The Dumars

So you want to hear a story

A time of myth and glory?

Dear child we have no such thing

Only the last line of kings.

Those that rule on high

Who were once dreamers who stared at the sky.

But that was five hundred years ago

As we now live below

A ritual see,

Done by the fatherly

To grant eternal life to his son

Who only wanted to read and be done.

Yet with the plan revealed

The third kept himself concealed;

Till the time it began

When he ran out to the man.

Now not one but two immortal

Who sundered life's great portal

The blood of ancients in their veins

As they sought a life that they could change.

Five hundred years they've lived

Sharing all they had to give

A vow in the forbidden heart

That broke the old family apart

That is why the Witchearts rule

Instead these two brothers cool

Their passion for each other

Violated every law book's cover.

So that is why they away to the surface

To have another purpose

We bless their names still

As they had the gall to break the governments will

Richard and Damian Dumar

The last true kings of this empire.