Another year and a half has come and gone by and no update has been given. For that, I'm really sorry and hate to pull out this out here making everyone get excited for a new chapter.

To be frank with you all I lost a lot of my drive to write and only recently have begun to come back to this fandom when I saw the release of the sequel series, which I haven't read too much about yet and can't wait to. I looked back to what I've written and still find myself grimacing with what I've given you all. I still enjoy the idea but due to reading some good (read; better than my own) works on this serious I'm at a loss on what to do.

I've tried cleaning up the previous chapters and found I've still missed so much, that I'm at a point I either try and pick apart all my chapters again or I just create a new piece and start from the beginning.

I honestly want to hear what you all have to say, drop a review or even a PM. Either way, I'm going to rededicate myself to drop some better quality work here for a series I want to write about.

Hopefully, next update will either be the new chapter, after revisions, or a new story in general. Until then!