figure is gone and the four Pokémon reappeared.

The dark clouds soon begin to disappeared as the sun soon comes back. The others soon got their vision back after being blinded by the light. They look up and see the arena is back to the way it was. Everything that got damaged or destroyed has returned to normal. As if nothing happened.

"Whoa…that was…pretty cool," said Derek as he was the first to speak up.

"Your telling me," said Iris as she sees Tennebris is gone. "It also looks like it worked. We won."

"I guess we did," said Amanda who seemed disappointed that she didn't to see what happened since the light kept her from seeing it all. "I just wish I got to see him get disintegrated."

"You and me both," said Ryan as he looks over to see Apollo on the ground but appears to return to normal. "Is Apollo…alive?"

Alder walks over and checks on Apollo before he gives the others the thumbs up. "Alive, but unconscious."

Most of the others sighed in relief. Yeah, a part of them did wish the worse…but the other part of them didn't want him to die without paying for his crimes.

Ryan looks up to see Luminance still here with the other four legendary Pokémon. "I-is he really gone? Is Tennebris gone for good?"

Luminance nods in response. Unfortunately.

Ryan now felt bad for what happened and rubbed the back of his head. "S-sorry. I know that must have been hard for you to do that."

It was, but…Luminance sighed softly before she continued. My brother died a long time ago. He allowed his anger and hatred to cloud his judgement. I will miss him, but it needed to happen. But I still thank you all for your help on stopping him from harming anymore innocent lives.

You are welcome. Rachel thanked the Pokémon of Light before turning to Arceus. And thank you, Arceus for your help too. We appreciate it and we are grateful you showed up.

I did what my mother wanted me to do and I'm happy to know despite humanity's flaws there are still plenty of humans left who are still good. So, for that we thank you. Arceus then turns to Luminance. Now that this is over you are now free to join me and help watch over this world. What do you say?

Luminance turns to Ryan who gives her a small nod. Luminance then turns towards Arceus and smiles. Thank you, I would love that. She then kneels down and moves her finger towards Ryan. Thank you, all of you, including you Ryan. Thank you for helping me against my brother and helping me remember who I was.

Ryan moves his hand up and shook the giant finger. "Your welcome, but I didn't do it alone. We did it all as a team," he replied before holding Rachel and Grace together.

Luminance giggled softly before she nods. So, it seems. Well, I wish you all on your journey and I hope we will meet again. She turns towards Arceus and spreads her wings. I am ready.

Arceus nods as the Pokémon turn to the humans one more before they take off flying. They fly up into the sky before they disappeared in a bright light.

Once they were gone everyone lets out a small sigh of relief. "Well, I guess that's that then. So, what now?" Ryan asked before he turns to see Amanda standing across from the arena.

"First, someone pick up this piece of shit…" Amanda points to the unconscious Apollo. "And secondly let's resume our battle! I haven't lost yet and neither have you. So, let's finish this!"

Ryan begins smiling nervously as he rubs his finger on his cheek. "The thing is we don't have any judges, the audience are probably all gone, and this doesn't feel the same anymore."

"Its true," said Cynthia as she sighs while a little disappointed. "Not to mention it will take us time to explain everything on what happened and see if we can convince people to come back. This is going to be a nightmare."

"Well, its not like we can erase everyone's mind and make it seem like nothing happened," said Dawn before turning to see Amanda's cocky smile. "Um Amanda, what is it?"

Amanda turns to Reiko who simply smiled. "What if we could do all of that. Then, would you mind if we resume this fight?"

"Um I guess so?" Ryan asked a little worried about where this is going. "Why?"

Amanda giggled as she turns to Reiko. "Mind doing the honor?"

Reiko nods as she cracks her neck a little. Just erase the memory of all audience in the arena and go back in time, while making some small changes. Gotcha. She then turns towards Annabeth. Don't worry. I'll make sure not to change anything else where you guys were at. Cyrus will still be where he is at.

"Wait. How did you know about…" Annabeth is interrupted when the ground beneath the trainers begin to glow as the trainers and their Pokémon screamed.

An hour ago

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the finals of the Sinnoh League!" the announcer announced as the crowd cheered loudly.

Ryan and Rachel look around to find themselves in the middle of the arena with Amanda standing in front of them. Next to them also stood Grace with Meloetta on her head. They all looked around to see crowd back in the arena, the judges were they were earlier, and the announcer standing nearby repeating the same thing she said earlier. As if they went back to time.

"Now, as explained earlier this next fight will be a three-on-three battle. No substitutes and no time limit. The first team to defeat all three members of the opposing team wins and goes on to face the champion of Sinnoh, Cynthia!"

The crowd cheered loudly as they look up at the balcony where the champion is at. Cynthia waved nervously to the crowd, while trying to figure out what just happened. D-did they just go back in time? Did Amanda's Reiko do all of this?

Even Ryan's friends looked on in shock in the balcony they are at. Derek is seen sitting next to Dawn, Iris, Sora, Amy, Daniel, Mia, Gallade, and Tamina. All while behind them Annabeth, Johanna, Clair, Alder, Fantina, and Lance were sitting with them.

Ryan turns to Amanda after the referee calls for a clean fight. "A-Amanda, what is this? Did Reiko just…"

Amanda moves her hand up and smiles at her friend. "We just saved the world from a psychopathic jackass. I think we deserve to have a little bit of fun and finish our fight, right?"

Ryan was about to reply when he felt Rachel grasping his hand. Might as well go for it. Otherwise she'll probably do this again and again until we agree.

Ryan sighed softly and knew she's right. Ryan and Amanda begin going to their corner of the arena floor before turning to each other.

Ryan turns to Rachel and nods as she goes out to the field. He then throws out his Pokéball to let out Entei and Sylveon. Amanda took out her Pokéballs and release her Electivire, Garchomp, and Reiko as they all stood ready to fight.

"I hope your ready, Ryan. Because I won't lose to you and this time no one is going to ruin our fun," said Amanda as she got ready to finish this.

"Sorry, but now that the world has been saved I'm going to give you all we've got," said Ryan as his team got ready to fight.

"Let the finals of the Sinnoh League, begin!"

Team Galactic HQ

"Master Cyrus, please respond. Master Cyrus!" Team Galactic's commander, Saturn has been trying to contact their leader for some time after he disappeared with the trainers who got involved in their plan.

The three other commanders, including much of their grunts have been captured, but he managed to escape and returned to their base of command. Trying to contact their leader. He looks up at the screen to see only static. They couldn't see where their master is, but they are still trying to contact him.

"Master Cyrus…Master Cyrus…" Saturn stopped when he got a response, which was faint, but he managed to hear someone responding.

"Do not look for me," it was Cyrus as he responded through the intercom for all to hear.

"Master Cyrus, where are you?" Saturn asked hoping to track down where their master is at.

They suddenly hear a loud roar echoing across the room and causing the grunts to all flinch. Once the roared died down they lost transmission once again.

"Master Cyrus! Where are you?!" Saturn asked again, but it was too late.

One of the grunts approached Saturn wondering what they will do now that their master is gone. "Where has he gone? What do we do?"

Saturn moves his headset away and held it tightly in his hand causing it to crack. "Master Cyrus, I understand."

The door opened and the grunts all look over to see it is Nova walking into the room. Saturn turns towards her as he sees her approaching him. Nova turns to Saturn who nods his head in response. Nova took the headset from him and sets it down.

"So, my sister, much of the commanders, and now Cyrus are gone," said Nova as she gets a small nod from Saturn.

Nova begins to smile as she turns to the screen before turning it off. "Well, it looks like you all are going to need a new leader to take over. Do any of you object?" she asked getting no response from anyone, not even from Saturn. "Good, because I have a new plan for Team Galactic to get what we want. A brand-new world under our control and in our own image."

"H-how are we going to do that?" Saturn asked wondering how they can achieve this.

Nova begins typing something on the computer and smiles. "Well, first we need to move to a new area. Somewhere more…tropical. And secondly," she shows on the screen a large R symbol. "I think its time we extend our partnership with another group that also got taken down by the same kids who got in my way."


"The Sinnoh League finals ended with Amanda defeating Ryan after a long and brutal battle between the two trainers," spoke a news reporter as she recaps everything that happened. "It came very close, but in the end, Amanda managed to finally get the win over Ryan and was able to move on to face the champion, Cynthia. Despite her best efforts, Amanda was unsuccessful in defeating the champion, but it was announced the champion will give her a rematch whenever she wants. All I can say is if we end up getting a rematch this reporter will be there to see who will win."

The TV is turned off as Ryan stretched his arms, while he sat in the restaurant in the hotel. He is seen sitting next to Rachel, Grace, and Meloetta as they eat their food.

"Man, that was a fun tournament. I just wish things didn't go so crazy during the whole thing," said Ryan as he yawned softly. "It left me exhausted."

You and me both. Rachel replied as she lays her head down on the table. I'm just glad its over. I just wish Amanda didn't have us fight her again. It was so exhausting the first time so fighting her again was even worse.

"Especially how she knew all your moves," said Dawn as she sat across from her friends with Iris and Derek. "I'm still shocked Reiko could turn back time and erase people's memories."

"That was surprising, but then again we don't know much about Reiko or what she is," said Iris as she begins finishing her third bowl of soup.

Derek swallows his fifth bowl of soup before setting it down next to the other bowels. "Well, all I know is you guys gave it your all, but in the end Amanda won. Until she lost, but oh well it happens."

Amanda walked by and slaps Derek in the back of the head. "You don't need to remind me of that," she replied as she is seen wearing her jacket and carrying her bags. "Still, it was fun and I learned a lot from that fight with Cynthia. Now I know what I need to do to beat her."

Dawn noticed the bags and looks sad. "Your leaving? Already?"

Amanda turns to her friend and sighs softly. "After all the craziness that happened I um plan to go back home to see my family. Spend some time with them before I move on to my next journey. I plan to go to the Unova region with Amy, Mia, and Tamina."

"Whoa. Tamina is going with you guys? Really?" Iris asked surprised the girl who likes to be alone with her Pokémon is joining them.

"I guess Amy soften her up a little," said Amanda as she turns to Ryan and Derek. "Listen you two I want to say…thank you. For you know pushing me to my limit and helping me become a better trainer. I appreciate it and sorry for giving you both a hard time. But know the next time we meet again I'll want my rematch."

"Fine with me," said Derek as he lays back on his seat. "I've been wanting to go up against Reiko with Lapis and see who would win."

Ryan nods in agreement. "And I'll be wanting my rematch against you."

Amanda smiles softly and nods. "Wouldn't have it any other way," she then turns leans over as Dawn and Iris give their friend a big hug.

"Promise to write?" Dawn asked.

Amanda breaks the hug and nods in response. "Of course. I hope though we will meet again and when we do we should hang out."

Both girls nod in agreement before Amanda gives Ryan, Rachel, Grace, and Meloetta a hug. She turns to Derek knowing the two are not close to having a hug yet. So, they instead shook hands and smiled at each other before they parted ways. Amanda took her things and waves her friends goodbye before she leaves.

Once she was gone Derek turns towards Ryan and sighs. "So, what's your plan for the future?"

Ryan turns to Derek and smiles a little before turning to Rachel. "Home. We're going back with Dawn to drop her off with her mom. Then we'll head back to Hoenn to spend time with my mom. After that, probably Unova, but we'll see."

Derek smiles and chuckled softly. "Nice. Well, Iris and I are going to drop off Apollo at our village where we'll get some rest for a few months. Then I'll be going with Dawn to Johto and then to Kanto probably."

"Either way we plan to go to these competition shows," said Dawn who is also looking forward to her rematch with Coordinator X aka Derek.

What about you, Iris? Rachel asked wondering what Iris will do. Aren't you going to go with your brother?

Iris thought about going, but she figured the love couple would like some alone time. "Nah. I'm actually going to train to compete in the Unova League. After seeing you guys in action I've decided I will beat all the gym leaders, compete in the tournament, and beat Alder to become champion."

Derek begins laughing as he pets his sister's head. "You serious? If so, you better freaking win before I get back. Because I want everyone to know my little sister became champion of Unova."

Iris slaps her brother's hand away and stood up from her seat proudly. "Not only will I be champion, but if you two come after my title I'll take you both on," said Iris pointing at Ryan and Derek.

"Is that so?" Ryan replied while beginning to smile. "You better back that up then. But if you plan to compete in the Unova region then we'll go somewhere else first before we go there. Maybe the Kalos region."

"Either way, as long as we promise we will all see each other again…okay?" said Dawn who wanted to see her friends again and they reunite together.

Ryan, Rachel, Derek, and Iris look at each other before they all nod in agreement. Ryan extended his hand to the middle and nods. "I promise."

Rachel placed her hand over Ryan's and promised as well. Derek was next, then Iris, and then Dawn last. They all promised to see each other again before they all decide to celebrate one more time before they get some rest then head on home tomorrow.


Inside the police station, a group of armed officers can be seen surrounding a locked room. Inside the room, Apollo is seen locked up, tied up in a straight jacket, and with his mouth muffled by a mask. It didn't matter though since he had lost all his powers. Whatever he gained from Tennebris it was all gone when he was destroyed.

Cynthia is seen observing his cell through the glass window. She is standing next with Drayden and Alder. All three are informed from the doctor what they found. Apollo's mind is unstable, he is clearly dangerous, and won't hesitate to harm another living soul again. All his Pokémon, even those in storage have all been taken and send to a safe place to heal.

Apollo has also been stripped of his rank as a trainer and all his credentials are gone. Including any record of him being in any of the leagues. They also decided when Iris and Derek take him back home they will be accompanied by armed guards. Just in case.

Once the doctor finished going over his diagnostics the three trainers begin to speak. "Is there any hope he will get better?" Cynthia asked.

Alder shook his head in response. "Not if he remains like this. I was hoping it was the influence from Tennebris that made him like this. I now see that wasn't the case."

Drayden nods in agreement. "For everyone's safety we will need to keep him locked up. Somewhere where he will never get out."

"Still, it seems so cruel to do this to someone so young," said Cynthia but she knew deep down he was too dangerous to be set free. "I just hope he will one day find peace and redeem himself of this."

Apollo looks up at the glass and stares at it as if he knew who is behind it. Cynthia look into his eyes and sees nothing there. Nothing but a cold and emotionless boy. Who sold his soul to the devil and is happy with it.

Cynthia felt her body shivering a little and turns to the others. "Or maybe not."

Alder takes Cynthia out of the room, while Drayden looks back at the room with his eyes narrowed at Apollo. He soon left the room, while hoping and praying he never gets out. He knew if Apollo ever did escape he would only cause so many innocent lives to suffer. And probably enjoy every minute of it.

One Week Later

Ryan, Rachel, Grace, and Meloetta finally returned to Hoenn where they were heading towards Littleroot. It has been a long travel, but they were soon going to make it home. It has also been a few days since they last saw their friends. Derek and Iris said their goodbyes before they left home. Of course, they also saw Dawn and Derek kissing before they left.

Dawn wasn't shy to admit she is dating Derek and seems happy with it. They are glad for the two and are looking forward to seeing them together again. Once they arrived to Dawn's home they stayed with her for a few days before they left. They said their goodbyes to Dawn and departed.

They are looking forward to being home and planning for the future what they want to do. Meloetta decided to stick around with them and even agreed to stay with Grace at James's home. Ryan decided that Grace should stay with his mom for a while until she is ready for more fights. Grace has proven she is already strong, but after what happened she admit she didn't want to fight any other Pokémon and prefers to have some fun.

As they walk Rachel lets Meloetta and Grace run ahead to Ryan's home. All while she spends some time with Ryan. She grabs her arm and hugs him. Hard to believe after all we have been through that its over. We don't have to worry about running into Apollo and we can finally relax.

Ryan nods in agreement as he kissed Rachel on the cheek. "I'm just glad you are okay and we are all together. I was worried after what happened that I was going to lose you."

Rachel understood his feelings and sighed softly. Just like I was worried I lost you when we got attacked in the forest. But we made it through it together and now here we are together.

"Very true," said Ryan as he looks over to see his home at the end of the road and smiles. "Hey Rachel, I've been thinking. Once we finish going to Kalos and then to Unova how about we go to a region where my grandparents came from?"

Your grandparents? Rachel knew Ryan's mom has parents who weren't from Sinnoh. They actually came from a region far from here. I suppose so. Where to?

"Well, I know my grandpa came from a set of islands from the Alola region. While my grandma from the Galar region. What do you think?" Ryan asked not minding visiting the two regions where his family came from.

Rachel thinks about it and never heard of the Galar region, but the Alola region she has heard about. A region that is full of tropical islands, nice sunny weather, and beautiful ocean to swim in?

You know. We haven't been to the beach since Unova…how about we go to Alola and then spend some time together for some fun? Rachel suggested already thinking of images of her and Ryan on the beach soaking up the nice sun.

Ryan chuckled softly and decides to go for it. "All right then. It's a deal," he then stops and turns Rachel towards him. "No matter what region we go to as long as we are together that will be enough for me. I love you, Rachel."

Rachel blushed a little and smiles as she leans in to kiss Ryan, while mentally replying to him. And I love you too, Ryan.

The two continued to kiss while Annabeth, Grace, and Meloetta look on. They decide to let the happy couple continue kissing and have their moment. After all they went through they deserve it. They deserve to have some time together and hopefully things from here on out will go well for the two of them.

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