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and so I bring you the improved first chapter of King of the storm

Divine Confrontation part 1

Godou Kusanagi took a deep breath, a smile splayed across his face as he exited the plane. The ride was fantastic really. For once the food was good, and the best part was the person who sat down next to him. It turned out he also had a fascination with baseball which made for a pleasant conversation. The plane staff was professional and answered Godou's questions without issue.

He went over to a nearby information center and grabbed a map for the island, and then went over to a nearby empty bench and sat his bag in his lap. Unzipping it, he pulled out the package, which was wrapped up in a nice purple cloth, and unwrap it slightly to make sure it was undamaged.

It was a stone tablet, carved onto it was what appeared to be a man clothed in only a light garments to cover his genitals. The figure was also chained to a rock and he appeared to be looking up as what appeared to be lightning was raining down, while a bird circled him. There was also a sun carved onto the left hand corner while another was carved behind the figure in the picture.

With a sigh of relieve at seeing the tablet undamaged, Godou placed it into the safety of his travel bag. He then took a moment to think on why he was here in Sardinia.

(Flash Back)

"What is that grandfather?" Godou asked as his grandfather, Ichirou Kusanagi, put down an old looking stone tablet onto the table in front of him.

Seated next to Godou was his little sister, Shizuka Kusanagi who was also looking at the piece of stone with a confused expression.

Ichirou coughed and replied. "This tablet that you see belongs to an old friend of mine, Lucretia Zola." The two siblings nodded, expecting that the friend would be a woman given the fact that their grandfather used to be a ladies man in his youth.

"Now I have recently got it from a maintainer a shrine who had no idea what to do with it. He passed it around until it came into my position. I called Lucretia to have her help in identifying it when she told me that it had belonged to her. So naturally she wanted it back but told her I couldn't do it personally due to the promise that I made to your grandmother."

At this they show Ichirou look over to a framed photo of their grandmother and let out a small sigh before looking back at the siblings.

"Your grandmother made me promise to never see Lucretia again."

'Wow, grandma really didn't like Lucretia it seems.' Godou thought.

"So in my place I told her I would send Godou to deliver the tablet to her." He announced

(Flash back end)

Godou then took out a piece of paper that his grandfather had written the directions to get to Lucretia's home. Due to the fact that Godou didn't know any Italian, his grandfather had written down the directions in Japanese with their Italian translation next to them so he could find out where he was going.

Now he couldn't get lost because of not knowing what the signs said. So with a smile he exited the airport.


He was lost . . . . . damn these streets! These were the thoughts currently occupying Godou's mind. Turns out that the Italian's had a different way of doing their streets and this had confused Godou so much he had gotten lost. He had tried to ask the locals using his skills in English and found that the moment he mentioned Lucretia they shut downed.

From what he was able to get out of them was that Lucretia was called the "witch of Sardinia" due to the rumors that she practiced black magic in her home. It didn't help much that she owned a black cat and lived secluded from the town.

He let out a sigh in frustration as he closed the map.

"Why is it so hard to find this woman!?" he mumbled before he heard a cough from behind him. He jumped as he quickly turned around and came to face with one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

She was a beautiful girl with an unparalleled figure. She had long blonde hair that reached down to her back and blue eyes. She wore a long red dress without shoulder straps and little red heels. She also has a slender body with a generous bosom.

She wore a smile that spoke of curiosity and non-hostility. But something seemed off on it. . . . it seemed off. . . .

She then said something to him in Italian but he couldn't understand it. He then said in English

"I don't understand what you're saying."

She blinked as she processed this information before mumbling something and replying in perfect Japanese "I apologize; I asked what is your name?"

". . . . Godou Kusanagi" he replied

"A pleasure, my name is Erica Blandelli, great knight of Copper-Black Cross."

Godou replied "It's nice to meet you" even if he had no idea what Copper-Black Cross was, it appeared to be something important to her if he heard her right. Though he did wonder why she had decided to talk to him out of the blue. Now that he thought about it he didn't remember seeing her as he walked (and he was pretty sure he would have remembered someone like her).

"It may be a bit rude of me to ask but what are you doing with that powerful magical artifact in your possession?"

Erica watched as Godou blinked a few times in confusion and felt confusion and anger bubble up in her. The first strike was that he didn't recognize her name. She was one of the youngest people in history to achieve the rank of great knight and she was the niece of the leader of CBC (Standing for Copper-Black Cross).

Next was the fact that he had not recognized her organization. CBC was one of the most powerful organizations in the magical world so the fact that she saw he had not known who they were was the second. The third and final strike was marked by his next sentence.

"What? Magical artifact. . . . What are you talking about?" He asked in confusion as her eyes twitched. She wanted to strangle the person who gave him the artifact now. You don't send a magically ignorant person with an artifact that gave off a huge signal to the magically aware!

Godou felt like he had gotten three strikes immediately as he looked at the girl.

This was only confirmed as she opened her mouth "please tell me you're joking because I don't have the time to explain this to you" Erica said in an annoyed tone

Explain what? His confusion was only increased at the vague words she said. It seemed she expected him to have knowledge of something but he didn't know what.

"Tsk so you are clueless. Nevertheless hand over that magical artifact now. It wouldn't do well for someone with no mystical knowledge to handle something like that." She said with a tone of fatality as she held her hand out expectantly.

Godou backed up as he looked at her now. Gone was the strange (fake?) smile that she wore earlier. Now it was a determined frown with a sharp look in her eye. It made him uneasy and he shifted the bag on his shoulder a bit. He did see her eyes briefly look at it before going back to his face.

"What are you talking about? I'm not doing anything until I get some answers!" Godou said starting to get annoyed himself as the girl continued to boss him around and brush away his questions with no concern. He wouldn't bow down to such a selfish person.

She huffed and said "Just lis-"she then stopped when they heard it. A buzzing sound. . . . Like a swarm of insects.

There were hundreds, thousands, no hundreds of thousands of locusts in that swarm. Godou felt his body instinctively recoil in fear and disgust but it wasn't just because of their number and the fact they were insects. No these locusts weren't natural. There was something about them that made them abnormal and that was what truly scared Godou. Godou didn't have to even turn to know Erica had also frozen in fear for the same reasons. They both knew whatever was behind that strange feeling with the locusts was far beyond them.

Then as the locusts descended onto the market Erica snapped out of the trance and ran straight for them. Godou didn't know why but he felt that letting her go alone would be a death sentence for her so he unconsciously started following her.

"Wait up!" He cried as she blazed through the streets. That speed isn't normal he observed as the red blur before his eyes made it to the market just as the locust left.

No. They weren't leaving the duo noticed. They were gathering together but why? They froze again as an aura that screamed of authority and power. It made you want to bow down before it as it was only the natural thing to do. Godou could feel pins and needles as every fiber of his being screamed RUN! Erica's eyes widened in absolute terror as her body started shaking. This aura was the same feeling behind the locusts but greatly magnified and more majestic.

"Boy" a voice cried. "What is it you have in your possession." They turned and laid their eyes on the one who would change their lives forever.

The [Heretic god] known as Melqart.